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Billy Gene Andrew: Birth: 2 Jul 1927 in Cisco, Eastland, Texas. Death: 1 Oct 2004 in El Cajon, San Diego, California
Don Frethise Andrew: Birth: 08 Sep 1903 in Texas. Death: 26 May 1988 in San Diego, California
James Campbell Andrew: Birth: 1878. Death: 1975
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Adelaide B Andrews: Birth: Jun 1857 in Maine. Death: 02 Jun 1930 in Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire
Alexander B J Andrews: Birth: Feb 1873 in North Carolina.
Alexander Boyd Andrews: Birth: 23 Jul 1841 in Franklin, North Carolina. Death: 17 Apr 1915 in Raleigh, Wake, North Carolina
Augusta W Andrews: Birth: 08 Jan 1906 in New York. Death: 01 Jan 1983 in Riverside
Caroline Andrews: Birth: 20 Apr 1929 in Tennessee. Death: 11 Feb 2009 in Lookout Mountain, Hamilton, Tennessee,
Edward Andrews: Birth: Jan 1883 in Illinois.
Franklin Andrews: Birth: Abt. 1870 in Maine.
George William Andrews: Birth: Oct 1855 in Illinois. Death: 1933
Georgia Andrews: Birth: Jul 1880 in Illinois.
Gracie Andrews: Birth: Abt. 1868 in Maine.
Graham Harris Andrews: Birth: 21 Apr 1883 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Death: 30 Mar 1957 in Raleigh, Wake, North Carolina
Jane H Andrews: Birth: Nov 1875 in North Carolina.
Jeanne Andrews: Birth: Mar 1887 in Illinois.
Jennie M Andrews: Birth: Jun 1864 in Maine.
John H Andrews: Birth: Mar 1876 in North Carolina.
Joseph Garnett Andrews: Birth: 19 Mar 1904 in Georgia. Death: 13 Jan 1988 in Lookout Mountain, Hamilton, Tennessee, United States of America
Lucy F Andrews: Birth: Abt. 1860 in Maine.
Orris B Andrews: Birth: Abt. 1819 in Maine.
William Johnston Andrews: Birth: 01 Mar 1871 in North Carolina. Death: 19 Dec 1942 in Raleigh, Wake, North Carolina
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Andrey: Birth: Abt. 1883 in Tennessee.
Sarah Andrus: Birth: Jan 1765 in Farington, Connecticut. Death: 08 Nov 1851 in Sandisfield, Berkshire, Massachusetts
Angeline: Birth: 19 Sep 1827 in Alabama. Death: 19 May 1878
John Angier: Birth: 15 Sep 1803 in Worcester.
John Anker: Birth: 02 Jan 1886 in Elkhorn, Iowa.
Elizabeth Ann: Birth: Abt. 1786. Death: 08 Feb 1811 in New York
Eva Ann: Birth: Abt. 1898 in Texas.
Helena Ann: Birth: Abt. 1815 in Kentucky.
Mary Ann: Birth: 28 Feb 1807 in Owego, Tioga County, New York, USA. Death: 02 Jan 1880 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Mary Ann: Birth: 10 Jan 1843 in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. Death: 08 Dec 1918 in Palo Pinto, Texas
Mary Ann: Birth: Jul 1858 in Ohio.
Ruth Ann: Birth: Abt. 1842 in Tennessee.
Ruth Ann: Birth: Abt. 1834 in Tennessee.
Sarah Ann: Birth: 05 Sep 1800. Death: 20 Jun 1865
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Anna: Birth: Abt. 1824 in New York.
Anna: Birth: 03 Sep 1876 in Pennsylvania.
Anna: Birth: Abt. 1800 in Pennsylvania. Death: 07 Mar 1869 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Anna: Birth: Abt. 1820 in Hannover, Saxony.
Anna: Birth: Abt. 1850 in New York.
Anna: Birth: Abt. 1845 in Illinois.
Anna: Birth: Abt. 1854 in Missouri. Death: Abt. 1891
Anna: Birth: 13 Dec 1761 in Kent, Connecticut. Death: 02 Aug 1851 in Maine, New York
Anna: Birth: Jan 1862 in Poland Russia.
Georgia Anna: Birth: 11 Feb 1875 in TN. Death: 25 Dec 1958 in AR
Sarah Anna: Birth: Abt. 1851 in Alabama. Death: 1887
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Helen Annan: Birth: 05 Aug 1877 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio. Death: 08 Nov 1949 in New York
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Anne: Birth: Abt. 1887 in Georgia.
Anne: Birth: 1576 in England.
Annie: Birth: 1848 in Maryland.
Annie: Birth: Mar 1878 in Arkansas.
Annie: Birth: Abt. 1893 in Texas.
Annie: Birth: Abt. 1832 in Austria.
Annie: Birth: Abt. 1865 in Illinois.
Annie: Birth: Oct 1869 in South Carolina.
Malinda Ansley: Birth: Abt. 1805 in Georgia.
Alfred Anson: Birth: Apr 1876 in Marylebone, Middlesex, England. Death: Mar 1944 in New York, United States
Isabella Maria Katherine Anson: Birth: 1834. Death: 1922
Thomas George Anson: Birth: 1825. Death: 1892
Constance S Antelo: Birth: Abt. 1843 in Pennsylvania.
E. J. Anterbean: Birth: 1858. Death: 1895
William Anterbean: Birth: Apr 1826 in Tennessee.
Marian Graves Anthon: Birth: 08 Jun 1853 in New York. Death: 25 May 1915 in Putnam County, New York
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Albert C Appleby: Birth: 02 Feb 1839 in South Carolina. Death: 09 Oct 1902
Albert Appleby: Birth: Apr 1880 in South Carolina.
Ann Appleby: Birth: 1833. Death: 1848
Anzly C Appleby: Birth: Dec 1881 in South Carolina.
David C Appleby: Birth: 05 Apr 1843 in South Carolina. Death: 26 Jul 1901 in South Carolina
David Clinton Appleby: Birth: 04 Mar 1808 in South Carolina. Death: 10 Mar 1864
David Appleby: Birth: Mar 1870 in South Carolina. Death: 10 Oct 1941 in South Carolina
Georgianna Appleby: Birth: Abt. 1849 in South Carolina.
Ida V Appleby: Birth: Nov 1868 in South Carolina.
Joel B. Appleby: Birth: Abt. 1869 in South Carolina.
John M Appleby: Birth: Sep 1878 in South Carolina.
Julia Appleby: Birth: Abt. 1846 in South Carolina.
Lucy Appleby: Birth: 1840.
Mary Appleby: Birth: 1832.
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