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John Robert Arlandson: Birth: 14 Jan 1955 in Salem, Marion Co., OR. Death: 04 Mar 2009 in Menifee, California, USA
John Arlandson: Birth: Abt. 1882 in Nebraska.
Robert Andrew Arlandson: Birth: 03 Mar 1921 in North Bend, Coos Co., Oregon. Death: 31 Dec 2007 in Medford, Jackson, Oregon
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Joseph Armbrister: Birth: 03 Aug 1819 in Tennessee. Death: 29 Mar 1882 in Tennessee
Frank Peter Armell: Birth: 16 Sep 1862 in North Ferrisburg, Addison County, Vermont. Death: 12 Jan 1953 in North Ferrisburg, Addison County, Vermont
Angelica Armistead: Birth: 1703. Death: 1711
Anna Armistead: Birth: 1692. Death: 14 Feb 1732 in Virginia
Anthony Armistead: Birth: 1645 in Elizabeth, Virginia. Death: 26 Oct 1728 in Elizabeth City, Virginia
Anthony Armistead: Birth: 1587. Death: 1642
Anthony Armistead: Birth: 1668 in Elizabeth, Virginia. Death: 1728 in Elizabeth, Virginia
Booth Armistead: Birth: 1693. Death: 1770
C Bowles Armistead: Birth: 1752. Death: 1785
Catherine Armistead: Birth: 1643. Death: 1692
Christina Armistead: Birth: 25 Dec 1745 in York, Virginia. Death: 1790 in Charles, Virginia
Cornelia Armistead: Birth: 18 Feb 1821 in Virginia. Death: 24 Jun 1870 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Elizabeth F Armistead: Birth: Abt. 1827 in Maryland.
Elizabeth Armistead: Birth: 1699 in King William County, Virginia. Death: 10 Oct 1745 in Williamsburg, Virginia
Elizabeth Armistead: Birth: 1770. Death: Abt. 1822
Elizabeth Armistead: Birth: 1667 in Hesse, Gloucester, Virginia. Death: 16 Nov 1716 in Bushypark, Middlesex, Virginia
Ellyson Armistead: Birth: 1690 in Virginia. Death: 1757
Ellyson Armistead: Birth: 1740. Death: 1798
Flora Love Armistead: Birth: 26 Jun 1846. Death: 29 Apr 1850 in Missouri
Frances Anderson Armistead: Birth: 1743.
Frances Armistead: Birth: Abt. 1762. Death: Abt. 1787
Frances Armistead: Birth: 1707.
Frances Armistead: Birth: 1637. Death: 1685
Hannah Armistead: Birth: 1679. Death: 1748
Helen Anderson Armistead: Birth: 08 Apr 1876 in Baltimore, Maryland. Death: 05 Nov 1962 in Lynchburg City, Virginia
John I Armistead: Birth: Abt. 1850 in Virginia.
John Armistead: Birth: 1635 in York, Virginia. Death: 1698 in Virginia
Joyce Armistead: Birth: 1705.
Judith Armistead: Birth: 1694. Death: 1770
Judith Armistead: Birth: 1665. Death: 23 Feb 1698
Judith Armistead: Birth: 1680 in Virginia. Death: 1750
Lewis Addison Armistead: Birth: 18 Feb 1817 in New Berne, North Carolina. Death: 05 Jul 1863 in Gettysburg
Lewis B Armistead: Birth: 1853. Death: 06 Dec 1854 in Missouri
Lucinda Stanly Armistead: Birth: 01 Nov 1815 in Virginia. Death: 03 Jan 1850 in Fauquier, Virginia
Marian Gordon Armistead: Birth: 09 Dec 1857 in Maryland.
Martha Burwell Armistead: Birth: 1757. Death: 1810
Mary Bowles Armistead: Birth: 1772 in Culpeper County, Virginia. Death: 02 Mar 1846 in Virginia
Mary Burwell Armistead: Birth: 1780. Death: 1846
Mary Marot Armistead: Birth: 1761. Death: 1797
Mary Armistead: Birth: 1696 in Virginia. Death: 29 Jun 1775 in Virginia
Nina Armistead: Birth: Sep 1877 in Maryland.
