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Benjamin Palmer Axson: Birth: 24 Jun 1871 in Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia. Death: 23 May 1943 in Chatham, Georgia
Carrie Belle Axson: Birth: 08 Mar 1878 in Georgia. Death: 03 Nov 1954 in Chatham, Georgia
Edward Stockton Axson: Birth: 1903. Death: 1905
Edward William Axson: Birth: 01 Mar 1876 in Floyd County, Georgia. Death: 26 Apr 1905 in Cherokee County, Georgia
Ellen Louise Axson: Birth: 15 May 1860 in Savannah, Chatham, Georgia. Death: 06 Aug 1914 in Washington City, District Of Columbia
Ellen W Axson: Birth: Feb 1877 in Georgia.
Isaac Stockton Keith Axson: Birth: 03 Oct 1813 in Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina. Death: 31 Mar 1891 in Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia
Leila S Axson: Birth: 05 Nov 1867 in Georgia. Death: 24 Mar 1946
Margaret Randolph Axson: Birth: 10 Oct 1881 in Rome, Floyd, Georgia. Death: Apr 1958 in Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey
Randolph Keith Axson: Birth: 21 Dec 1873 in Georgia. Death: 06 May 1945
Randolph Axson: Birth: 01 Oct 1838 in Georgia. Death: 09 May 1902
Samuel Edward Axson: Birth: 23 Dec 1836 in Georgia. Death: 28 May 1884
Samuel Edward Axson: Birth: 1779. Death: 1817 in South Carolina
Stockton Axson: Birth: 06 Jun 1867 in Rome, Floyd County, Georgia. Death: 26 Feb 1935 in Houston, Harris County, Texas
Eliza Aycock: Birth: 27 Feb 1801 in Georgia. Death: 13 Jan 1892 in Georgia
Anne Beekman Ayer: Birth: 11 Jun 1908 in Massachusetts. Death: Oct 1947
Charles Fanning Ayer: Birth: 22 Nov 1865 in Lowell, Massachusetts. Death: 15 Jan 1956 in Martin, Florida, United States
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Julia Cornelia Ayers: Birth: 20 May 1845 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Death: 11 Jun 1930 in Pennsylvania
Louise Ayers: Birth: 1813 in New York. Death: 23 Dec 1893
Alice Page Aylett: Birth: 17 Dec 1868 in Virginia. Death: 31 Jul 1941
Anne Aylett: Birth: Abt. 1744.
Anne Aylett: Birth: 1724 in VA West Moreland. Death: Apr 1774
Anne Aylett: Birth: 1738. Death: 12 Dec 1768 in Westmoreland County, Virginia
Bettie Aylett: Birth: Apr 1875 in Virginia.
Elizabeth Aylett: Birth: 1769 in Fairfield, King William County, Virginia. Death: 11 Oct 1832 in Blount County, Tennessee
John Aylett: Birth: 1746. Death: 1776
Mary Aylett: Birth: 1776. Death: 30 Apr 1796
Mary Aylett: Birth: 1732. Death: 1780
Patrick Henry Aylett: Birth: 19 May 1825 in King William County, virginia. Death: 27 Apr 1870 in Richmond, Virginia
Patrick Aylett: Birth: Abt. 1876 in Virginia.
Patty W Aylett: Birth: Abt. 1835 in Virginia.
Patty Waller Aylett: Birth: 1862 in Virginia. Death: 1899
Philip Aylett: Birth: 1721 in Virginia. Death: Sep 1790
Philip Aylett: Birth: 12 May 1767 in King William County, Virginia. Death: 11 Sep 1835 in Virginia
Philip Aylett: Birth: Dec 1791 in King William County, Virginia. Death: 10 Sep 1848 in Virginia
Philip Aylett: Birth: Abt. 1867 in Virginia.
Rosalie Aylett: Birth: Abt. 1836 in Virginia.
Sallie Aylett: Birth: Abt. 1861 in Virginia.
Sarah Shelton Aylett: Birth: 24 Jun 1811 in King William County, Virginia. Death: 05 Mar 1876 in Rockingham, North Carolina
Unity Aylett: Birth: Abt. 1740 in King William County, Virginia.
William Roane Aylett: Birth: 14 May 1833 in Virginia. Death: 08 Aug 1900
William Aylett: Birth: 1743 in Saint Johns, King William County, Virginia. Death: 12 Apr 1781 in Yorktown, York County, Virginia
William Aylett: Birth: 26 Jul 1775. Death: 18 Aug 1847
William Aylett: Birth: Abt. 1683. Death: 1744
William Aylett: Birth: Abt. 1871 in Virginia.
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William Aylette: Birth: 1703. Death: 28 Aug 1744 in Westmoreland County, Virginia

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