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a. Note:   1900 he may be in New York and a boarder - civil engineer 1910 - Baltimore Ward 11, Baltimore, Maryland they are boarders: Howard Bruce boarder - 30 - single- VA VA VA - proprieter manuf. engineering Ella " (sister) - 32 - single - VA VA VA Albert C. " (brother) - 20 - single - VA VA VA - none married: 1920 - Baltimore Ward 11, Baltimore City, Maryland Howard Bruce - 41 - married - VA VA VA - President Bartlett Haywood Mary " - 27 MD MD MD Mary " - dau - 2 1/2 " Julia " " - 3 months 1930 - Elk Ridge, Howard, Maryland Howard Bruce - 50 - m @@ 32 - $125,000 home - VA VA VA - President Corp Mary G. " - 37 MD MD MD Mary H. - dau - 12 - b. Maryland Julia M. - " -10 " Rosalie C. " - 5 " 6 servants According to Howard's obituary in the Baltimore Sun, he was the second youngest graduate of Virginia Military Institute, an engineering graduate. In 1935 he was campaign director, Baltimore Community Fund. In World War II he was director of material for the armed forces. As such, he was responsible for production and purchase of all goods. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. He had been a director of the Worthington Company; organizer and president of the Baltimore National Bank; a director of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. He was also a director of the Martin Company, the Maryland Casualty Company, the United States Lines, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. He was also a member of the advisory board of the Davison Chemical Company and owner of Bartlett Hayward Company. He was a Democratic national committeeman from Maryland, 1926-40. He unsuccessfully ran for the U.S. Senate in 1940. He received honorary degrees from the University of Maryland, Drexel Institute of Technology, Kenyon College and Stevens Institute of Technology. Howard supported the candidacy of Dwight Eisenhower for president in 1952 and 1956. At his Howard Co. estate, Howard raised thoroughbred horses. He sold the farm in 1961 to his cousin, David K.E. Bruce. In the past Howard served as master of the fox hounds of the Elkridge Hunt and was a member of the Jockey Club of New York, the Elkridge Foxhunting Club and the Elkridge-Harford Hunt. After World War II, he was deputy adminsitrator of the Economic Cooperation Commission on the Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government. He was a former director of the Ford Foundation's Fund for Adult Education and a trustee emeritus of the Johns Hopkins University. (The Bruce Family, John G. Bruce, 1977, p 168) According to an editorial, 18 Jun 1961, in the Baltimore Sun, after graduation, Howard was employed in the gas system of New York City. Within a few years, he became general manager of Bartlett Hayward Company in Baltimore, then owner. The editorial describes him as deputy director of the Marshall Plan. [This seems to be in conflict with the description in the obituary of the commission to which he belonged] (quoted in The Bruce Family, John G. Bruce, 1977, p 168) Howard's assets at the time of filing of his will amounted to some $500,000. He left $50,000 to the Virginia Military Institute, which was revoked in a codacil since he had set up a lifetime irrevocable trust for the same amount. He left $5000 each to two friends, C. Tyler Wood and Nathaniel Knowles. He created a $100,000 trust for the benefit of his brother, Albert C. Bruce. He left $20,000 to his secretary Miriam Wrightson; $1,000 to E. Roy Schilling, a farm manager. Half of the residue was left to his wife and the other half to be divided between three daughters. A codacil excluded daughter Rosalie Culver from the inheritance, but allowed her children to be heirs. The inventory totaled $4 million. (quoted in The Bruce Family, John G. Bruce, 1977, p 169-70) Death info from obituary in the Baltimore Sun, as quoted in The Bruce Family, John G. Bruce, 1977, p 166-7. Burial was at the family estate of Belmont. Died at Johns Hopkins Hospital. (contributed by Ray Banks) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.