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Alfred F Harrington: Birth: Jul 1871 in Georgia.
Amelia Harrington: Birth: Mar 1888 in Louisiana.
Cyrus Harrington: Birth: Nov 1889 in Louisiana.
Cyrus Harrington: Birth: Abt. 1827 in North Carolina.
Eliza Harrington: Birth: Abt. 1824 in South Carolina.
Eudora Harrington: Birth: Aug 1892 in Louisiana.
Frank T Harrington: Birth: Sep 1877 in Georgia.
John Gray Harrington: Birth: Apr 1895 in Louisiana.
John M Harrington: Birth: May 1875 in Georgia. Death: Sep 1925 in New York
Katie Harrington: Birth: Dec 1893 in Louisiana.
Mary Lena Harrington: Birth: 28 Nov 1870 in Duluth, Georgia. Death: 23 Sep 1944 in Austin, Travis, Texas
Mary Harrington: Birth: 25 Dec 1874 in London, England. Death: 1937
William Henry Harrington: Birth: Abt. 1913 in New York. Death: 1994
William Henry Harrington: Birth: 08 Aug 1846 in Georgia. Death: 1906
William Henry Harrington: Birth: Oct 1879 in Georgia.
William Wilcox Harrington: Birth: 05 Nov 1860 in Bossier Parish, Louisiana. Death: 17 Jan 1898 in Louisiana
Willie Harrington: Birth: Nov 1897 in Louisiana.
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Alexander Clifton Harris: Birth: 01 Sep 1874 in Carroll, Georgia. Death: 13 Feb 1958 in Carroll, Georgia,
Alfred Harris: Birth: 1789.
Alonzo M Harris: Birth: Abt. 1897 in Georgia.
Amanda Harris: Birth: 11 Dec 1809 in New York. Death: 01 Jul 1871
Amy M Harris: Birth: Abt. 1897.
Annie Harris: Birth: Abt. 1879 in Georgia.
Asa P Harris: Birth: 1790 in New York.
Asa Harris: Birth: 18 Apr 1762 in Connecticut. Death: 15 Dec 1812
Asa Harris: Birth: 21 May 1737 in Saybrook, Connecticut. Death: 27 Jan 1817 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Caroline V. Harris: Birth: 14 Oct 1835. Death: 25 Oct 1867
Charles Thomas Harris: Birth: Feb 1869 in Georgia.
Cornelia Banks Harris: Birth: 05 Dec 1838 in Courtland, Lawrence, Alabama. Death: 28 Oct 1878 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Daniel Harris: Birth: 10 Oct 1771 in Connecticut. Death: 10 Aug 1852 in Monroe County, New York
David Harris: Birth: Abt. 1849 in Georgia. Death: Abt. 1916
Edna May Harris: Birth: 05 Apr 1889 in Chickasaw County, Indian Territory, Oklahoma. Death: Jan 1984 in Port Angeles, Clallam, Washington
Edward Harris: Birth: Jun 1877 in Georgia.
Elizabeth Anderson Harris: Birth: 13 Aug 1773. Death: 08 Jul 1849
Elizabeth Harris: Death: Jan 1857
Elizabeth Harris: Birth: 1765 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Death: 1811 in Frankfort, Kentucky
Ella Harris: Birth: Abt. 1883 in Georgia.
Frances Harris: Birth: 1792.
George Washington Harris: Birth: 15 Oct 1874 in Georgia. Death: 12 Feb 1951 in Terry, Texas
Horatio Harris: Birth: Abt. 1876 in District 714, Carroll, Georgia.
Ida Harris: Birth: Feb 1879 in Wyoming Territory.
James Jackson Harris: Birth: 1815.
James Harris: Birth: 16 Aug 1769 in Lebonon, Connecticut. Death: 14 Jan 1822 in Buffalo, New York
Jane Harris: Birth: Abt. 1877 in Georgia.
Joseph Lamar Harris: Birth: 11 Sep 1895 in Carrollton, Georgia.
Judith Harris: Birth: 1760 in Virginia. Death: 19 Nov 1800
Lizzie M Harris: Birth: Aug 1898 in Georgia.
Louisa Harris: Birth: Abt. 1871 in Georgia. Death: 01 May 1897
Lula Harris: Birth: Abt. 1874 in Georgia.
Lydia Pitts Harris: Birth: Jul 1825 in New York. Death: 07 Dec 1908
Mary Edna Harris: Birth: Nov 1844 in Georgia. Death: Mar 1936 in Georgia
Mary Ellen Harris: Birth: 08 Nov 1874 in Tunica, Tunica, Mississippi. Death: 16 Oct 1918 in Middleton, Hardeman, Tennessee
Mary Harris: Birth: May 1879 in Georgia.
Maude Elizabeth Harris: Birth: Aug 1873 in Arkansas. Death: 02 Jul 1956 in Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas, USA
Myrtice Leona Harris: Birth: 1881. Death: 02 Nov 1882
Nathaniel Harris: Birth: 02 Apr 1743 in New London. Death: 12 Mar 1812 in Colchester, Connecticut
Ninna B Harris: Birth: Abt. 1898 in Georgia.
Ollie Bernard Harris: Birth: 18 Aug 1885 in Georgia.
Patience Harris: Birth: Abt. 1785 in North Carolina.
Patience Harris: Birth: Abt. 1825 in North Carolina. Death: 1904
Pearl Harris: Birth: Nov 1887 in Georgia.
Permelia Harris: Birth: 13 Mar 1813 in New York. Death: 21 Jun 1860
Robert Swift Harris: Birth: 1795.
Roy W Harris: Birth: Oct 1882 in Georgia.
Sarah Harris: Birth: 1816 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple. Death: 1893
Sarah Harris: Birth: 10 Sep 1772 in Colchester. Death: 24 Nov 1855 in Hartford, Connecticut
Susannah Waddy Harris: Birth: 02 Nov 1800. Death: 10 Apr 1840 in Giles, Tennessee
Temple O Harris: Birth: Abt. 1823 in Virginia.
Thomas Henry Harris: Birth: 15 Feb 1882 in Gwinnett Co., Georgia. Death: 28 Oct 1959 in Clayton, Georgia
Tucker Harris: Birth: 27 Aug 1747 in South Carolina. Death: 06 Jul 1821
Tyree Harris: Birth: 1752 in Virginia. Death: 1801 in Tennessee
Virgil Harris: Birth: Jul 1891 in Georgia.
William Samuel Harris: Birth: 10 Jan 1866 in Carrollton, Carroll, Georgia. Death: 18 Oct 1936 in Carrollton, Carroll, Georgia
William Washington Harris: Birth: 22 Mar 1847 in Coweta, Georgia. Death: 03 Jun 1941 in Carrollton, Carroll, Georgia
William Harris: Birth: Oct 1845 in Pennsylvania. Death: 15 Oct 1920 in New Castle, Wyoming
William Harris: Birth: Abt. 1872 in Georgia.
Willie Versa Harris: Birth: 23 Dec 1904 in Paulding Co., Georgia. Death: Aft. 1994
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Alfred C Harrison: Birth: 18 Sep 1910. Death: 04 May 1973
Ann Harrison: Birth: 1753. Death: Abt. 1830
Anna Symmes Harrison: Birth: 1837.

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