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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth Doig: Birth: 1779 in Rescobie, Angus, Scotland.

  2. Jean Doig: Birth: 12 Apr 1781 in Forfar, Angus, Scotland.

  3. James Doig: Birth: 5 Jan 1783 in Forfar, Angus, Scotland. Death: 1783/1786 in Forfar, Angus, Scotland

  4. James Doig: Birth: 30 Jul 1786 in Glamis, Angus, Scotland.

  5. David Doig: Birth: 9 Jul 1789 in Forfar, Angus, Scotland.

  6. Ann Doig: Birth: 4 Jun 1791 in Forfar, Angus, Scotland.

  7. Alexander Doig: Birth: 27 Dec 1793 in Forfar, Angus, Scotland. Death: 22 Jul 1860 in Westmuir, Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland

  8. William Doig: Birth: 30 Aug 1795 in Forfar, Angus, Scotland. Death: 25 Oct 1876 in 2 Nursery Feus, Forfar, Angus, Scotland

  9. John Doig: Birth: 16 Jan 1798 in Forfar, Angus, Scotland.

  10. Agnes Doig: Birth: 14 Jul 1799 in Forfar, Angus, Scotland.

a. Note:   chin, and May Anderson; or born in Easter Balloch and christened 23 Feb 1749 in Kirriemuir, son of Robert Doig; or christened 5 Apr 1750 in Liff, son of James Doig; or christened 12 Aug 1753 in Dundee, son of James Doeig and Ann Alloa. It has also been suggested that he was the son of brewer in Glamis James Doig (1723-1778), but he is not mentioned in James' will.] Thomas was a workman in Forfar Burgh and later a brewer. [It is curious that Thomas and Margaret with 10 offspring had no children named after them. It is possible that Thomas had been previously married and already used these names. The late marriage to Elizabeth Milne is based on approx. age, location, occupation, timing, and Elizabeth' first husband Alexander Smith may have been a brother to Thomas' first wife Margaret Smith.] ------------------------------------------------------- Some References used in this Family History: America -----, 1910 U.S. Census, New York, Kings County, Brooklyn - Stewart Doig. -----, 1920 U.S. Census, Florida, Dade County, Miami - William Doig. -----, 1920 U.S. Census, New York, Kings County, Brooklyn - Stewart Doig. -----, Newsday, (New York City), 18 Sept 1996 - Obituary: Stewart Doig. Broadstreet, Florence Mae Aitken, Aitken Genealogy, (US: 1977), 4, 16-18 - Stewart Doig. Doig, Edward, Family Data Sheet, 10 Jan 1992. Australia -----, Descent, (Vol. 13, Part 1, March 1983), Official Journal of the Australian Genealogists - Request for info, Ian Black - Annie Horn Black. Canada Doig, Peter J., E-mail 16 Feb 1998, and others, including from Chip Doig. England -----, 1851 English Census, London, Holborn (#0174757) - John Doig. -----, 1881 English Census, Middlesex, London - Clerkenwell: Annie Doig; Mile End: Stuart Doig; Shoreditch: John Doig, Bruce Doig; St. George: Hamilton (Johnson) Doig; Whitechapel: James Doig. -----, 46th Regiment of Foot, Regimental Papers, (#0893147) - William Doig. -----, Certified Copy of an Entry of Death, St. Albans, Hertfordshire - James Mills Doig; Hampton,Middlesex - Henry Stuart Doig. -----, H.M. Customs & Excise, (Library Museum & Records, London) - James Mills Doig. -----, London P.O. Directory, 1846 - John Doig. -----, London Directory, 1874 and 1887 - John Doig, James Doig, Stuart Doig. -----, St. Catherine?s Index - Births: Henry Stuart Doig, Louisa Jean C. Doig, Sydney James Doig. -----, St. Catherine?s Index - Births: Andrew Doig, John Doig, Margaret Doig, Stewart Doig, Bruce Doig, Jane Doig, Charlotte Doig, Ann Doig, and later generations. Marriages: James Doig, Bruce Doig, Jean Doig. Deaths: John Doig, James Doig, Andrew Doig, James John Doig, Stewart Doig, Effie Louise Doig, Stewart Doig, Florence McFarlane Doig. -----, The Baker?s Record (trade newspaper), 30 July 1931 - John Doig. -----, The London Times, 18 Sept 1915, page 5b - Henry Stuart Doig; 17 Oct 1983 - Desmond Doig. -----, Who's Who, 1926 - Henry Stuart Doig. -----, Will and Testament - Hamilton (Johnson) Doig, James Mill Doig. Black, Adam & Charles, Who Was Who, 1929-1940, (London: Macmillan, 1941), 373 - Henry Stuart Doig. India -----, Contemporary Authors, (USA), Vol. 69, 187-8, Vol. 111, 145 - Desmond Doig. Ireland -----, Marriage Certificate, Dublin - Alice G. Doig, Henry Stewart Doig, Louisa Jean Campbell Doig. Scotland -----, 1841 Scottish Census, Angushire, Kirriemuir - Elisabeth Doig, William Doig. -----, 1851 Scottish Census, Angushire, Forfar - Stewart Doig. -----, 1851 Scottish Census, Angushire, Kirriemuir - Alexander Doig. -----, 1861 Scottish Census, Angushire, Forfar - Stewart Doig, Ann Doig. -----, 1861 Scottish Census, Angushire, Kirriemuir - William Doig, Ann Doig. -----, 1871 Scottish Census, Angushire, Kirriemuir - David Doig. -----, 1881 Scottish Census, Angushire, Dundee - Margaret (Duncan) Doig, John Doig, Betsy M. Doig. -----, 1881 Scottish Census, Angushire, Forfar - Ann (Liddell) Doig, Alexander Doig, John Ferrier or Doig, Mary Ann (Doig) Geekie, Jane (Doig) Easton. -----, 1881 Scottish Census, Angushire, Lochee - Ann (Doig) Reid. -----, 1891 Scottish Census, Angushire, Dundee, St. Andrew - John Doig; St. Peter - Margaret (Duncan) Doig. -----, 1891 Scottish Census, Angushire, Forfar - Ann (Liddell) Doig, Isabella M. Doig. -----, Old Parochial Records, Barry (#0102596), Forfar (#0993430/3), Glamis (#0102679), Kinnettles (#0993441), and Rescobie (#0102671). -----, Vital Records of Scotland, Deaths - Stewart Doig, Alexander Doig, Alexander Doig, James Doig, James Lowson Doig, Eliza Morrison Doig. Marriages - Alexander Doig, Ann Doig, James Mills Doig, Isabella Doig, Stuart Doig, John Doig, Mary Ann Doig, Jean Doig. Black, Ian, Letter, 29 Nov 1993. Hebenton, Ewan, Letter to Ian Black, 19 Nov 1993; Letter 29 Aug 1995; Letter Christmas 1995.
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