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Marriage: Children:
  1. Cornelius Elliott: Birth: Sep 1778 in Allegany, MD, USA. Death: 4 May 1865 in Anna, Shelby Co., Ohio

  2. Samuel Elliott: Birth: Bet 1780 and 1781 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1858 in Shelby Co., Ohio

  3. Mary Elliott: Birth: Abt 1783 in Allegheny Co, MD. Death: 1817 in Hartford Twp., Licking Co., Ohio, USA

  4. Jane Elliott: Birth: 1783 in Allegany, MD, USA. Death: 1848 in Knox, OH, USA

  5. Alexander Campbell Elliott: Birth: 13 May 1788 in Maryland. Death: 23 Jan 1844 in Ohio

  6. Margaret Peggy Elliott: Birth: 21 Jan 1790 in Allegany, MD, USA. Death: 16 Aug 1863 in Near Newark, Licking Co., Ohio

  7. Abraham Elliott: Birth: 19 Feb 1797 in Allegany, MD, USA. Death: 23 Aug 1869 in Shelby, OH, USA

  8. Sarah Elliott: Birth: 2 May 1799 in Allegany, MD, USA. Death: 13 May 1872 in Newark, Licking, OH, USA

  9. Frank Elliott: Birth: 1803 in MD, USA.

  10. Robert Elliott: Birth: 1805. Death: 3 Jan 1838 in Montgomery, VA, USA

  11. Person Not Viewable

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a. Note:   I am sending this message to some of the Elliott researchers that I have corresponded with in the past.
 On a trip to Pennsylvania this past May, I picked up several items that may or may not lead to the connection with the family of Mary Campbell.
 Descendants of Captain Samuel Elliott have tried to find the connection with a Campbell family for many years. I found several information sources which caused me to revisit this subject.
 First is a letter found in the Lancaster Historical Library. It was written in 1940 by Opal Hunt Bowman (born about 1870). Opal was the daughter of Margaret Elliott and the granddaughter of Alexander Campbell Elliott. Part
 of the letter states the following:
 "At the close of the war he went to Allentown & married my great grandmother Mary (Argyle) Campbell - both having come from Campbellstown Scotland & settled County Antrim, Ireland - then came with their parents to the U.S."
 A second piece of information is the Rev. War record of a Lieut. Samuel Elliot serving in Northampton County militia, 5th Battalion, 6th Company in the 1777 to 1780 time period. He served under Captain Patrick Campbell. This
 Samuel Elliot does not seem to appear in Northampton County militia before 1777 or after 1780.
 It is assumed that Samuel Elliott & Mary Campbell married in about 1777-8, based on the birth date of son, Cornelius (9-27-1779). Samuel Elliott appears in the Caernarvon, Lancaster, PA tax rolls for most years between 1772 and
 1787, except the year of 1777.
 Is it possible that he spent a year or two in Northampton County and served with that militia, and at that time married Mary Campbell?
 Was the Captain Patrick Campbell a relative of Mary (father, brother, uncle)?
 Is there other information to verify that our Elliott family originated in Campbellstown, Scotland?
 Any significance to the reference to Argyle for Mary Campbell? Believe that was the county in Scotland where Campbellstown is located.
 Is there any information on a Campbell family with a Patrick as well as an Alexander?
 I would appreciate any thoughts on this information. Jim Elliott
 "The uncertainty of life".
 Sons: Abel, James, (single), William. Daughters: Peggy (also Margaret) (single) Elizabeth CRAWFORD, Mentions: 1) 100 acres laid off by Alexander McCLEAN in his last survey (to son Abel) 2) The residue of his land to son James.
 Executors: Son James CAMPBELL and Ebenezer WALKER
 Witnesses: James GREGG, Person SAYRE, and David EWING.
 Will dated 09 Sep 1802; proved 03 Apr 1815.
 On 03 Apr 1815 Jesse BEESON (affirmed) testified that the testator showed him his will telling him that he had thought proper to express his opinion "he said Jesse having been commuted by his intermarriage with a daughter of the deceased "
 Also came John KENNADY Esq. who testified that Person SAYRE is removed out of Pennsylvania and that James GREGG is deceased
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