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Cortland Hodge: Birth: Abt. 1873 in New Jersey.
Edward Blanchard Hodge: Birth: 05 Feb 1841 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Death: 15 Jun 1906 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Edward Hodge: Birth: Abt. 1876 in New Jersey.
Katharine Cogswell Hodge: Birth: 20 Mar 1878 in Burlington, Burlington County, New Jersey. Death: 17 Oct 1956 in Burlington County, New Jersey
Lois Hodge: Birth: Abt. 1900 in Arkansas.
Margaret E Hodge: Birth: 26 Mar 1869 in New Jersey. Death: 12 Nov 1943 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Clayton Ralph Hodges: Birth: 13 Jan 1900 in Brinson, Dacatur, Georgia.
Clayton Ray Hodges: Birth: 17 Aug 1863 in Brinson, Georgia. Death: 29 Mar 1923 in Brinson, Decatur, Georgia, United States
Frederick S Hodges: Birth: Mar 1870 in Georgia.
Joanna Hodges: Birth: Nov 1814 in South Carolina.
Leon B Hodges: Birth: Jan 1892 in Georgia.
Marcie J Hodges: Birth: Nov 1895 in Georgia.
Martha (Patsy) Hodges: Birth: 1804 in Surry County, North Carolina. Death: Aft. 1880 in Pueblo, Colorado
Mary Beaver Hodges: Birth: 29 Apr 1848 in McNairy County, Tennessee. Death: 15 Aug 1934 in Clarendon, Donley, Texas
Mary E Hodges: Birth: Feb 1898 in Georgia.
Velma Alma Hodges: Birth: Abt. 1893 in Chester Co., Tennessee. Death: 29 Jun 1971 in Palo Pinto, Texas
William Wade Hodges: Birth: Oct 1893 in Georgia.
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Harrison M Hodgkins: Birth: Abt. 1878 in Maine.
Herbert I Hodgkins: Birth: Feb 1867 in Maine.
John Fairfield Hodgkins: Birth: Abt. 1842 in Maine.
Lalia Hodgkins: Birth: Sep 1867 in Maine.
Leonora E Hodgkins: Birth: Abt. 1873 in Maine.
Anna Maria Hodgkinson: Birth: Abt. 1795 in New Jersey. Death: Unknown
Telfair Hodgson: Birth: 1840. Death: 1893
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Bennett Hodson: Birth: 1600 in England. Death: 12 Apr 1630 in England
Gouverneur Hoes: Birth: 10 Sep 1889 in Maryland. Death: 24 Feb 1943
Laurence Gouverneur Hoes: Birth: 08 Jan 1900 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: Nov 1978 in (U.S. Consulate) Berlin, Germany
Roswell R Hoes: Birth: Jun 1891 in Maryland.
Roswell Randall Hoes: Birth: 28 Feb 1850 in Kingston, New York. Death: 26 Nov 1921 in Washington, District of Columbia
Alice L Hoey: Birth: 29 Aug 1842 in Maryland. Death: 24 Dec 1926
Carroll Spence Hoey: Birth: 18 Sep 1870 in Maryland. Death: 5 Feb 1919
Clarence E Hoey: Birth: abt 1869 in Maryland.
Henry G Hoey: Birth: 1844 in Maryland. Death: 6 Jun 1930
John W Hoey: Birth: abt 1876 in Maryland.
Mary Forbes Hoey: Birth: 12 Mar 1904 in Maryland. Death: 06 May 1998 in Chase, Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America
Mary H Hoey: Birth: abt 1879 in Maryland.
Rheta Alice Hoey: Birth: 25 Apr 1902 in Maryland. Death: 01 Feb 1987 in Baltimore, MD
Winfield S Hoey: Birth: abt 1873 in Maryland.
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Adele Donelson Hoffa: Birth: Abt. 1870 in Mississippi.
Charles Bell Hoffa: Birth: Abt. 1864 in Mississippi.
Welley B Hoffa: Birth: Abt. 1868 in Mississippi.
