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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Henry Stamm: Birth: 06 OCT 1894 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Death: 14 DEC 1961 in Franklin Twp., New Jersey

  2. Florence M. Stamm: Birth: 13 AUG 1896 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Death: 09 APR 1939 in Yonkers, New York

  3. Mildred M. Stamm: Birth: 25 NOV 1900 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Death: 03 JAN 1980 in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

  4. Louis Russell Stamm: Birth: 28 MAY 1902 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Death: 23 JUL 1968 in New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ

  5. Margaret Stamm: Birth: 12 AUG 1905 in New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., New Jersey. Death: 26 DEC 1997 in 03755 Hanover, Grafton Co., New Hampshire - Issued NY

  6. Frank William Stamm: Birth: 16 APR 1910 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Death: 10 APR 1991 in Sun City Center, Florida

a. Note:   VIDEO: Stamm & Banker Family Plots, Evergreen Cemetery, North Brunswick, New Jersey COUPLE CELEBRATES GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY--around 1943 Mr. and Mrs. William Stamm of 163 Troop Avenue celebrated their golden wedding anniversary yesterday with a reception at their home. Those attending were their children and grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs. Stamm have lived here all their lives. Mr. Stamm has been retired from active business for the past 20 years; prior to that he was in the retail and wholesale liquor business for 30 years. New Brunswick (Images of America Series) By Timothy E. Regan List Price: $18.99, Soft cover, 128 Pages Published by Arcadia Date Published: 05/1994 ISBN: 075240430X Summary New Brunswick, founded in 1681, developed as a major shipping and stagecoach center by the mid-1750's. The cargo carried to and from New Brunswick via steamships and the Camden and Amboy Railroad shaped the development of the city and state far more than many realize. Timothy Regan's new photographic history of New Brunswick chronicles the city's development from the late nineteenth through the early twentieth century, and uncovers its role in the development of New Jersey. Page 86. STAMM'S BEER COMPANY,.C. 1900. William Stamm operated one of the few beer companies in New Brunswick and Middlesex County at 161 Throop Avenue. Stamm's dealt with both imported brands, such as Ballantine and Smith's Cream Ale and Porter, and domestic brands such as Anheiser Bush and Schlitz. Mr. Stamm who was from New York City, was also a volunteer fireman with Protection Engine Company Number 5. THE NEW BRUNSWICK DAILY TIMES, TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 1903. OLD WAITING ROOM SMASHED THINGS ENROUTE Its Passage Through George Street Attended with Broken Tree Limbs and Sewer Gratings. The old George street waiting room of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, minus its roof, passed through George street early this morning on truck wheels en route for No. 163 Throop avenue, where Bottler William Stamm is to make use of it in his business. The building is said to weigh eight tons and four horses were used to pull it. An effort was made to move it with the roof on last week, but it was then found to be too high to pass beneath the overhead trolley wires and the roof was taken off. The building still did some damage this morning in its passage through George street. The top struck the three-inch limb of a maple tree at Monument square and tore it off. This was near the corner of Livingston avenue and George street. At the other corner of the square near Schureman and George streets, the wheels of the truck passed over a sewer grating and wrecked it. The house was also stuck for a time on George street, between Morris and Oliver streets. THE NEW BRUNSWICK DAILY TIMES, THURSDAY, JULY 9, 1903 LUTHERAN CHURCH'S 25TH BIRTHDAY A List of the Present Members of the Lutheran Congregation. Rev. John A. Dewald has completed the program for the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the German Evangelical Lutheran Emanuel Church, which will begin on next Sunday morning and continue through the anniversary date, Tuesday,. July 14. Rev. Mr. Dewald will preside at the various services. The members of the church and its congregation at this time are: Mrs. W. Banker, John Banker, Mrs. Holzworth and children. Also the following named persons and their families: Frank Banker, H. Banker, W. Stamm. THE NEW BRUNSWICK DAILY TIMES, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1903. New Liquor Firm. Messrs. Stamm and Holzworth have opened a new liquor store at the corner of George and Hassart streets and are prepared to supply the public with the best domestic and imported wines and liquors of all kinds. They also make a specialty of Rock Spring lager beer in bottles. The stock is one of the largest to be found in the city and patrons will find that they can get there anything in the line of liquid refreshments. The firm will fill all orders promptly and will deliver goods to any part of the city. NEW BRUNSWICK TIMES, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1903. BOTTLER'S NOTICE. Be it known to all persons, that under and by virtue of an act of the Legislature of the State of New Jersey, entitled "An act to protect the owners of bottles, boxes, siphons, tins, kegs or other articles used in the sale of soda waters, mineral or aerated water, porter, ale, beer, cider, ginger ale, milk, cream, small beer, lager beer, beer, white beer or other beverages, or medicines, medical preparations, perfumery, oils, compounds or mixtures." approved April 8. 