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Hetty Jane Herron: Birth: 23 Sep 1814 in Ohio. Death: 16 Mar 1896
Adele Hess: Birth: 23 Aug 1898 in Texas. Death: 23 Jun 1992
Charlie Albert Hess: Birth: 20 Nov 1883 in Texas. Death: Jul 1978 in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, Texas, United States of America
David A Hess: Birth: Dec 1873 in Illinois.
Donald Wayne Hess: Birth: 13 Jun 1937. Death: 06 Sep 1951 in Kansas
Eugene Henry Hess: Birth: 03 Jul 1896 in Texas. Death: 24 Jul 1955 in Dickinson County, Kansas
George W Hess: Birth: Sep 1877 in Texas.
Joseph E Hess: Birth: Mar 1838 in France.
Julia A. Hess: Birth: Abt. 1875 in Illinois.
Theressa Hess: Birth: Abt. 1871 in Illinois.
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James F Hetcher: Birth: Abt. 1891 in Oklahoma.
Oscar Hetcher: Birth: Abt. 1894 in Oklahoma.
Arthur B Heurtley: Birth: 30 Dec 1860 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Death: 1934 in Iowa
Katharine Heurtley: Birth: 02 Feb 1896 in Chicago, Illinois. Death: 10 Feb 1935 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Richard W Heurtley: Birth: Sep 1891 in Illinois.
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Richard Hewes: Death: 1713
Anna Kate Hewitt: Birth: 26 Aug 1850 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Death: 28 Apr 1935 in Evington, Campbell County, Virginia
Elizabeth Margaret Hewitt: Birth: 12 Mar 1852 in Virginia. Death: 03 May 1945 in Virginia
Frank Hewitt: Birth: Abt. 1854 in Virginia.
John Hewitt: Birth: in Virginia. Death: 09 Feb 1835 in Virginia
Martha Hewitt: Birth: 1795 in Virginia. Death: Jul 1886 in Texas
Richard Newton Hewitt: Birth: 07 Aug 1827 in Virginia. Death: 08 Nov 1908 in Evington, Campbell, Virginia
Sarah Hewitt: Birth: 11 Aug 1863 in Virginia. Death: 17 Jul 1888 in Virginia
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Alice Heyward: Birth: 10 Oct 1854.
Elizabeth Guerard Heyward: Birth: 7 Mar 1860 in South Carolina. Death: 25 Oct 1912
George Cuthbert Heyward: Birth: 12 Jan 1821 in South Carolina. Death: 1 Mar 1867 in Beaufort County, South Carolina
Jacob Guerard Heyward: Birth: 5 Jan 1844. Death: 1888
James Cuthbert Heyward: Birth: 2 May 1845. Death: 4 Feb 1904
John Alexander Heyward: Birth: 16 May 1861.
Mary Caroline Heyward: Birth: 6 Jun 1863. Death: 1894
Nathaniel William Heyward: Birth: 13 Jan 1866. Death: 1890
Robert Chisolm Heyward: Birth: 21 Jan 1848. Death: 12 Jan 1886
Thomas Daniel Heyward: Birth: 9 Jun 1852.
Thomas Savage Heyward: Birth: 25 Jun 1858.
Thomas Heyward: Birth: 14 Jul 1789. Death: 15 Apr 1829
Thomas Heyward: Birth: 28 Jul 1746 in Old House. Death: 17 Apr 1809 in Old House
William Marion Heyward: Birth: 5 Dec 1856.
William Marion Heyward: Birth: 1856 in South Carolina.
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Charlotte E Hibbard: Birth: 13 Nov 1896 in New York.
Ford Hibbard: Birth: Nov 1898 in New York.
Justine Edwards Hibbard: Birth: Aug 1889 in New York.
Mary Catherine Hibbard: Birth: 08 Sep 1858 in Ohio. Death: 26 Apr 1939 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX
Omer Hibbard: Birth: Jun 1862 in Vermont.
Mabel Eleanor Hibbert: Birth: 27 Mar 1904. Death: 05 Jul 1982 in Covington, Covington City, Virginia, United States of America
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Allen Hicklin: Birth: 1843 in Iowa.
Andrew J Hicklin: Birth: Jan 1860 in Iowa.
Charles Hicklin: Birth: 1836 in Indiana.
David Hicklin: Birth: 1842 in Indiana.
George Hicklin: Birth: Abt. 1857 in Iowa.
Harold Hicklin: Birth: Abt. 1897 in Iowa.
Henry Fay Hicklin: Birth: 27 Feb 1886 in Delta, Keokuk, Iowa. Death: Oct 1974 in Dill City, Washita, Oklahoma, United States of America
Henry Hicklin: Birth: 1845 in Iowa.
Ida Hicklin: Birth: 1885 in Iowa.
James Hicklin: Birth: 1838 in Indiana.
Jason Hicklin: Birth: Abt. 1805 in South Carolina.
Louisa J Hicklin: Birth: 1847 in Iowa.
Mary A Hicklin: Birth: 16 Apr 1847 in Iowa. Death: 13 Feb 1909 in Iowa
Pearl Hicklin: Birth: 1893 in Iowa.
Raymond Wilbur Hicklin: Birth: 1914 in Oklahoma. Death: 11 Nov 1943 in The Netherlands
Rebecca Hicklin: Birth: 1900 in SC.
Samuel Hicklin: Birth: Aug 1855 in Iowa. Death: 24 Aug 1923 in Silver Bow, Montana
Sarah E Hicklin: Birth: 1854 in Iowa.
Sarah Hicklin: Birth: Jul 1834 in South Carolina. Death: 1913
Seymour Hicklin: Birth: 1850 in Iowa.
Thomas E Hicklin: Birth: 1899 in Iowa.
Thomas J Hicklin: Birth: 19 Jan 1813 in Kentucky. Death: 10 Dec 1889
Thomas Jefferson Hicklin: Birth: 1851 in Iowa. Death: 1934
William E Hicklin: Birth: 1891 in Iowa.
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Alice Lynne Hickman: Birth: 10 Dec 1935 in Hartville, Missouri. Death: 26 May 2004 in Pampa, Gray, Texas
Carolina Angeline Hickman: Birth: 29 Sep 1867. Death: 08 Dec 1942
Debora Hickman: Birth: Abt. 1870 in Missouri.
Eliza A Hickman: Birth: Abt. 1869 in Missouri.
James Albert Hickman: Birth: 20 Nov 1878 in Hartville, Missouri. Death: 23 Jun 1945
Jasper Hickman: Birth: 1842 in Missouri. Death: 1902
Jonathan Stephen Hickman: Birth: 27 Nov 1885. Death: 10 Apr 1962
Luetta Hickman: Birth: 13 Feb 1866 in Wright County, Missouri. Death: 10 Nov 1923 in Wright County, Missouri
Otis Eugene Hickman: Birth: 19 Jul 1907 in Missouri. Death: Nov 1981 in Hartville, Wright, Missouri
Sherman O Hickman: Birth: 18 Jan 1884. Death: 15 Jun 1906
Silas I Hickman: Birth: Abt. 1873 in Missouri.
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