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Charles Lansing Hoskins: Birth: 1799 in New York. Death: 1898
Charles Hoskins: Birth: 1885 in Tennessee. Death: 17 Apr 1958 in Texas
Helen Mary Hoskins: Birth: Feb 1836 in New York. Death: 12 Apr 1902 in Cook, Illinois, United States
Laura A Hoskins: Birth: Abt. 1826 in New York.
Sarah Hoskins: Birth: 16 Sep 1637 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Death: in Massachusetts
William Hoskins: Birth: 1614 in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Somerset, England. Death: 07 Sep 1695 in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts
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Elizabeth T Hotchkiss: Birth: 26 Mar 1885 in Connecticut.
Helen Southgate Hotchkiss: Birth: 24 Nov 1880 in New Haven, Connecticut. Death: 02 Feb 1964 in Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut
Henry Lucius Hotchkiss: Birth: 18 Dec 1842 in New Haven, Connecticut. Death: 03 May 1930 in Shelton, Connecticut
Henry Stuart Hotchkiss: Birth: 01 Oct 1878 in New Haven, Connecticut. Death: 16 Sep 1947 in Boston, Massachusetts
Henry Hotchkiss: Birth: 06 Jun 1909 in New Haven, Connecticut. Death: 22 Dec 1988 in Oak Bluffs, Dukes, Massachusetts, United States of America
Stuart Trowbridge Hotchkiss: Birth: 16 Jul 1913 in Connecticut. Death: 25 Feb 2001 in Madison, New Haven, Connecticut, United States of America
Susan Marie Hotchkiss: Birth: Oct 1849 in South Carolina. Death: 21 Sep 1931 in Georgia
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Charles Marshall Hotson: Birth: 23 May 1884 in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
Charles R Hotson: Birth: 30 May 1918 in Illinois. Death: 04 Jan 1999 in Meadville, Crawford, Pennsylvania, USA
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Henrietta Hough: Birth: Abt. 1700.
Ida Deline Hough: Birth: 1876 in North Carolina. Death: 1903 in Texas
Mary F Hough: Birth: Abt. 1873 in North Carolina.
Mary Hough: Birth: 10 Oct 1821. Death: 10 Apr 1885
Reece A Hough: Birth: Abt. 1875 in North Carolina.
Wesley J Hough: Birth: Abt. 1855 in South Carolina.
Experience Houghton: Birth: 1659. Death: 1717
Grace D Houghton: Birth: Sep 1865 in Lee, Massachusetts.
Rosa Houghton: Birth: Jun 1854 in New York. Death: 1922 in Volusia, Florida, United States
Eva House: Birth: Dec 1885 in Tennessee.
Isaac S House: Birth: Sep 1862 in Tennessee.
Martha Elizabeth House: Birth: Jan 1900 in Tennessee.
Samuel J House: Birth: Jun 1854 in Tennessee. Death: Abt. 1908
Samuel J House: Birth: Jul 1892 in Tennessee.
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Bessie D Houston: Birth: 1895 in Tennessee.
Edward Dallas Houston: Birth: 12 Oct 1899 in Bluff Cities, Tennessee. Death: 31 Dec 1946 in Jefferson, Kentucky
Edward Houston: Birth: Abt. 1872 in Tennessee.
Ethel L Houston: Birth: 1888 in Tennessee.
George D Houston: Birth: Abt. 1865 in Tennessee.
Henry E Houston: Birth: 1897 in Tennessee.
James Nathaniel Houston: Birth: 1862 in Tennessee.
James Houston: Birth: Abt. 1730.
John P Houston: Birth: Abt. 1867 in Tennessee.
John W Houston: Birth: Abt. 1840 in Tennessee.
Joseph W Houston: Birth: Abt. 1876 in Tennessee.
Myrtle M Houston: Birth: 1893 in Tennessee.
Sarah J Houston: Birth: Abt. 1878 in Tennessee.
William J Houston: Birth: 1887 in Tennessee.
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Ann Marian Houstoun: Birth: Abt. 1778. Death: 29 Aug 1817 in Georgia
Ann Priscilla Houstoun: Birth: 1744. Death: 1820
Elizabeth Bayard Houstoun: Birth: Abt. 1798.
George Houstoun: Birth: 1742. Death: 07 Jun 1795 in Georgia
James Edmund Houstoun: Death: 13 Sep 1819
James Houstoun: Birth: Abt. 1746. Death: Abt. 1793
John Houstoun: Birth: 31 Aug 1744 in Waynesboro, Georgia. Death: 20 Jul 1796 in Chatham County, Georgia
Mossman Houstoun: Birth: Abt. 1780.
Patrick Houstoun: Birth: 1698 in Great Britain. Death: 1762 in Georgia
William Houstoun: Birth: 1745 in Georgia. Death: Mar 1813 in Chatham County, Georgia
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Joanna Hovey: Birth: 1752. Death: 1802
Amos S Howard: Birth: 02 Feb 1871 in Missouri. Death: 10 Jun 1956 in Beckham County, Oklahoma
Anna R Howard: Birth: Abt. 1810 in South Carolina.
Blackston W Howard: Birth: Abt. 1825 in Tennessee. Death: Sep 1873
Charles Howard: Birth: Abt. 1873 in Missouri.
Charlotte Howard: Birth: 10 Dec 1813 in Georgia. Death: 28 Nov 1892 in Henderson Co North Carolina
Della L Howard: Birth: 05 Jun 1886 in Marion County, Arkansas. Death: 17 Feb 1986 in Carroll County, Arkansas
Elizabeth Stuyvesant Howard: Birth: 31 Jan 1897 in New York, New York. Death: 28 Jan 1988 in Livingston, Essex, New Jersey, United States of America
Emma Howard: Birth: Abt. 1864 in Missouri.
Fannie Howard: Birth: Abt. 1854 in Missouri.
Frank M Howard: Birth: 15 Oct 1836 in New York. Death: 04 Jul 1911 in Arkansas
James O Howard: Birth: Abt. 1850 in Tennessee.
Jesse Howard: Birth: Abt. 1765. Death: Abt. 1847
Julia Howard: Birth: Abt. 1859 in Missouri.
Julia Howard: Birth: 18 Sep 1896 in Virginia. Death: 17 Jul 1992 in Lynchburg, Lynchburg City, Virginia, United States of America
Katie Howard: Birth: Abt. 1869 in Missouri.
Lilly M. Howard: Birth: Abt. 1879 in Arkansas.
Louisa Jane Howard: Birth: 03 Dec 1846 in Tennessee. Death: 13 Jun 1929 in Cobb County, Georgia
Martha C Howard: Birth: Abt. 1853 in Tennessee.
Mary A Howard: Birth: Abt. 1848 in Tennessee.
Mary S. Howard: Birth: Abt. 1875 in Arkansas.
Monta Byron Howard: Birth: 07 Apr 1891 in Arkansas.
Nancy A Howard: Birth: Abt. 1847 in Tennessee.
Nona Rhea Howard: Birth: 18 Jan 1911 in Oklahoma. Death: 31 May 2003 in Norman, Cleveland, Oklahoma, United States of America
Rebecca A Howard: Birth: Abt. 1828 in South Carolina.
Sarah Howard: Birth: Abt. 1856 in Tennessee.
Sarah Howard: Birth: 1711 in Garrison Forest, Baltimore, Maryland. Death: 1759
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