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Elizabeth Huber: Birth: May 1880 in Pennsylvania.
Nelson C Huber: Birth: 18 Jun 1885 in Germantown, Pennsylvania. Death: 24 Feb 1959 in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania
Stiles Huber: Birth: 16 Jun 1849 in Pennsylvania. Death: Mar 1917
Wharton Huber: Birth: Abt. 1878 in Pennsylvania.
Rosina Hubley: Birth: Abt. 1796 in Pennsylvania. Death: Jun 1849
Annie Huck: Birth: Abt. 1877 in Texas.
Harry Joseph Huck: Birth: 21 Dec 1879 in Texas. Death: 21 Jan 1964 in Dilley, Frio, Texas, USA
Henry Joseph Huck: Birth: 26 Sep 1852 in Indianola, Texas. Death: 03 Dec 1926
Laurie Meriwether Huck: Birth: 28 Feb 1897 in DeWitt, Cuevas, Texas. Death: 17 May 1967 in San Antonio, Bexar, Texas
Margaret J Huck: Birth: Mar 1893 in Texas.
Marion O Huck: Birth: Jan 1890 in Texas.
William Theodore Douglas Huck: Birth: 06 Aug 1886 in Sabine Pass, Jefferson, Texas.
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Jo Anna Hudgins: Birth: Abt. 1882 in Texas.
Susan Berella Hudgins: Birth: 01 Sep 1855 in Arkansas. Death: 04 May 1929 in Kaufman, Kaufman, Texas
Joe Milburn Hudler: Birth: 05 Nov 1939. Death: 30 Jan 1984
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Ann Hudson: Birth: 06 Jul 1787 in Virginia.
Christopher Hudson: Birth: 30 Mar 1758. Death: 01 May 1825
Elisabeth Anderson Hudson: Birth: 30 Apr 1784. Death: 08 Aug 1820
Elizabeth Hudson: Birth: Abt. 1749 in Virginia. Death: 04 Dec 1829 in Versailles, Woodford, Kentucky
Elizabeth Hudson: Birth: 1770. Death: 1835
Eva S Hudson: Birth: 04 Sep 1879 in Fairfax County, Virginia. Death: 09 Sep 1956 in Virginia
George Hudson: Birth: 1712 in Hanover County, Virginia. Death: 1773 in Hanover County, Virginia
Georgia E Hudson: Birth: Jul 1883 in Virginia.
Harry B Hudson: Birth: Aug 1876 in Virginia.
Mary Hudson: Birth: 1747.
Matilda Hudson: Birth: Abt. 1815 in Georgia. Death: Unknown
Milly Hudson: Birth: 23 Nov 1770 in Virginia. Death: 23 Sep 1835 in Marion County, Missouri
William D Hudson: Birth: Oct 1851 in Virginia.
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James L B Huey: Birth: Aug 1891 in Tennessee.
James Orris Huey: Birth: 06 Aug 1897. Death: 18 Oct 1897
Jane M Huey: Birth: 15 Dec 1898 in Arkansas. Death: 12 Mar 1990 in Natchitoches, Natchitoches, Louisiana
John Mathews Huey: Birth: Jul 1862 in Tennessee. Death: 18 Jun 1937 in Covington, Tipton, Tennessee
Lois Elizabeth Huey: Birth: 05 Sep 1903 in Tennessee. Death: 23 Aug 1980 in Brighton, Tipton, Tennessee
Martha Edithe Huey: Birth: 02 Oct 1901. Death: 16 Aug 1902
Mary E Huey: Birth: Abt. 1873 in Mississippi.
Mary E Huey: Birth: Abt. 1857 in Tennessee.
Robert E Huey: Birth: Apr 1888 in Tennessee.
Samuel O Huey: Birth: 05 Aug 1854 in Tipton, Tennessee. Death: 12 Dec 1940 in Tipton County, Tennessee
Sarah J Huey: Birth: 23 Mar 1859 in Tipton Tennessee. Death: 30 Aug 1938 in Cloptin, Tipton, Tennessee
William E Huey: Birth: Dec 1884 in Tennessee.