Robert Booth Armistead: Birth: 1737. Death: 1766
Robert Armistead: Birth: 1674 in Virginia. Death: 19 May 1742 in Gloucester County, Virginia
Walker Keith Armistead: Birth: 11 Dec 1844 in Maryland. Death: 28 Mar 1896 in Newport, Rhode Island
Walker Keith Armistead: Birth: 25 Mar 1783 in Newmarket, Virginia. Death: 13 Oct 1845 in Upperville, Virginia
William Armistead: Birth: 1671 in Virginia. Death: Abt. 1711
William Armistead: Birth: 03 Aug 1610 in England. Death: 13 Jun 1671 in England
William Armistead: Birth: 1637. Death: 1660
William Armistead: Birth: 1671. Death: 1715
Andrew Watson Armour: Birth: 27 Jan 1829 in New York. Death: 28 May 1892
Charles E Armour: Birth: 1835 in New York. Death: 12 Aug 1863 in Rollo, Missouri
Charles W Armour: Birth: 10 Jun 1857 in Stockbridge, Madison County, New York. Death: 22 Mar 1927 in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri
Danforth Armour: Birth: 05 Jan 1799 in Union, Tolland County, Connecticut. Death: 01 Sep 1873 in USA
Gurnee Armour: Birth: May 1876 in Cook County, Illinois. Death: 16 Nov 1879 in Cook County, Illinois
Herman Ossian Armour: Birth: 02 Mar 1837 in Madison County, New York. Death: 08 Sep 1901 in Manhattan, New York County (Manhattan), New York
James Armour: Birth: 1710 in Ireland. Death: 1789 in Union, Connecticut
John Nelson Armour: Birth: 03 Mar 1893 in Morrisville, Madison, New York. Death: 17 Aug 1971 in Seal Beach, Orange, California
John Armour: Birth: 25 Feb 1765 in Union, Connecticut. Death: Mar 1849 in Smithfield, New York
Jonathan Ogden Armour: Birth: 11 Nov 1863 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Death: 16 Aug 1927 in London, Greater London, England
Joseph Francis Armour: Birth: 29 Aug 1842 in Stockbridge, Madison County, New York. Death: 05 Jan 1881 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
Juliana Armour: Birth: 12 Jul 1864 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Kirkland B Armour: Birth: 10 Apr 1854 in Stockbridge, Madison County, New York. Death: 27 Sep 1901 in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri
Lester Armour: Birth: 21 Mar 1895 in Chicago, Illinois. Death: Dec 1970 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Lolita S Armour: Birth: 24 Aug 1896 in Chicago, Illinois. Death: 26 Jan 1976 in Santa Barbara
Lucien Bonaparte Armour: Birth: 11 Dec 1823 in Madison County, New York. Death: 19 Jun 1896
Lucy M Armour: Birth: Abt. 1856.
Marietta Armour: Birth: 29 Nov 1833 in Stockbridge, Madison County, New York. Death: 10 Nov 1897 in Cook, Illinois, United States
Mary Lucy Armour: Birth: Abt. 1830 in New York.
Mary Armour: Birth: 1866 in New York.
Philip Danforth Armour: Birth: 16 May 1832 in Stockbridge, Madison County, New York. Death: 06 Jan 1901 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
Philip Danforth Armour: Birth: 11 Jan 1869 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Death: 26 Jan 1900 in Montecito, Santa Barbara County, California
Philip Danforth Armour: Birth: 17 Mar 1893 in Chicago, Illinois. Death: 18 Jan 1958 in Palm Beach, Florida
Philip Danforth Armour: Birth: 03 May 1918 in Chicago, Illinois. Death: 04 Mar 1965
Preston Armour: Birth: 15 Aug 1793 in Union, Connecticut. Death: 25 Apr 1879 in Morrisville, New York
Simeon Brooks Armour: Birth: 01 Feb 1828 in New York. Death: 29 Mar 1899 in Cole, Missouri
Virgil M Armour: Birth: 13 Nov 1818 in Sherburne, New York. Death: Mar 1901 in Morrisville, New York
Virgil Maro Armour: Birth: 02 Apr 1871 in Smithfield, New York. Death: Sep 1900 in Morrisville, New York
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Edward Maitland Armstrong: Birth: 15 Mar 1874 in New York. Death: 15 Jul 1915
Gwendolen King Armstrong: Birth: 02 Oct 1876 in Newport, Rhode Island. Death: Jun 1968 in Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, United States of America
Horatio Gates Armstrong: Birth: 18 Jun 1790 in Red Hook, New York. Death: 06 Apr 1858 in Baltimore, Maryland
J E Armstrong: Birth: Abt. 1898.
John Armstrong: Birth: 25 Nov 1758 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Death: 01 Apr 1843 in Red Hook, New York
Julia Armstrong: Birth: Abt. 1828 in Kentucky. Death: 11 May 1900
Louise Hopkins Armstrong: Birth: Abt. 1871 in Stockbridge. Death: 31 May 1949 in Out-of-State, New York
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