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Beulah Hannon: Birth: 28 Jun 1884 in North Carolina. Death: 15 Oct 1969 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina
Clara Belle Hannon: Birth: 09 Dec 1890 in Mecklenburg, North Carolina,. Death: 11 Jul 1976 in Hickory, Catawba, North Carolina, United States of America,
Edna Hannon: Birth: Apr 1895 in North Carolina.
Hazel Hannon: Birth: Oct 1892 in North Carolina.
James Chalmers Hannon: Birth: Oct 1860 in North Carolina.
Leona Beatrice Hannon: Birth: 02 Oct 1886 in North Carolina. Death: 21 Dec 1962 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina
Maud Hannon: Birth: Sep 1888 in North Carolina.
William Howard Hannon: Birth: 30 Jun 1897 in North Carolina.
Ellen Hansbrough: Birth: Abt. 1795 in Virginia.
Louise Toombs Hansell: Birth: 03 Dec 1876 in Georgia.
Niels Bertinus Hansen: Birth: 28 Sep 1876 in Kansas. Death: Abt. 1942
Wybra Hansen: Birth: 1590 in Netherlands. Death: 1650 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
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Clifford E Hansford: Birth: Feb 1882 in Georgia.
Ida Bertie Hansford: Birth: 19 Jul 1891 in Arkansas. Death: 15 Feb 1978 in Bloomburg, Cass, Texas
Marion F Hansford: Birth: Jul 1857 in Georgia.
Mattie M Hansford: Birth: Mar 1884 in Georgia.
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Pelton Bruce Harbison: Birth: 25 Sep 1885 in Texas. Death: 06 Aug 1956 in Jim Hogg, Texas
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Emily Hardaway: Birth: abt 1840 in Georgia.
John Mitchell Hardaway: Birth: 19 Apr 1864 in Thomasville, Georgia. Death: 1 Sep 1955 in Terrell, Kaufman, Texas
Robert Hartwell Hardaway: Birth: 24 Nov 1817 in Brunswick County, Virginia. Death: 14 Aug 1888
Julia Hardcastle: Birth: Abt. 1817 in Maryland. Death: 10 Jan 1893
William D Hardcastle: Birth: Abt. 1800.
Ann Frances Hardee: Birth: 26 Jun 1817 in South Carolina. Death: 19 Aug 1860
Margaret Hardee: Birth: 10 Mar 1842 in South Carolina. Death: 20 Jun 1925
Thomas Hardee: Birth: 1779. Death: 1862
Elias M Harden: Birth: 26 Apr 1829 in North Carolina. Death: 18 Oct 1906 in Arkansas
Sara Clarke Hardenbergh: Birth: 21 Nov 1886 in Newark, Essex, New Jersey. Death: 08 Mar 1983 in Palm Beach, Florida
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Catherina Hardenbroeck: Birth: 1683 in Belgium. Death: 1727 in New Jersey
Catherina Hardenbroeck: Birth: 1694.
Maria Hardenburg: Birth: 07 Dec 1778 in Somerville. Death: 17 Jan 1849 in Somerville, Somerset, New Jersey
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Elizabeth Kortright Hardesty: Birth: Abt. 1867 in Maryland. Death: 1955
Hortense Hay Hardesty: Birth: Abt. 1865 in Maryland. Death: 1933
Artemecia Hardin: Birth: 22 Jan 1820 in Hardin, Kentucky. Death: 12 Jan 1911 in Hardin, Kentucky
Benjamin Hardin: Birth: Abt. 1784 in Pennsylvania. Death: 24 Sep 1852 in Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky
Benjamin Hardin: Birth: 1766 in North Carolina.
Catherine Hardin: Birth: 1821.
Elijah Hardin: Birth: 1768 in North Carolina.
Ellen Hardin: Birth: Mar 1855 in Arkansas.
Hannah Hardin: Birth: 15 Apr 1823 in South Carolina. Death: 14 Jun 1912 in De Kalb County, Alabama
Jonathan Hardin: Birth: 1738. Death: 1820
Joseph Hardin: Birth: 03 Jul 1760 in Chatham County, North Carolina. Death: 03 Jan 1838 in Alabama
Joseph Hardin: Birth: 1818. Death: 1880
Julia A Hardin: Birth: Abt. 1857 in Arkansas.
Louisa Hardin: Birth: Abt. 1854 in Arkansas.
Lucinda Barbour Hardin: Birth: 2 Feb 1809 in Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky. Death: 25 Dec 1885 in Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Kentucky
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Allce Harding: Birth: Mar 1895 in Texas.
Catherine Harding: Birth: Abt. 1901 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1990
Francis Harding: Birth: Aug 1867 in Texas.
Lula Virginia Harding: Birth: Feb 1893 in Texas.
Mary B. Harding: Birth: 1839 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Death: 11 Dec 1886 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Robert Earle Harding: Birth: 02 Mar 1898 in Texas.
Sidney Harding: Birth: 19 Feb 1889 in Texas. Death: 20 Mar 1964 in Merced, California
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Emeline Hardison: Birth: Abt. 1831 in North Carolina.
Thomas Hardison: Death: Abt. 1876
John Henry Hardwick: Birth: 1764. Death: 1846
Annie L Hardy: Birth: 1893 in Georgia.
Eliza Ann Hardy: Birth: 13 May 1814 in Chatham, Massachusetts.
Frank Speer Hardy: Birth: 12 Nov 1889 in Georgia.
John J Hardy: Birth: 1841 in South Carolina.
Katherine C Hardy: Birth: 1888 in Georgia.
Margerite Hardy: Birth: Abt. 1839 in North Carolina.
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Anna Hare: Birth: Abt. 1833 in Pennsylvania.
Chandler Hare: Birth: 04 Feb 1840 in Franciston, New Jersey. Death: 19 Jan 1893 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Chandler Hare: Birth: 03 Jan 1879 in Pennsylvania.
Charles Hare: Birth: Abt. 1835 in Pennsylvania.
Charlotte Wentworth Hare: Birth: 18 Feb 1872 in Pennsylvania.
Denney Hare: Birth: Abt. 1875 in New Jersey.
Elizabeth C Hare: Birth: Abt. 1850 in Pennsylvania.
Elizabeth Emlen Hare: Birth: Abt. 1876 in New Jersey. Death: 24 Jul 1900 in Marylebone, London, United Kingdom
George Emlen Hare: Birth: 04 Sep 1808 in Pennsylvania. Death: 15 Feb 1892 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hobart Amory Hare: Birth: 20 Sep 1862 in Pennsylvania. Death: 15 Jun 1931
J Montgomery Hare: Birth: 05 Feb 1870 in West Orange, New Jersey.
James Montgomery Hare: Birth: 26 Jan 1842 in New Jersey. Death: 14 Jul 1928
Marion S Hare: Birth: Abt. 1869 in New Jersey.
Mary H Hare: Birth: Abt. 1845 in Pennsylvania.
Mary N Hare: Birth: 1881 in New Jersey.
Meredith Hare: Birth: Abt. 1872 in New Jersey.
Morin S Hare: Birth: 1882 in New Jersey.
Robert C Hare: Birth: Abt. 1848 in Pennsylvania.
Wentworth Greene Hare: Birth: 04 Jan 1875 in Pennsylvania. Death: Aug 1954
William H Hare: Birth: 1873 in New Jersey.
William Hobart Hare: Birth: 17 May 1838 in Princeton, New Jersey. Death: 23 Oct 1909 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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Clementine Hargadine: Birth: Abt. 1849 in Maryland.
Agnes Hargis: Birth: 1899. Death: 1914

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