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Annemarie Hoffman: Birth: 01 Sep 1941 in Germany. Death: Sep 1997
Cornelia Hoffman: Birth: 13 Aug 1734. Death: 1789
Elizabeth Adelaide Hoffman: Birth: 23 Mar 1845 in Missouri. Death: 22 Mar 1914
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Clarence Hogan: Birth: 02 Sep 1890 in Kissimmee FL.
Edgar Hogan: Birth: Mar 1861 in Florida.
Elizabeth Hogan: Birth: Feb 1868 in Tennessee.
Lynette Hogan: Birth: Mar 1896 in FL.
Minnie Hogan: Birth: Apr 1894 in FL.
Valeria Hogan: Birth: Aug 1897 in Florida. Death: 1945 in Osceola, Florida, United States
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Alice A Hoge: Birth: May 1898 in Virginia.
Moses D Hoge: Birth: Feb 1861 in Virginia.
Margaret Hogevn: Birth: 28 Sep 1803. Death: Unknown
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Mary Cassandra Holcomb: Birth: May 1837 in Mississippi. Death: Abt. 1905 in Texas
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Alice Watts Holcombe: Birth: Abt. 1859 in Virginia.
Edward W Holcombe: Birth: Abt. 1861 in Virginia.
Elizabeth Breckenridge Holcombe: Birth: Abt. 1849 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Death: 1911
James Philemon Holcombe: Birth: Abt. 1821 in Virginia. Death: 22 Aug 1873 in West Virginia
Letitia L Holcombe: Birth: Abt. 1857 in Virginia.
Martha Holcombe: Birth: Sep 1706 in Hampden County, Massachusetts. Death: in Hampshire County, Massachusetts
Sarah Holcombe: Birth: 1791. Death: 1864
William J Holcombe: Birth: Abt. 1843 in Virginia. Death: 1880
Amanda V Holden: Birth: Aug 1846 in Virginia.
Susannah Holden: Birth: 08 Dec 1670 in Rhode Island. Death: Apr 1734 in Rhode Island
Brannon W Holder: Birth: Abt. 1905 in Georgia. Death: 17 Jun 1959 in Stewart, Georgia
Daisy A. Holder: Birth: Feb 1878 in Georgia. Death: Unknown
Elizabeth B. Holder: Birth: 09 Jan 1858. Death: 11 Oct 1858 in Twiggs Co., GA
James L. Holder: Birth: Mar 1900 in Georgia.
James Troy Holder: Birth: 08 Oct 1853 in Georgia. Death: Unknown
Jesse P Holder: Birth: 26 Sep 1898 in Georgia. Death: 23 Sep 1948 in Randolph, Georgia
Jesse P. Holder: Birth: 12 Dec 1875 in Georgia. Death: 21 Nov 1931 in Stewart, Georgia
John N Holder: Birth: 18 Oct 1920 in Georgia. Death: 15 Apr 1974 in Stewart, Georgia
Joseph Brooks Holder: Birth: 23 Jan 1923 in Georgia. Death: 16 Mar 1977 in Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Mary Medora Holder: Birth: 15 Feb 1859 in Twiggs Co., Georgia. Death: Unknown
Sarah Frances Holder: Birth: 01 Mar 1852 in Twiggs Co., Georgia. Death: 06 Dec 1896 in Springhill, Montgomery Co., GA
Troy G. Holder: Birth: 10 May 1825 in Georgia. Death: 27 May 1864 in Jeffersonville, Twiggs Co., Georgia
Troy Holder: Birth: Abt. 1844 in Georgia. Death: Unknown
William Uriah Holder: Birth: 10 Aug 1860. Death: 11 Oct 1866 in Hawkinsville, GA
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Martha Holgrave: Birth: 1617. Death: 1708
Anne Elizabeth Holladay: Birth: 19 Jul 1839 in Virginia. Death: 09 Oct 1888 in Virginia
Mary Minor Holladay: Birth: May 1837 in Virginia. Death: 1922
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