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  1. Frank W. Stamm: Birth: 12 FEB 1938 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Death: 12 FEB 1938 in New Brunswick, New Jersey

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a. Note:   Around the time Frank was born, cars were just starting to be manufactured in the United States. From an early age Frank worked with his father. He loved cars and started driving at an early age. Each year his father bought him a new car. As an adult he worked in his father's beer business. When that didn't work out he went to work as a mill-wright with Bakelite Company, which later changed its name to Union Carbide, in Bound Brook, New Jersey. He worked there for over 37 years. He was a fireman for Raritan Engine Company No. 1 in the 1940's, which is now a part of Edison, New Jersey. His favorite pastime was playing pinochle. He also liked checkers and fishing. FRANK WILLIAM STAMM Frank William Stamm, 80, of Sun City Center, passed away April 10, 1991 in Sun Terrace Health Care Center. Born in New Brunswick, N.J., he moved to this area eight years ago from Edison, N. J. He had been a millwright at Union Carbide Corp. and a Catholic. He is survived by his wife, Mary; a daughter, Mary Ann Fischer of Apollo Beach; and two grandchildren. Services were held April 13 at St. Anne's Catholic Church, Ruskin, with the Rev. David Drewelow officiating. Lewers Funeral Home, Ruskin, was in charge of arrangements. Interment was in Skyway Memorial Gardens, Palmetto, FL. FRANK STAMM, 80 -- From the Daily Homes News, New Brunswick, N.J. SUN CITY CENTER, FLA.--Frank W. Stamm died Wednesday at the Sun Terrace Health Center in Sun City Center. He was 80. Born in New Brunswick, N.J., he lived in Edison, N. J. before moving to Sun City Center eight years ago. He was a millwright at Union Carbide in Bound Brook, N.J., for 37 years before retiring in 1976. Surviving are his wife, Mary Kapp Stamm, a daughter, Mary Ann Fischer of Apollo Beach, and two grandchildren. Services will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Selover Funeral Home, 555 Georges Road, North Brunswick, N.J. Burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery, also in North Brunswick. Friends and family may call at the funeral home 1-2 p.m. Tuesday. MY BEST TEACHER WAS A SECOND GRADE GRADUATE By Gregory Fischer William and Margaret Stamm had six children. Their youngest, Frank, came into the world shortly after his dad's 47th birthday. Frank's dad effectively managed the family beer business. As a successful businessman, he achieved the unique opportunity of retiring early at the age of 52. William saw his son leave for school in the mornings and saw him return in the afternoons. On one particular day in July 1918, Frank Stamm exited the Nathan Hale School yard for the last time. He successfully completed the second grade. The last thing this eight year old considered, was the long term consequences of not completing his education. This child went on to become my grandfather. My grandfather's ability to be a role model, a mentor, a trusted friend and a grandfather was not limited by his education. My grandfather taught me about making sacrifices to support beliefs that were important to him. He was never lacking for anything, while he lived under his parents' umbrella. New cars were purchased for him during times when it was more uncommon to have a car than not. My grandfather's decision to marry Mary Kapp in 1932 was another decision that drastically changed his life. The traditionally Lutheran Stamm family disapproved of the Catholic girl that Frank wanted to marry. This did not stop my grandfather from marrying the woman he loved. His decision to marry her left him isolated from his family and their wealth. My grandfather soon learned what the life of a skilled laborer was like. As a millwright at a Bakelite factory in Bound Brook, he maintained the machinery at this large chemical plant. My grandfather showed up ready to work in his grey oil-stained coveralls. My grandfather soon learned that his tools and the knowledge of how to use them would compensate for his limited education. He could tell you the size wrench that was needed for a job, just by glancing at the bolt head. He kept his tools clean and oiled. My grandfather hand engraved his initials on each of his heavy duty steel wrenches. My grandfather also used his craftsmanship to machine bakelite scraps into special little gifts for my mom during lunch and breaks. He made hearts for necklaces, little animals and other toys. Union Carbide required supervisor candidates to pass written tests as part of applying for a position. My grandfather watched inexperienced college graduates repeatedly get selected for supervisor positions that he applied for. These challenging situations led to my grandfather's conviction to send his daughter to college. He volunteered for long hours and overtime to pay for my mother's four years of college. Late in his career he finally achieved a supervisor position. He achieved this not by learning how to read, but by learning the importance of strong relationships. His life-long friend read him the test questions and allowed him to answer orally. My grandfather considered my grandmother his closest friend. My