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Margaret Jane McIlroy: Birth: 14 Jun 1854 in Fairfield County, South Carolina. Death: 05 Jan 1936 in Chester, South Carolina
Mary McIlwain: Birth: Abt. 1792 in Ireland.
Makeda McIntire: Birth: 24 Apr 1791 in New Gloucester, Cumberland County, Maine. Death: 18 Mar 1875 in New Gloucester, Cumberland, Maine
Mary McIntire: Birth: Jun 1853 in Virginia. Death: 1937
Ann Margaret McIntosh: Birth: 5 Aug 1807 in Cedar Point, McIntosh County, Georgia. Death: 25 Jul 1873 in Putnam County, Georgia
David G McIntosh: Birth: 01 Jul 1877 in Maryland. Death: 09 May 1940
David Gregg McIntosh: Birth: 16 Mar 1836 in Society Hill, Darlington County, South Carolina. Death: 16 Oct 1916 in Towson, Baltimore County, Maryland
David Gregg McIntosh: Birth: 01 Nov 1911 in Maryland. Death: 25 Sep 1952
Eliza Bayard McIntosh: Birth: 1816. Death: 1835
Elizabeth McIntosh: Birth: 1798. Death: 1835
George McIntosh: Birth: 24 May 1739. Death: 1779
James H McIntosh: Birth: Abt. 1916 in Texas. Death: Bef. 1944
James Hawes McIntosh: Birth: 19 Sep 1800 in South Carolina. Death: 24 Oct 1858
James McIntosh: Birth: 1769. Death: 04 Nov 1804
John Houston McIntosh: Birth: 01 May 1773 in Georgia. Death: Abt. 1836
John Houston McIntosh: Birth: 07 Jun 1802 in Cumberland Island, Camden, Georgia. Death: 04 May 1852
Lucas McIntosh: Birth: 07 Jul 1845. Death: 26 Jan 1901 in Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina
Margaret E McIntosh: Birth: 09 Sep 1842. Death: 10 Jul 1864
Margaret McIntosh: Birth: 07 Aug 1871 in Towson, Baltimore County, Maryland. Death: 10 Apr 1942 in Richmond, Virginia
Margaret McIntosh: Birth: 09 Oct 1783. Death: 05 Nov 1862
Martha McIntosh: Birth: 29 Sep 1848. Death: 16 Oct 1922
Mary McIntosh: Birth: 26 Jan 1764 in Connecticut. Death: 09 Jan 1844 in Philadelphia
Mattie McIntosh: Birth: Abt. 1892 in Mississippi.
Murray McIntosh: Birth: 19 Nov 1850. Death: 29 Jan 1871
Virginia Pegram McIntosh: Birth: 30 Aug 1866 in Virginia. Death: 23 Aug 1896 in Virginia
Virginia Pegram McIntosh: Birth: 23 Dec 1909 in Maryland. Death: 16 Sep 1994
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Abner J McIntyre: Birth: Nov 1871 in Mississippi.
Dan A McIntyre: Birth: Jun 1881 in Mississippi.
James S McIntyre: Birth: Dec 1876 in Mississippi.
W Jasper McIntyre: Birth: Abt. 1862 in Mississippi.
William James McIntyre: Birth: 05 Nov 1826 in North Carolina. Death: 05 Dec 1898
Fanny C McIver: Birth: 20 Feb 1860. Death: 28 Dec 1897
Alice B McKay: Birth: Abt. 1876 in Pennsylvania.
Anna E McKay: Birth: Abt. 1870 in Pennsylvania.
Barbary McKay: Birth: 26 Oct 1799. Death: Unknown
Carrie B McKay: Birth: Abt. 1874 in Pennsylvania.
Charles E McKay: Birth: Abt. 1839.
David M McKay: Birth: Abt. 1850.
David McKay: Birth: Abt. 1811 in New York. Death: Jan 1884
Eliza W McKay: Birth: 1867 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1941
Emily A McKay: Birth: Apr 1847 in New York.
George W. McKay: Birth: 08 Jul 1811. Death: Unknown
Gowen Wilson McKay: Birth: Oct 1802. Death: Unknown
Henry G McKay: Birth: Abt. 1837 in New York.