William Huey: Birth: Abt. 1819 in Ireland. Death: 1863
Rosanna Huff: Birth: abt 1817 in South Carolina. Death: Unknown
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Mary M Huffman: Birth: 11 Dec 1839 in Tipton, Tennessee, USA. Death: 22 Nov 1898
Besse Huffstetler: Birth: Aug 1886 in Texas.
Jack H Huffstetler: Birth: Mar 1836 in Missouri.
Johnnie Huffstetler: Birth: 18 Dec 1887 in Texas. Death: 24 Jan 1980 in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, Texas
Elma Hufstedler: Birth: Abt. 1893 in Texas.
Malachi Hufstedler: Birth: Dec 1890 in Texas.
Ellie Daniel Hugghins: Birth: 12 Sep 1903. Death: 12 Jul 1981 in Athens, Henderson, Texas, United States of America
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Andrew Oliver Hughes: Birth: 28 Aug 1815 in South Carolina. Death: 24 Jun 1898 in Forsyth County GA
Annie Hughes: Birth: Abt. 1886 in Georgia.
Clara Hughes: Birth: 06 Oct 1883 in Louisiana. Death: 27 Nov 1974 in Bexar County, Texas
Edith Hughes: Birth: 09 Sep 1888 in Georgia. Death: 04 Mar 1981 in Metter, Candler, Georgia, United States of America,
Elender Florence Hughes: Birth: Jun 1867 in Georgia.
Eliza Isabella Hughes: Birth: 12 Jun 1861 in Georgia. Death: 7 Mar 1951 in Weatherford, Parker, Texas
Elizabeth Ann Hughes: Birth: 02 Nov 1844 in Georgia. Death: 1844 in Georgia
George W Hughes: Birth: Abt. 1853.
Goldie E Hughes: Birth: Abt. 1897 in West Virginia.
James Russell Hughes: Birth: 18 Mar 1870 in Georgia.
Jane Hughes: Birth: 1760. Death: 1835
John Wesley Hughes: Birth: 15 May 1849 in Georgia. Death: 25 May 1945 in Georgia
Julia Malinda Hughes: Birth: 13 Mar 1864.
Laura Hughes: Birth: Sep 1864 in Mississippi.
Laura Hughes: Birth: 23 Aug 1886 in Indiana. Death: 23 Jul 1961 in Missouri
Margaret Hughes: Birth: 01 Oct 1793 in Georgia. Death: 23 Dec 1863
Martha Rebecca Hughes: Birth: 06 Oct 1855 in Georgia. Death: 1911 in Georgia
Mary Jane Hughes: Birth: 18 Jul 1842 in Georgia.
Mary Joanna Hughes: Birth: 7 Oct 1852 in West Virginia. Death: 15 Feb 1939 in Fairfax County, Virginia
Nancy Catherine Hughes: Birth: 19 Jul 1852 in Georgia. Death: 17 Mar 1910 in Gainesville, Hall, Georgia
Sarah Evelyn Hughes: Birth: 19 Jul 1852 in Georgia. Death: 14 Apr 1897 in Georgia
William Bryson Hughes: Birth: 16 Apr 1899 in TN.
William M Hughes: Birth: Abt. 1846 in Georgia (Country).
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Sarah Hughey: Birth: 15 Apr 1810 in South Carolina. Death: 19 Jan 1897
David F Hughston: Birth: 08 Feb 1818 in South Carolina. Death: 06 Jan 1897 in Texas
Sarah Hughston: Birth: 1852 in South Carolina. Death: Sep 1879 in Red River, Texas
Mary A Hulbert: Birth: Mar 1823 in New York.
Adeline Hull: Birth: Abt. 1825. Death: 1841 in Hartford, Connecticut
Benjamin Alston Hull: Birth: 1814 in South Carolina, USA.
Cornelia Hortense Hull: Birth: 14 Jun 1862 in Reddick, Marion County, Florida. Death: 14 Nov 1914 in Wacahoota, Florida
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