grandparents gave me a wonderful example of what married life should look like. My grandfather never raised his voice to my grandmother, even when he was upset. My grandfather vacuumed the house and did other housework to assist my physically limited grandmother. Sometimes she attended doctor treatment appointments on a weekly basis. He drove her to doctor appointments and didn't complain. My grandparents were happily married for fifty seven years. They were a living example of staying together "for better or for worse." They shared their fifty-fifth wedding anniversary together in the nursing home. My grandfather's mind had deteriorated by this point, but they were able to share a special time of just being together by holding hands and gently resting their heads together. My grandfather shared love and compassion with me as well. My grandparents and I spent many weekends together. They went out of their way to attend every school play, band concert or sporting event possible. They provided me with lots of encouragement. I always looked forward to spending a week at their house during the summer. We would play games like pinnocle at the kitchen table. We were daily customers of the local Dairy Queen. My grandfather and I would dig for worms in the side lot and then go down to the local park to fish. Time was one of the best gifts that my grandfather gave me. My grandfather unselfishly gave himself in service. My grandfather extinguished structure, brush and car fires as volunteer member of Engine Company #1. While marching with other fire fighters in a local parade, he carried the American flag. He also had a flag pole in the front yard that he used to display his patriotism. He supported the war effort in World War 2 while working at the Bakelite plant. The plant modified its production to switch to manufacturing airplane and radio parts. Even though my grandfather only completed the second grade, he was one of my best teachers and mentors. He taught me the values of commitment, understanding, sacrifice and compassion. He showed me the fruits of honest hard work. He exemplified patriotism and demonstrated how to handle adversity. He taught me the importance of friends, relationships and marriage. He illustrated the importance of investing time with people. In all that he did, he taught me love. He became a window through which I could see God. Timeline 1856 Peter Stamm (grandfather) traveled from Homburg, Germany to the US. He settled with his family in NYC. (Peter was 26 years old) 1861 American Civil War began. 1863 William Stamm was born in New York City (father) 1865 American Civil war ended. 1874 Margaret Banker (mother) was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey 1876 Peter Stamm's family (grandparents) moved from NYC to Milltown, New Jersey 1893 William Stamm and Margaret Banker are married (father & mother) 1894 William H. Stamm was born (brother) 1896 Florence M. Stamm was born (sister) 1900 Mildred Stamm was born (sister) 1902 Louis Stamm was born (brother) 1902 Peter Stamm dies (grandfather). William Stamm (father) takes over his father's (Peter Stamm) bottling establishment and wholesale beer business "STAMM'S BEER COMPANY" and relocates the headquarters to New Brunswick. 1905 Margaret Stamm was born (sister) 1910 (April 16) Frank Stamm was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey. As a child Frank Stamm lived at 163 Throop Ave (Father was 47 years old) 1914 World War I begins 1915 William Stamm (father) retires from beer business 1917 Frank Stamm completes his formal schooling at Nathan Hale School, 2nd grade 1917 United States gets involved in World War I. 1918 Nov 11 World War I ends. 1919 5 Mildred Stamm (sister) marries Robert Young 1919 7 Mother, Margaret, and children leave the home 1920 Mary Schwalb Stamm (grandmother) died. 1920 Prohibition starts 1925 WS sailed from Bremen, Germany on SS George Washington 9/23-10/2 1928 WS sailed from Buenos Aires, Argentina on SS Western World 2/9-2/29 1929 William Stamm (father) organized the Storm Seal Paint Co 1932 (September 24) Frank Stamm married Mary Kapp, moved to 3 Maple Avenue, Edison 1933 Prohibition ends 1934 William Stamm returned to his former business with the same brewers but soon retired again. 1938 Frank W. Stamm Jr. (son) was born and died. 1939 Florence M. Stamm died (sister) 1939 Frank Stamm begins work at Bakelite Corporation plant in Bound Brook 1940 Mary Ann Stamm is born (daughter) 1941 Dec 7 World War II begins for US--Pearl Harbor 1941 Dec 26 Wm Stamm arrived in Laredo from Mexico 1942-1947 ?? Fireman for Raritan Engine Company No. 1 1945 William Stamm retired from the Storm Seal Paint Co (82 years old) 1945 World War II ends 1945 Frank & Mary Stamm build house at the shore (Lavallette) 1953 House at the shore was sold 1953 William Stamm dies 1954 Frank Stamm moved to 7 Apple Street, Edison 1958 Frank Stamm's mother (Margaret Banker Stamm) died 1961 William H. Stamm died (brother) 1968 Louis Stamm died (brother) 1976 Frank Stamm retired from Union Carbide in Bound Brook 1980 Mildred Stamm died (sister) 1982 Frank Stamm moved to Sun City Center in Florida 1991 April 10, Frank Stamm died is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. 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