1898, and the supplements and amendments thereto, I, William Stamm, manufacturer, bottler, seller, and dealer in soda waters, mineral or aerated waters, porter, ale, beer, lager beer, cider, ginger ale, and other beverages at Nos. 154-156 Throop avenue, in the City of New Brunswick, in the county of Middlesex, and State of New Jersey, and owning and using and having to use bottles, siphons, jugs and boxes, do hereby, in accordance with the provisions of said act, and the supplements and amendments thereto, file and give notice that I have filed in the office of the Clerk of the County of Middlesex, and State of New Jersey, a description of such bottles, siphons and boxes, and of the name or names, mark or marks, device or devices, branded, stamped, engraved, etched, blown, impressed or otherwise produced thereon, owned and used by me in my said business aforesaid, which descriptions areas follows, to wit: All the wooden mineral, beer and siphon boxes are tin tipped, and are branded, stamped, engraved, impressed, marked or painted on eight sides, four inside and four outside, as follows: "Wm. Stamm, New Brunswick, N. J." All beer bottles are branded, stamped, engraved, etched, blown or impressed as follows to wit: "Registered Consumers Star Brewing Co.,Washington & Franklin Aves., Brooklyn. This bottle not to be sold. Karl Hutter, New York, 27-N." "Registered Wm. Stamm (W. S.) New Brunswick, N. .J. This bottle not to be sold. K. H. O. 7." All beer bottles have patent stoppers attached, and are branded, stamped, engraved, etched, blown or impressed as fellows, to wit; "Wm. Stamm (W. S.), New Brunswick, N. J." "Pat'd. K. Hutter, Feb. 7. 1893," "Consumers Star Brewing Co., Brooklyn." "Pat'd K. Hutter, Feb. 7, 1893." All jugs are branded, stamped, engraved, etched, blown or impressed as follows, to wit: "Wm. Stamm. 163 Throop avenue New Brunswick, N. J." And all persons are hereby forbidden without my written consent to use, sell, buy, give or take or otherwise dispose of or traffic in said-boxes and bottles, or to deface, erase, obliterate, cover up, or otherwise remove or conceal any such mark, name or device thereon, or to fill the same with any of the said beverages whatever under the penalty imposed by the said act, and the supplements and amendments thereto. This notice is given and description filed tor the purpose of protection under the provisions of said act above referred to, and the supplements and amendments thereto. Witness my hand this sixteenth day of October, A. D., nineteen hundred and three. WILLIAM STAMM. THE NEW BRUNSWICK DAILY TIMES, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1904. Other Matters Considered by Board of Health. William Stamm, of Throop avenue, appeared in answer to a summons on complaint of allowing water to flow from a pipe on his property to Throop avenue. It had been charged that the water was not clean. Mr. Stamm declared that it was clean, and that any foul water might come from a pipe connected with his drain. He said that there was a big nuisance before his property every winter caused by water flowing to the streets from other places and freezing and that for that reason he was ready to pay his share at any time for a new sewer to give relief. He said that he had once had a petition circulated for such a sewer but had not been able to get enough signers. He was supported in what he said by Frank Banker. The matter was referred. Just as Mr. Stamm completed his remarks, Mr. Heitzeuroeder, who had been sitting in the room caused a stir by declaring that Stamm could not get sewer signers because he was too mean, and there were too many lies. This last remark was not very clear, but the threatening storm was quelled by the retirement of Mr. Stamm, the Board having announced that the matter would be referred. THE DAILY TIMES, NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J., SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 1905. WANT COLUMN BOX STALL TO LET--Wagon and shed room. Apply Stamm & Holzworth corner Hassart and George streets. THE NEW BRUNSWICK DAILY TIMES, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10, 1906. Liquor Business for Sale. The firm of Stamm and Holzworth owing to a disagreement have decided to sell out their wholesale liquor business. It is a good paying business and located at the corner of George and Hassart streets. Purchasers can find them at this address. THE NEW BRUNSWICK TIMES, MONDAY, APRIL 24, 1906. HORSES HURT BY FALL INTO DITCH A valuable team of horses owned by William Stamm tumbled into a ditch on Redmond street about ten o'clock Saturday night and were badly skinned. The ditch had been dug almost entirely across the street so that there was hardly room for a wagon to get around the opening and this could be done only by driving in the