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  1. Sarah Gardner: Birth: 1630/1631 in Of Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. Death: 5 Apr 1686 in Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts

a. Note:   MARRIAGE: (1) By about 1614 Margaret Fryer; she probably died in Salem in 1636, perhaps at the birth of youngest child Seeth. (2) Damaris Shattuck. She was the "widow Shattock" when she joined the Salem Church 2 July 1641 [SChR 11]; she died Salem 28 November 1674, one month before her husband. Children of Thomas and Margaret: 1. Thomas GARDNER b: EST 1614 in England 2. George GARDNER b: EST 1616 in England 3. John GARDNER b: ABT 1624 in Nantucket, MA 4. Sarah GARDNER b: 1627/28 in Cape Ann Plantation, Nantucket, MA 5. Samuel GARDNER b: ABT 1629 in Salem, Essex Co., MA 6. Joseph GARDNER b: ABT 1630 in Salem, Essex Co., MA 7. Richard GARDNER b: ABT 1632 in Salem, Essex Co., MA 8. Miriam GARDNER b: ABT 1635 in Salem, Essex Co., MA 9. Seeth GARDNER b: BEF 25 DEC 1636 in Salem, Essex Co., MA The following information was contributed by Greg Vaut: at [email protected]: MIGRATION: 1624 FIRST RESIDENCE: Cape Ann REMOVES: Salem 1626 OCCUPATION: Innkeeper (Thomas Gardner, Sr., was repeatedly licensed during the 1660s to retail strong drink, but in June 1667 the license was amended to allow him to sell only to "strangers" and not to townsmen [EQC 3:339, 431, 4:36, 37, 161, 269, 397]). CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: In list of Salem church members compiled in late 1636 [SChR 5]. ESTATE: In the 1636 Salem grants Thomas Gardner had one hundred acres in the freeman's land [STR 1:20]. He was granted one acre of marsh on 25 December 1637, with a household of seven [STR 1:103]. He received a special grant by warrant, of one hundred acres in 1636 [STR 1:37]. When George Ingersoll received a ten acre lot, it was land formerly of Mr. Gardner's and others, which they had resigned to the town in favor of other land in March 1638/9 [STR 1:82]. Thomas Gardner was granted on 15 May 1639 a bank of upland near Strongwater Brook, paying 5s. an acre [STR 1:88]. He was granted half a three-quarter acre lot with Obadiah Homes, on land near the gate leading to the old mill, 20 March 1642/3 [STR 1:117]. He was granted ten acres in Salem for a house near the old mill, 8 February 1643/4 [STR 1:123]. "Mr. Gardner" was granted one acre of meadow on the north side of his farm, 31 August 1649 [STR 1:159]. " WILL: The will of "Thomas Gardner of Salem" was written 7 December 1668 and proved 29 March 1675 by witnesses Robert Pease and Samuel Goldthwaite[EQC 6:31]. "Weighing the uncertainty of man's life, I do therefore in the time of my health, make this my last will" giving to "my wife Damaris" all the estate she brought with her "according to our agreement" and £8 a year paid by my six sons provided she give up her dower in my housing and lands; to "my daughter Sara Balch" £15; to "my daughter Seeth Grafton" £15; to "my daughter Mirian [sic] Hills two daughters, Miriam Hill, & Susanna Hill," to each of them £5 at age eight~een or marriage; to "my sons George and John Gardner" salt meadow valued at £20; to "my sons Samuel and Joseph Gardner" the other part of my salt meadow; residue divided in seven equal parts, two parts to my son Thomas, he paying "his mother in law forty six shillings by the year," the other sons to receive one part each and pay their mother-in-law twenty-three shillings a year; sons George and Samuel Gardner executors; "my loving friends Mr. Joseph Grafton and Deacon Horne" overseers [EPR 2:423-24]. The inventory of the estate of "Mr. Thomas Gardner, taken 4:11m:1674" by Hilliard Veren, Sr. and John Pickering totalled £274 16s., including real estate valued at £201: "an old dwelling house with about 10 acres of land adjoining with the orchard, fences &c.," £31; ten acres of ground in the Northfield, £27; about 100 acres of upland and meadow, £100; about 20 acres of land lying in the woods, £3; and about 2 3/4 acres of salt marsh lying above the mill," £40. The inventory also included "2 old barrels of guns" valued at 5s. [EPR 2:424-5]. GENERAL INFO: "Mr. John Tylly and Mr. Thomas Gardener were employed as overseers of that whole business [of the plantation at Cape Anne]; the first with reference to the fishing, the other with respect to the planting on the main land, at least for one year's time" [ Young's First Planters 23]. In the Salem land grant of 1637 Thomas Gardner received acreage for a household of seven. His sons Thomas and George were already old enough to receive grants of their own and be considered separate households. Seven younger children of Thomas Sr. were still under age and presumably residing at home, which would make a household of eight. One or more of the children could have been serving in another family, but this accounting raises the possibility that Thomas did not have a wife living in 1637. "The wife of Thomas Gardner Sr." was fined for frequent absence from the public ordinances on Lord's days, along with a number of other Quakers, November Term 1660 [ EQC 2:265]. THOMAS GARDNER (THOMAS) was born 1591 in Dorsetshire, England, and died October 29, 1674 in Gardner buring ground, Salem MA (Source: Thomas Gardner Planter and Some of His Descendants, compiled and arranged by Frank A Gardner, MD, 1731, Essex Institute, Salem, Mass) As given in the Town Records: He married (1) DEMARIS SHATTUCK. He married (2) MARGARET FRIER, daughter of FRANCIS FRIER. Thomas Gardner 1591-1674 Governor of Cape Ann Colony 1623 Deputy 1637, Daggett & Skiffe & Butler History of Martha's Vineyard Vol.3 His second wife was Damaris Shattuck, a widow, who was admitted to the church in Salem in 1641. She had several children by her first husband, one of whom, Sarah, married Richard Gardner son of Thomas. She, like most of her Shattuck relations, evidently favored the Friends, as she was called into court many times for being "present at a Quaker meeting," and for absence from her own church. In the 9th Mo. 1667,and the 4th Mo. In the year following, "Old Mrs. Gardner was fined 5 shillings for absence from public worship. She had no children by Thomas Gardner. The date of her death is given in the Salem Town Records, as 28, 9, 1674. 6 Sources: 1. Title: Genealogy of the Balch Families in America, Author: Galusha B. Balch, M. D. Publication: Eben Putnam, Salem, MA, 1897, Page: p. 9 2. 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