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Marriage: Children:
  1. Merry /Webb/: Birth: ABT 1730.

  2. Mary /Webb/: Birth: ABT 1732.

1. Title:   See notes under John Hixe from Bill Davidson, <>, 28 November 2006
2. Title:   "The Tennessee Tree," on the web at FTM, < >, no other name.
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4. Title: marriage record of Merry Wenn Webb gives his birthdate

a. Note:   NI16479
Note:   Subject: Merry Wenn Webb, 19 Feb 2001, From: Michael who is searching for info on Merry Wenn Webb, says: Should you ever come across anything that you think might help me, please pass it on! Michael Motes In June 2007 Rick and Dee Webb Sparks at <> wrote with the following information: Hello, My line is form This Merry Webb and Elizabeth Davidson. (through their son Henry Webb and Unknown.) Meredith "MERRY" Webb 1776 List of Tithables Pittsylvania Co., Va Merry Webb Sr. * died 1779 LWT 1774 Henry county VA. Merry Webb Jr.*died 1816 TN Martin Webb * died 1816 KY James Webb *died Has land deeds 1770 Henry Co., Va 1781 sales land in Henry Co. Va 1784 Merry Webb , John Webb and Martin Webb Burk Co., North Carolina. 1784 Burk Co. North Carolina Merry WEBB 1787 Burk Co., N.C. Merry Webb listed as Loyalist. 1788 Nov. Merry Webb jury Duty p. 347-8 Buncombe Co., North Carolina. 1775-1800 Washington County District Merry Webb 766 Acres on Indian Creek @@ John Webb land. 1790 April 21st...Washington Co., TN Robert Love, on behalf of Merry Webb of Buncombe Co., N.C. To John Evens: 766 acres on Indian Creek consigned 110 lbs. Adjacent John Webb. Signed R. Love, Ct August 1797 1790 Burk Co. (Morgan district) North Carolina Mendoth (Meridith "Merry " ) Webb 3 males under 16 4 males 16 0r over 5 females 5 slaves Edward Davidson (Elizabeth Davidson Webb father) WILL June 5, 1794 Cambell Co., VA. Left 30 Lbs. And 2 Slaves( Lucy and Daphne) to his son -in-Law ...Mary "Merry" WEBB October 1794 Court Session Buncombe Co., North Carolina. William Willson vs. Francis Goff. No 15. T. 2.6 Jury empand. & Charged to wit: Harman Reid, James Sams, Edwd. Williams, William Boyd, James Gillispie, John Biffle, Thomas Sheppard, John Ros, Benjamin Odell, Thomas Forster, Merry Webb, John Davidson Non suit {sic} Nancy Nanny admrx. Of Isaac Nanny Decd. Vs. James Bridges. No. 8 appeal. Jury empand. & Charged to wit: Harman Reid, James Sams, Wm. Boyd, James Gillispie, John Biffle, Thos. Sheppard, Ben Odell, Thomas Forster, Merry Webb, Ebenezer Faine, John Davidson, John Patton. The jury find for the plaintiff the sum of 9 pounds 14s and 6d costs. Appeal prayed. Mary Anne Burn's into court and prayed liberty to administer on the estate of Samuel Burn's, gave bond and security according to Law to wit: Merry Webb, and William Alexander, bound in 600 pounds. Ordered that Letters of administration issue accordingly January 1795 Court Session Buncombe Co., North Carolina John Davidson vs. Adam Cooper: No. 7 Jury impanelled [sic] to wit: Walter Hogshead, Mark Forster, Robert Baker, John Gash, Norris Midcalf, William Dever Jr., James Love, Henry Warson, William Hunter, James Adams, Samuel Parks, Merry Webb The jury find the defendant did not assume. John Davidson vs. Robert St. Clair: No. 8 Appl. Jury impanelled [sic] to wit: Walter Hogshead, Mark Forster, John Craig, Robert Baker, James Matlock, Rich. Yardly, Moses Thompson, Joseph Sorrels, William Boyd, William Hunter, James Dever, Merry Webb Justices Judgement below confirmed to wit 20 pounds and Costs, the plaintiff givers credit for 7.4 pounds a balance [sic] owing from the plaintiffs contract with the defendant. Michael Harrison vs. Merry Webb: App'l. Non suit. Charles Robinson vs. Merry Webb: App'l. Non suit. July 1795 Court Session Buncombe Co., North Carolina William Hunter vs. William Gilliahn: No. 10. Trover for a hog. Jury empand. & sworn to wit: Joseph Henry, Joseph Austin, James McMahan, John Box, Ben. Hawkins, James Dunsmore, William Young,, John Gooch, Edawrd [sic] Sams, Wm. Forster, Henry Biggs, Merry Webb. Ben Odell, Rchd. Williamson, Ebenezer Faine, William Durham, Benjamin Davidson, George Cunningham, Benjamin Gudger, Thomas Alexander, Henry Hately, Hamilton Kyle, Samuel Denton, John Butler, David McCarson, John Osborn, John Hawkins, Moses Ashbrook, Ben. Greggory, William Bailey, John Chambers, David Greer, George Penland, James Gillespie, Joseph Hughes, John Edwards, James Poteet, John Likens, Merry Webb, William Findly, William Rice, John Webb Senr., William Whitson, John Patton, Daniel Smith, Jonathan McPeters, John Davidson, James Wilson, William Morrow, John Ashworth, Henry Warson, & John Gillihan. 