gutter. At that end there was a lantern showing a white light but the rest of the ditch across the street was unprotected. Mr. Stamm thought the opening was only where the light was and drove down the street and into the embankment thrown up on one side of the ditch before he had any warning of the danger. The horses jumped the embankment and plunged into the ditch where they struggled for ten minutes before he could release them. Both were badly skinned and one horse was lamed. Mr. Stamm will make the negligent parties settle for the damages. THE NEW BRUNSWICK TIMES, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15, 1906. WANTED--Good all-round man in bottling business. Must have good local acquaintance. Stamm & Holzworth, 227 George street. THE NEW BRUNSWICK TIMES, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1906. New Machine for Washing Bottles. Stamm and Holzworth, the enterprising bottlers have secured a new machine for washing bottles. It is operated by a motor. Mr. Stamm and Dr. Belloff went to Philadelphia this afternoon to buy a new team of horses. THE NEW BRUNSWICK DAILY TIMES, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1907. STAMM & HOLZWORTH HAVE FINE NEW TEAM The firm of Stamm & Holzworth have purchased a fine team of matched bays from C. W. Winders. The team will be employed to draw one of the bottling wagons. The firm's business is increasing steadily and additional equipment is required to handle it. NEW BRUNSWICK TIMES, NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J., SATURDAY AFTERNOON, OCTOBER 3, 1908. FIREMEN PRIZE THIS INVITATION One of the chief attractions on firemen's parade day will be the biennial ball of Protection Engine Company, No. 5. The dance this year is the thirty-second biennial and among the historic documents in possession of the company none is more highly prized than the copy of the invitation issued to the first ball held by the company on Nov. 29, 1850. On the reception committee was William Stamm. Taken from the Daily Home News, New Brunswick, N. J. front page, January 11, 1912. Twelve Pages--2 Cents. LET PABST BE YOUR BEER IN 1912. In all seasons, Pabst Milwaukee Beer surpassed all others. It has a pleasant taste, is refreshing and invigorating and makes a very fine drink with meals or otherwise. 24 bottles for $1.00. William Stamm, agent, 161 Throop avenue Tel. 363-J. Taken from the Daily Home News, New Brunswick, N. J. front page, April 26, 1912. Sixteen Pages--2 Cents. BOCK BEER Pabst Milwaukee Bock and Blue Ribbon Beer on draught at Wm. Stamm's Cafe at 161 Throop Ave.; also Robert Smith's Cream Ale and Porter of Philadelphia and Pabst Bock and light beer delivered for $1.00 a case. Wm. Stamm wholesaler and retailer, Phone 363-J. In Tampa, Florida - William stayed at 209 E. Jean Street New Brunswick Times, Saturday Afternoon, March 6, 1915 RECEPTION IN HONOR OF WILLIAM STAMM William Stamm, of 163 Throop avenue, who returned from a trip to Florida Thursday, was tendered a reception yesterday. Mr. Stamm as a passenger on the Atlantic Coast Line train that was wrecked on January 30, 18 miles from Jacksonville, when 30 people were injured and five Pullman cars derailed. Mr. Stamm was presented with a beautiful diamond stick pin and a floral horseshoe. Among those present were: Mr. and Mrs. H. Von Staden, Mr. and Mrs. H. Banker, Mr. and Mrs. William Stamm, Mrs. Mary Stamm, Mrs. William Banker, Mrs. E. Banker, Mrs. Jai, Mrs. A. Stamm, Mrs. E. Stemshorn, Mrs. E. Dorfer, Messrs. Frank Banker, Fred Banker, Masters Louis and Frank Stamm, Misses F. Stamm, Mildred Stamm, D. Banker, M. Banker and L. Birch. WILLIAM STAMM William Stamm, 90 year old retired business man, died yesterday in the Hamilton Nursing Home after a short illness. He lived in 163 Throop Avenue. Mr. Stamm, son of the late Peter A. and Mary Schwab Stamm, was associated with his father in the distribution of beer and liquor in Milltown for many years and in 1902, when his father died, William took over the business and transferred headquarters to New Brunswick. A year later he purchased a one story building from the Pennsylvania Railroad which had been used as a waiting room at George and Washington Streets, and moved the building to 154 Throop Ave from where he conducted the distribution of Ballentine beer and ales. He was sole distributor for Ballentine beer until prohibition. In 1934, he returned to his former business with the same brewers but soon retired again. After his first retirement in 1915 Mr. Stamm traveled extensively and in 1929 organized the Storm Seal Paint Co. which he ran until 1945. For the past 30 years, he spent his winters in Florida. He was a member of the New Brunswick Exempt Firemen's Association and Emanuel Lutheran Church. Mr. Stamm is survived by his widow, Margaret Banker Stamm, three sons, William Jr. of North Brunswick, Louis R. of this city and Frank W. of Highland Park; two daughters, Mrs. Robert A. Yound of this city and Mrs. Robert N. Stevens of Paris, France; nine children and four great-grandchildren. The Rev. Rufus Cornelsen will conduct a private service Monday and interment will be in Evergreen Cemetery under the direction of the Quackenboss Funeral Home, 156 Livingston avenue. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.