James A McKay: Birth: Abt. 1868 in Pennsylvania.
James McKay: Birth: Abt. 1833 in Ireland.
Jane McKay: Birth: 14 Jan 1805. Death: Unknown
Lucy P. McKay: Birth: 06 Dec 1814. Death: Unknown
Mary J McKay: Birth: Abt. 1841 in New York.
Mary W. McKay: Birth: 10 Aug 1806. Death: Unknown
Robert J McKay: Birth: Abt. 1863 in Pennsylvania.
Sarah E McKay: Birth: Abt. 1835 in Canada.
Sidney Church McKay: Birth: Abt. 1844 in New York.
Sybil H. McKay: Birth: 13 Jun 1808. Death: Unknown
Thomas J McKay: Birth: Abt. 1877 in Pennsylvania.
William McKay: Birth: 31 Jul 1798. Death: Unknown
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Benjamin Harrison McKee: Birth: Mar 1887 in Indiana.
James Robert McKee: Birth: Dec 1858 in Indiana. Death: Abt. 1942
Mary Lodge McKee: Birth: 11 Jul 1888 in Indiana. Death: 02 Mar 1967 in New York
Texas McKee: Birth: Jan 1881 in Tennessee. Death: Dec 1933
William Thomas McKee: Birth: Jan 1849 in Tennessee.
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Anna L McKeen: Birth: Jun 1882 in New York.
Elizabeth Farley McKeen: Birth: 13 Jul 1880 in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Death: 18 Nov 1964
Helen J McKeen: Birth: Oct 1879 in New York.
James McKeen: Birth: Dec 1844 in Maine.
Dee Jackson McKeever: Birth: Abt. 1903 in Texas. Death: 03 May 1936 in Polk, Arkansas
Dee Jackson McKeever: Birth: 29 Jan 1929 in McLean, Wheeler, Texas. Death: 20 Jan 2002 in Amarillo, Potter, Texas
Dorothy Lee McKeever: Birth: 29 Jan 1929 in Wheeler, Texas. Death: 04 Feb 1976 in Potter, Texas
Ellen McKeever: Birth: Feb 1887 in Arkansas.
Jacob Aaron McKeever: Birth: Oct 1854 in Arkansas. Death: 09 May 1929 in Louisiana
Jesse S McKeever: Birth: 22 Jun 1917 in Texas. Death: 27 Jan 1982 in Amarillo, Potter, Texas
Lessie Charlotte McKeever: Birth: 10 Dec 1897 in Arkansas. Death: 20 Nov 1954 in Dallas, Texas
May McKeever: Birth: Dec 1885 in Arkansas.
Nolie Dalton McKeever: Birth: 12 Sep 1876 in Arkansas. Death: Abt. 1961 in Arkansas
Oscar McKeever: Birth: Sep 1894 in Texas.
William Aaron McKeever: Birth: Abt. 1900 in Texas.
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Anne McKennan: Birth: 30 Dec 1858 in Pennsylvania. Death: 19 Apr 1934
Alice G McKennon: Birth: Nov 1898 in Massachusetts.
Alice Marie McKennon: Birth: 16 Jun 1922 in Oklahoma. Death: 1943 in Beckham County, Oklahoma
Archibald M. McKennon: Birth: 10 Oct 1803 in Chester, South Carolina, USA. Death: 23 Nov 1883 in Clarksville, Johnson, Arkansas, USA
Archibald S. McKennon: Birth: 1841 in Tennessee.
Bessie Lee McKennon: Birth: 15 Sep 1914 in Oklahoma. Death: 1935 in Beckham County, Oklahoma
Buckner P McKennon: Birth: 1846 in TN.
Coraine McKennon: Birth: 10 Aug 1919 in Brady, Garvin, Oklahoma. Death: 12 Nov 2008 in Amarillo, Potter, Texas
Eliza Ann McKennon: Birth: 1801. Death: 1828
John Buckner McKennon: Birth: 23 Apr 1874 in Denton, Denton County, Texas. Death: 04 Sep 1967 in Sayre, Beckham County, Oklahoma
John Buckner McKennon: Birth: 16 Jun 1922. Death: 07 Jul 1997 in Amarillo, Potter, Texas
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