1797 Knox Co., TN. To: The Honorable General Assembly of the State of Tennessee The PETITION of Sundry Inhabitants of Knox County humbly sheweth that their Local situation is such as renders it very inconvenient for them to attend the usual place of holding Courts, General Musters, Elections, Ecta. Some of us having at least from 25 to 40 miles to travel & generally very bad roads, having sundry large Water-Courses, and Ridges to cross. Your Petitioners humbly conceive that their grievance might be much alleviated by a division of Knox County in the following manner Viz: BEGINNING at the Cross Mountain, where the Knox Line intersects the Indian Boundary Line, Thence with that line to the River Clinch, Thence -------- -------- --------- Big Valley on a Ridge that divides the waters of Big Buffaloe from those of Little Buffaloe to the Chesnut Ridge, Thence along the extreme height of said Ridge to where the lower line of the Survey of Henderson ---- crosses the same, Thence along that Line to the Top of the Copper Ridge, Thence along the extreme height of said Ridge to the Mouth of Beaver Creek & Thence to any point on the Tennessee River that you in your wisdom may think proper; Thence along the Indian Boundary Line to the place of Beginning. Names of Petitioners: MERY WEBB, Sr. , HENRY WEBB, WILLIAM WEBB, THOMAS WEBB, MERY WEBB Jr. Also listed on the Petition is Jacob Pyburn (Pybourn) brother in law. (Blount Co., TN from Knox Co., TN in 1795) 1797 Knox Co., Tn Tax list Merry Webb St. Henry Webb, william webb, Thomas Webb and Merry Webb Jr. 1803 Buncombe N.C. State vs Thomas Moore.. re: riout involving Merry Webb JR. Bro. Bird?, Merry Webb Sr., David Webb case contd 1804 Sept 4th Note Merry Webb Jr. and Merry Webb Sr. State vs Merry Webb. 1805 Mary( Merry ) Webb Tax list white Co., TN. ( Merry Webb Jr note: 1823 this part is Warren county TN.) 1806 Oct. 8th Superior Court Morgan District North Carolina Merry Webb convicted of crime of mayhem sentenced to imprisoned six months and pay fine... Was pardon for the Crime by the Govenor. 1808 Nov 16 Washington Co. TN. William jarvis to Merry Webb 1812 Feb. Washington Co., TN Merry Webb an Overseer 1814 Washington Co. TN Tax List Merry Webb ( Merry Webb Jr. is in White Co. /Warren Co., TN) 1816 LWT MERRY WEBB III last will & testament Marion Co., TN. In the name of God, Amen, I Merry Webb being weak in body but of sound memory. Knowing that is appointed once for all men to die and after death the judgment make this my Last Will and Testament after committing my body to the grave to be buried in decent Christian burial and my soul to God who gave it. I constitute and appoint my son Henry Webb and Jacob Pyburn as Executors of this my Last Will and Testament. I first will and bequeath to my dear and loving wife Elizabeth Webb all my household furniture and a gray mare and saddle and a heifer. Also a negro woman named Hana during her natural life and after her death the negro woman is to go to my daughter Mary Pyburn. I bequeath to my oldest son David, a negro man named Bob. I will and bequeath to my son John Webb one dollar. I will and bequeath to my loving daughter Mary Pyburn a negro woman named Sally. I will and bequeath to my son Henry Webb a negro woman named Milly. I will and bequeath to my son William Webb two hundred dollars to be recovered off of John and Merry Webb for the hire of my negroes. I will and bequeath to my daughter Martha Dover twenty-five dollars to be raised out of the Hire of the negroes. I will