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Margaret Rebecca Armstrong: Birth: 1800 in New York. Death: 15 Feb 1872 in Manhattan, New York County (Manhattan), New York
Samuel Chapman Armstrong: Birth: 30 Jan 1839 in Sandwich Islands, USA. Death: 11 Apr 1893 in Hampton, Virginia
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Benedict Arnold: Birth: 14 Jan 1741 in Norwich, Connecticut. Death: 14 Jun 1801 in London, England
Benedict Arnold: Birth: 14 Feb 1768. Death: Abt. 1795
Edward Arnold: Birth: 1780. Death: 13 Dec 1813 in India
Frances Arnold: Birth: Mar 1818 in Georgia.
George Arnold: Birth: 1787. Death: 01 Nov 1828 in India
Henry Arnold: Birth: 19 Sep 1772 in Connecticut. Death: 08 Dec 1826 in New York
Isaac Arnold: Birth: 1793. Death: 1849
Isaac Arnold: Birth: Abt. 1837 in Kentucky.
James Robertson Arnold: Birth: 1783. Death: 27 Dec 1854 in Kensington, London, United Kingdom
Margaret J. Arnold: Birth: Jan 1827 in Kentucky. Death: 07 May 1902 in Missouri
Martha A Arnold: Birth: 1762. Death: 01 Apr 1818
Richard Arnold: Birth: 22 Aug 1769.
Sarah Arnold: Birth: 04 Jun 1844 in Louisiana. Death: 28 Feb 1885
Sophia Matilda Arnold: Birth: 28 Jul 1785 in London, England. Death: 10 Jun 1828 in London, England
Thomas Franklin Arnold: Birth: 30 Jan 1870 in Texas. Death: 15 Dec 1931 in Ellis, Texas
William Fitch Arnold: Birth: 25 Jun 1794 in London, England. Death: 07 Nov 1846 in Bethnal Green, London, United Kingdom
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Alice E. Arrington: Birth: Abt. 1876 in Kentucky.
Charles B. Arrington: Birth: Abt. 1874 in Kentucky.
Ellen A. Arrington: Birth: Abt. 1848 in North Carolina.
John Henry Arrington: Birth: Abt. 1880 in Kentucky.
John Willis Arrington: Birth: 12 Feb 1848 in North Carolina. Death: 16 Feb 1921 in Erin, Houston, Tennessee
Mary E. Arrington: Birth: Abt. 1872 in Kentucky.
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Emma Arrowsmith: Birth: 12 May 1846 in Keyport, New Jersey.
Mary Virginia Arthur: Birth: 18 Oct 1840 in Illinois.
Abner D Asbury: Birth: Abt. 1858 in Georgia.
Derrill Rogers Asbury: Birth: Abt. 1843 in Georgia. Death: Bet. 1862–1865 in Richmond, Virginia
Emily D Asbury: Birth: Jun 1862 in Georgia.
Emily J Asbury: Birth: 04 Jul 1889 in Georgia. Death: Oct 1974 in Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia
Katie Asbury: Birth: 02 Jul 1888 in Georgia. Death: 15 Aug 1917
Leslie Asbury: Birth: 28 Jun 1874 in Georgia. Death: 16 Jan 1960 in Floyd, Georgia
Lula N Asbury: Birth: Sep 1880 in Georgia.
Mary L Asbury: Birth: Apr 1865 in Georgia.
May Asbury: Birth: 30 Jan 1901 in Milledgeville, Georgia. Death: 21 Sept 1986 in Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia
Nancy Reade Asbury: Birth: 4 Apr 4, 1839 in Georgia. Death: 19 Jul 1916 in Cave Spring, Floyd, Georgia
Reuben Rogers Asbury: Birth: 08 Aug 1832 in Georgia. Death: 19 Aug 1906
Richard A Asbury: Birth: Jan 1878 in Georgia.
