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1. Title:   Latter Day Saints Microfilm, Book of Baptisms, Schwarzach and surrounding communties
Page:   #0999033 p.526
2. Title:   Latter Day Saints Microfilm, Book of Marriages, Schwarzach and surrounding communities
Page:   #0999037 p.9

a. Note:   /Godparents section of the entry, the name Simon Sickhinger appears as one of the witnesses and the other other is Eva Koch, who is daughter of the deceased Nicolas Koch. Both are single. Both the Koch and Sickhinger families are intertwined a bit later withthe marriage of Anna Maria Sickinger with a Johann Jakovb Koch in 1669. Johann Jacob Koch would be a half brother to Eva above, and Anna Maria Sickinger would be a younger sister of Simon above. His baptism notation simply notes him as Johann, but the marriage notation notes him as Johann Adam.
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