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Elizabeth Warner: Birth: 24 Nov 1672 in Chesapeake, Virginia. Death: 05 Feb 1720 in Gloucester County, Virginia
Ethel Warner: Birth: Jun 1879 in Illinois.
Ezra J Warner: Birth: Mar 1877 in Illinois.
Ezra Joseph Warner: Birth: 08 Mar 1841 in Middlebury, Addison County, Vermont. Death: 09 Sep 1910
Frank Warner: Birth: Abt. 1862 in Illinois.
George Warner: Birth: 1674. Death: 1728
Harold R Warner: Birth: Oct 1881 in Illinois.
Maud Warner: Birth: 12 Nov 1867 in Chicago Illinois. Death: 15 Jul 1945
Mildred Warner: Birth: 1671 in England. Death: 26 Mar 1701 in Whitehaven, England
Robert Warner: Birth: 1670. Death: 1701
Anna Warnock: Birth: 25 Aug 1801 in South Carolina. Death: 01 Sep 1873
Anne Tayloe Warren: Birth: 23 Oct 1863 in New York. Death: 07 Nov 1892
Arthur A Warren: Birth: abt 1882 in Texas.
Ethel Warren: Birth: 23 Apr 1871. Death: Nov 1873
Eugene Warren: Birth: 24 May 1873 in New York.
George Bowers Warren: Birth: 09 Jun 1828 in Troy, New York. Death: 08 Aug 1905 in Troy, New York
George Thornton Warren: Birth: 18 Apr 1868 in New York. Death: 31 Dec 1908
Grady A Warren: Birth: Oct 1897 in Florida.
Jane Warren: Birth: 1808. Death: 1884
Jesse Alonzo Warren: Birth: 05 Jan 1857 in Georgia. Death: 06 Aug 1922 in Lake City, Columbia County, Florida
Jesse W Warren: Birth: 1885 in Wisconsin.
Josiah Warren: Birth: Abt. 1822 in South Carolina.
Julia Bowers Warren: Birth: 11 Oct 1857. Death: 19 Jul 1859
Julius C Warren: Birth: Jul 1891 in Florida.
L L Warren: Birth: Abt. 1894 in Florida.
Leila Monretta Warren: Birth: 17 Sep 1885 in Columbia County, Florida. Death: 02 Jun 1984 in Duval, Florida, United States
Lois M Warren: Birth: Jan 1889 in Florida.
Lonney M Warren: Birth: Feb 1887 in Florida.
Lydia Warren: Birth: Abt. 1844 in Vermont. Death: 1884
Mary Bowers Warren: Birth: 23 Nov 1859 in New York.
Mercy Warren: Birth: 20 Feb 1656 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Death: 06 Nov 1727 in Dartmouth
Ogle Tayloe Warren: Birth: 15 Jun 1865 in New York.
Olivia F Warren: Birth: Jul 1836 in Vermont. Death: 21 Feb 1914 in Warner, New Hampshire
Phoebe Warren: Birth: Abt. 1810 in New York. Death: 1881
Rosa B Warren: Birth: Sep 1895 in Florida.
Roswell Warren: Birth: 28 Aug 1812 in Vermont. Death: 07 Oct 1881
Shannon E Warren: Birth: Sep 1882 in Florida.
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Julia Trent Warwick: Birth: Abt. 1841 in Amherst County, Virginia. Death: 13 Jun 1906 in Virginia
Sally Magee Warwick: Birth: Abt. 1845 in Virginia. Death: 26 Jun 1890 in Virginia
Huldah Washburn: Birth: 27 Jun 1766 in Middleboro. Death: 16 Apr 1848 in Norwich, Vermont
Jedidiah Washburn: Birth: Abt. 1789 in Massachusetts.
Anna Louise Washington: Birth: Abt. 1837 in District of Columbia. Death: 06 Jul 1885
Anna Maria Washington: Birth: 1788. Death: 1816
Anna Maria Washington: Birth: 05 Nov 1817 in Jefferson County, West Virginia, USA. Death: 29 Mar 1850
Anna Maria Washington: Birth: Nov 1851 in Virginia.