Richard Simon Asbury: Birth: Abt. 1845 in Warren County, Georgia. Death: Bet. 1860–1865 in U S Civi War
Richard Vincent Asbury: Birth: 27 Nov 1799 in Greene County, Georgia, USA. Death: 20 Jul 1845 in Greene, Georgia
Rogers R Asbury: Birth: Jan 1886 in Georgia.
Sarah E Asbury: Birth: 1834 in Georgia.
Thomas Darden Asbury: Birth: 22 Apr 1871 in Cave Spring, Georgia. Death: 4 Feb 1937 in Fulton, Georgia
Thomas Wesley Asbury: Birth: 30 Mar 1841 in Wilkes County, Georgia. Death: 04 Sep 1919 in Cave Spring, Floyd, Georgia
Thomas Wesley Asbury: Birth: 26 Dec 1890 in Georgia. Death: 26 Aug 1939 in Mobile, Mobile, Alabama
W L Asbury: Birth: Jul 1893 in Georgia.
William T Asbury: Birth: Jul 1871 in Georgia.
Anne Pendleton Ashby: Birth: 26 Oct 1817 in Culpeper County, Virginia. Death: 25 Aug 1863 in Louisa County, Virginia
Charlotte Videau Ashby: Birth: 1784. Death: 14 Oct 1804 in Sumter County, South Carolina
Emma Virginia Ashby: Birth: 28 Mar 1872 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Death: 09 May 1947 in Alexandria County, Virginia
george Ashby: Birth: Abt. 1877 in Virginia.
Gertrude Ashby: Birth: Abt. 1844 in Virginia.
Henry Ashby: Birth: Dec 1845 in Virginia.
Lucy Strother Ashby: Birth: 1812 in Virginia. Death: 1871
Mae Ashby: Birth: 09 Sep 1847 in Virginia. Death: Dec 1932 in Maryland
Robert Stuart Ashby: Birth: 18 Sep 1809 in Virginia. Death: 02 Jun 1877 in Alexandria, Virginia
Robert Stuart Ashby: Birth: Abt. 1852 in Virginia.
Turner Ashby: Birth: 30 Aug 1789 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Death: 01 Jun 1837 in Fauquier County, Virginia
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Mary Ashe: Birth: 1759. Death: 1788 in Georgetown County, South Carolina
Agustus F Asher: Birth: 1852 in New York.
Catherine L Asher: Birth: 15 Oct 1860 in Hoboken, New Jersey.
Frank Lester Asher: Birth: 20 Nov 1881 in New York. Death: 1959
Katherine R Asher: Birth: 08 May 1907 in New Jersey. Death: 08 Jul 1970 in Lakeland, Polk, Florida
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Esther Ashford: Birth: Apr 1900 in Tennessee.
Mandy Ashford: Birth: Dec 1870 in Tennessee.
Sula Ashford: Birth: Apr 1882 in Tennessee.
Willis L Ashford: Birth: Aug 1854 in Tennessee.
Elizabeth W Ashley: Birth: 1788. Death: 1858
William H Ashley: Birth: 10 Jan 1764 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Death: 13 Mar 1838
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Anne Ashton: Birth: 1701. Death: 1731
C H Ashton: Birth: Mar 1843 in Virginia.
Charles H Ashton: Birth: Mar 1874 in Virginia.
Grace Ashton: Birth: Abt. 1713 in Virginia. Death: 22 Oct 1789 in Prince George County, Maryland
I B Ashton: Birth: Sep 1847 in Virginia.
Lucile Ashton: Birth: Jul 1882 in Virginia.
Randolph S Ashton: Birth: Nov 1877 in Virginia.
S Shirley Ashton: Birth: Feb 1880 in Virginia.
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Emelie Askew: Birth: 08 Jan 1854 in Wake County, North Carolina. Death: 27 Aug 1921 in Atlantic City, New Jersey
William Franklin Askew: Birth: 1825. Death: 1877
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