and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Webb one hundred and fifty dollars to be Raised out of the hire of the negroes. I will and bequeath to my son Thomas Webb a negro by the name of Joe by his pay fifty Dollars to the heirs of Martha Dover and fifty to the children of Elizabeth Williams. I will and bequeath to my daughter Winny Sophia Peoples a negro girl named Agnes. I will and bequeath to the heirs of Martha Dover a negro girl named Judy. Last of all after the money is recovered out of my son John Webb and my son Merry Webb for the use of Bob & Sally and Milly and Hannah at the rate of fifty dollars each year from March Eighteen hundred and twelve until this day and forty dollars for a wagon and geer (gear) this money is to be equally divided between all my children except my sons John and Merry Webb. I make this Last Will and Testament of June the seventeenth day in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and sixteen in witness where of I have here unto set my hand and affixed my seal. ' Signed, sealed and delivered in the presents of His Merry X Webb Mark Test: John Deneau & James Harper 1819-1835 Washington Co., TN Land Grants of Merry Webb Jr. 1820 White Co. Tn Census Mary "Merry " Webb over 45 ..000011-00001 Merry Webb Jr. note: (MERRY WEBB is said to be buried at State Line Cemetery, Cole City, Georgia/Tenn. per the Pyburn family verbal history. ELIZABETH- Will in Wash. Co. TN in 1827) (Hand written Will written in 1816, Marion Co., TN. in possession of his grandson THOMAS LOVE PYBURN) (see will of Elizabeth Webb 1828 Washington Co., wife of MERRY #4.) (see 1797 Knox Co., TN road petition & 1805 land in White/Warren Co., TN.) Merry Webb may have died in Washington Co. TN. no proof that he is buried . Son of Merry Webb who died 1816... Merry Webb b. 1778/9 d.Sept 23,1864 Blount county TN 1819-1835 Washington Co., TN Land Grants of Merry Webb Jr. 1820 White Co. TN Census Mary "Merry " Webb over 45 ..000011-00001 Merry Webb Jr. 1823 Warren Co. TN Merry Webb land Deed on the lines of Carter Harrison (cousin By Marriage) and George Williams ( could be brother N law) 1825 Washington Co. TN Merry Webb a and 1st wife Mary Divorce... 1825 Washington Co, Tn mother Elizabeth Davidson Webb LWT. 827 LWT Washington Co., TN. WILL of ELIZABETH WEBB with Slave "Hannah". (wife of MERRY WEBB #4)) "I Elizabeth Webb of the County of Washington State of Tennessee being of perfect mind and memory Thanks be to God, calling to mind that mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die, make this my last will and testament. First of all I give and recommend my soul unto God and my body unto the earth to be buried in decent Christian burial and touching my worldly, that God has been pleased to help me with in this life, I give & desire in the following manner. First of all my black woman named HANNA, it becomes my wish and will when it is the will of GOD to take me out Of this world that the said Hannah shall forever free from service of any �.person. That she be her own guardian to account and to transact business for herself and for interests, independent of all and intent of any other person to come and go�.when and where she may think proper so long as she may live, and as to the balance of my estate if any there be after paying my funeral charges . I wish the equal division among my children without any distinction to as not to disprove any of my legal ��..of The remaining interest of my estate. I do hereby discount any other will or �..this being my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have here Unto signed my name as it my last seal this 23 day of December in the year of our Lord, 1827. Elizabeth X Webb Signed, sealed and delivered in the presents of said Elizabeth Webb. December 23, 1827 (very bad film) [FHC 082551 1779-1889] 1830 Washington Co. TN show 's no wife for Merry . 1833 Blount Co. TN James Moore to Merry Webb. 1835 Blount Co. TN Merry Webb married Fannie Couch 1838 Blount Co. TN. Meredith Webb bough land off Samuel Henry. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.