Anna Steptoe Washington: Birth: Sep 1831 in Virginia. Death: 1911
Anne Washington: Birth: 1662. Death: Mar 1697 in Westmoreland County, Virginia
Augusta C Washington: Birth: 1809. Death: 1825
Augustine Washington: Birth: 13 Jan 1720 in Wakefield, Virginia. Death: May 1762 in Virginia
Augustine Washington: Birth: 12 Nov 1694 in Westmoreland, Virginia. Death: 12 Apr 1743 in Ferry Farm Plantation, King George County, Virginia, United States
Bailey Washington: Birth: 12 May 1787 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Death: 4 Aug 1854
Bushrod Corbin Washington: Birth: 25 Dec 1790 in Virginia. Death: 27 Jul 1851
Bushrod Corbin Washington: Birth: 14 May 1839 in Jefferson County, West Virginia. Death: 24 Feb 1919 in Almira, Douglas, Washington
Bushrod D Washington: Birth: abt 1841 in Michigan. Death: 21 Dec 1918 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Bushrod Washington: Birth: 05 Jun 1762 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Death: 29 Nov 1829 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bushrod Washington: Birth: 04 Apr 1790. Death: Abt. 1872
Bushrod Washington: Birth: 4 Apr 1785 in Oak Grove, Westmoreland County, Virginia. Death: 7 May 1831 in Alexandria, Virginia
Bushrod Washington: Birth: 1865 in Jefferson County, West Virginia.
Catherine Washington: Birth: 1724. Death: 1750
Cecil Wood Washington: Birth: 1860 in Texas. Death: 1916
Charles Augustine Washington: Birth: 1791. Death: 1841
Charles Washington: Birth: 02 May 1738 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Death: 16 Sep 1799 in Berkeley, James, Virginia
Christina Maria Washington: Birth: 12 Nov 1826 in Charles, West Virginia. Death: 10 Jun 1895
Christina Washington: Birth: Abt. 1860 in West Virginia.
Corbin Washington: Birth: 20 Apr 1826 in Virginia. Death: 27 Nov 1871 in Georgetown, District of Columbia, District of Columbia
Corbin Washington: Birth: 1764 in Westmoreland, Virginia. Death: 10 Dec 1799 in Westmoreland County, Virginia
Eleanor Ann Washington: Birth: 30 Oct 1822. Death: 13 Apr 1849
Eliza S Washington: Birth: Abt. 1848 in Virginia.
Elizabeth Wyndham Washington: Birth: 30 Oct 1888 in Tennessee. Death: 08 Sep 1961 in Madison, New Haven, Connecticut
Elizabeth Washington: Birth: 1748 in Virginia. Death: 1792
Elizabeth Washington: Birth: 20 Jun 1733 in Wakefield, Virginia. Death: 31 Mar 1797 in Culpeper, Virginia
Elizabeth Washington: Birth: 1716. Death: 1750
Elizabeth Washington: Birth: 1717. Death: 1761
Elizabeth Washington: Birth: Jul 1893 in Texas.
Ellen L Washington: Birth: Abt. 1840 in District of Columbia.
Emma Tell Washington: Birth: 1812. Death: 1838
Estella Washington: Birth: abt 1853 in Illinois.
Estelle Washington: Birth: Jun 1875 in Virginia. Death: Feb 1942
Estelle Washington: Birth: Jul 1879 in Texas.
Eugenia Washington: Birth: Abt. 1839 in Virginia.
Evaline Washington: Birth: abt 1880 in Illinois.
Fairfax Washington: Birth: 22 Aug 1747 in Mount Vernon, Fairfax County, Virginia. Death: Oct 1747 in Mount Vernon, Fairfax County, Virginia
Fanny W Washington: Birth: 23 Sep 1831 in District of Columbia. Death: 04 May 1918 in District of Columbia
Frances Ann Washington: Birth: Abt. 1804 in Virginia. Death: 1905 in Warren, Kentucky
Frances Evaline Washington: Birth: 22 Jun 1878 in Danville, Vermilion County, Illinois. Death: 26 Apr 1931 in Saint Louis, St. Louis City, Missouri
Frances Louisa Augusta Washington: Birth: 17 Feb 1828 in Virginia. Death: 15 Mar 1900 in Westchester County, New York
Frances Washington: Birth: abt 1830 in Virginia.
Frances Washington: Birth: 04 Jun 1763 in Virginia. Death: 1815 in Virginia
George Angustine Washington: Birth: 1763 in Stafford, Virginia. Death: Feb 1793 in Fairfax County
George Corbin Washington: Birth: 20 Aug 1789 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Death: 17 Jul 1854 in Georgetown, District of Columbia, District of Columbia
George Lafayette Washington: Birth: 1790. Death: 1867

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