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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Kenton: Birth: 20 SEP 1737 in Prince William Co., Virginia. Death: 21 MAY 1822 in Champaign Co., Ohio

  2. Simon Kenton: Birth: 3 APR 1755 in Virginia. Death: 29 APR 1836 in Bellefontaine, Logan Co., Ohio

  3. Benjamin Kenton: Birth: 1757 in Virginia. Death: 26 JUL 1777 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  4. Nancy Ann Kenton: Birth: 1759 in Fauquier Co., Virginia. Death: 1844 in Kentucky

a. Note:   1783, Monday - Simon returns home to Virginia and talks his parents, a few relatives and neighbors, into moving to Kentucky: "Old Mark Kenton's eyes had glittered at the words and not even Simon's mother could remember when he had become so enthusiastic about anything. Nor was he the only one! Quite a few of the neighbors were interested in going along and to each of these Simon had offered at least a hundred acres of good land free. Such offers made the tiny farms here on the Virginia mountains dwindle to mere lots. It had taken some weeks to prepare, for there were teams and wagons to be bought or hired to carry them and their goods over the mountains to the Monongahela; but at last, on September 16, they had started. There were forty of them in the party, including Simon, and the journey was not an easy one by any means. It was, in fact, much too hard on the elder Kenton (now 82). After some days of riding in the pitching wagons, his health began to fail and so a litter was fashioned for his comfort. This made for much slower traveling and so Simon had spurred on ahead to the Boat Yard on the Monongahela near New Store to order their boat made. On returning to the wagon train, the frontiersman had found his father failing rapidly and though they did all they could to restore his health, the old man's time was clearly running out. At the mouth of Peter's Creek, about 30 river miles above Pittsburgh and just three miles below New Store, Mark Kenton finally died on October 16. He was quietly buried at the mouth of the creek. Sadly, the party had continued their journey to the Boat Yard to await completion of their huge keelboat." (The Frontiersmen, pgs 326, 327, 328 & 329) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.