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Robert Lyle McConnell: Birth: 13 Dec 1878 in Lowrys, Chester, South Carolina. Death: 28 Feb 1942 in Chester, South Carolina
Samuel F McConnell: Birth: 26 Oct 1920 in South Carolina. Death: 15 May 1990
Samuel Nathan McConnell: Birth: 03 Oct 1846 in York, South Carolina. Death: 02 Oct 1927 in Chester, Chester, South Carolina
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Janet A McCook: Birth: Aug 1881 in New Jersey.
John McCook: Birth: 25 May 1845 in Carrollton, Ohio.
Susan McCook: Birth: 12 Sep 1879 in Sea Bright, New Jersey.
Frederick Clark McCormack: Birth: 1869. Death: 1909
Frederick McCormack: Birth: 1898 in New York.
Alex A. McCormick: Birth: Abt. 1826 in Pennsylvania. Death: 13 Mar 1886
Alexander A McCormick: Birth: 21 Feb 1863 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 26 Nov 1925 in Cook County, Illinois
Alexander A McCormick: Birth: 15 Dec 1897 in Illinois. Death: 24 Sep 1918
Anna J. McCormick: Birth: 18 Apr 1854 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Caroline A McCormick: Birth: Abt. 1868 in Pennsylvania.
Cyrus McCormick: Birth: 27 Apr 1845 in Virginia. Death: 12 Jan 1905 in Berryville, Virginia
Edward Lewis McCormick: Birth: 22 May 1895 in Clarke, Virginia. Death: 30 Dec 1972 in Taunton, Massachusetts
Eliza McCormick: Birth: Dec 1855 in Mississippi. Death: 1930
Emily McCormick: Birth: Sep 1885 in Virginia.
Francis McCormick: Birth: 20 Oct 1801 in Virginia. Death: 16 Apr 1872
Francis McCormick: Birth: Abt. 1852 in Virginia.
Frank McCormick: Birth: 17 May 1877 in Virginia. Death: 04 Sep 1923
Frank McCormick: Birth: Abt. 1871 in Virginia.
Hannah McCormick: Birth: Abt. 1858 in Virginia.
Henrietta B McCormick: Birth: Abt. 1866 in Pennsylvania.
Kate C McCormick: Birth: Feb 1860 in Philadelphia.
Katherine McCormick: Birth: 31 Aug 1900 in Illinois. Death: 15 May 1971 in Westport, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States of America
Margaret McCormick: Birth: Abt. 1843 in Virginia.
Mary E McCormick: Birth: Abt. 1841 in Virginia.
Mary J. McCormick: Birth: Abt. 1827 in South Carolina.
Milton J. McCormick: Birth: Abt. 1858 in Philadelphia.
Nannie Powell McCormick: Birth: Apr 1872 in Virginia. Death: 17 May 1939
Nannie McCormick: Birth: 16 Feb 1847 in Virginia. Death: 18 Oct 1935
Rose Ellzey McCormick: Birth: 21 Jul 1855 in Berryville, Clarke, Virginia. Death: 21 Feb 1948
Rose Ellzey McCormick: Birth: 19 Jul 1873 in Virginia. Death: 21 May 1921
Samuel McCormick: Birth: 05 Jul 1849 in Virginia. Death: 17 Feb 1937
Samuel McCormick: Birth: Nov 1828 in South Carolina.
Samuel McCormick: Birth: Abt. 1877 in South Carolina.
Sarah H McCormick: Birth: Abt. 1879 in South Carolina.
Thomas McCormick: Birth: 04 Aug 1848 in Virginia. Death: 10 Jul 1901
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Sallie T Mccorrey: Birth: Abt. 1869 in South Carolina.
Frances Elizabeth McCorry: Birth: 10 Mar 1808 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. Death: 04 Mar 1859 in Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee
Andrew Jackson McCowan: Birth: Abt. 1842 in Tennessee. Death: 1897
Augusta McCowan: Birth: Dec 1891 in Arkansas.
Clara McCowan: Birth: Jun 1894 in Arkansas.
Elias McCowan: Birth: Nov 1880 in Arkansas.
Hattie McCowan: Birth: Dec 1889 in Arkansas.
Ida McCowan: Birth: Apr 1896 in Arkansas.
James T McCowan: Birth: Abt. 1878 in Arkansas.
John A McCowan: Birth: Abt. 1873 in Arkansas.
John McCowan: Birth: Sep 1850 in Alabama.
Marsella McCowan: Birth: 28 Oct 1875 in Texas.
Samuel C McCowan: Birth: Feb 1898 in Arkansas.
Anna McCown: Birth: Aug 1866 in Campbell County, Virginia. Death: 1906
Ella E. McCown: Birth: Abt. 1873 in Texas.
Lucinda McCown: Birth: Abt. 1879 in Texas.
Rosanna McCown: Birth: Abt. 1877 in Texas.
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Abner McCoy: Birth: 22 May 1802 in North Carolina. Death: 04 Sep 1890 in Mississippi
Ada McCoy: Birth: Abt. 1872 in Texas.
Albert McCoy: Birth: Abt. 1878 in Texas.
John I McCoy: Birth: 1770. Death: 16 Mar 1815 in Choctaw, Mississippi
Robert M Mccoy: Birth: Abt. 1850 in Missouri.
Sarah Emmeline McCoy: Birth: 24 Dec 1836 in Tennessee. Death: 05 Aug 1920 in Tipton, Tennessee
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Ruth McCranie: Birth: 27 Mar 1917. Death: 13 Aug 1981
Thomas Jefferson McCrary: Birth: Feb 1852 in South Carolina.
Alexander Simpson McCraven: Birth: 23 Feb 1910 in Levy County, Florida. Death: Aug 1969 in Lutz, Hillsborough, Florida
Doris Madeline McCraven: Birth: 15 Sep 1911 in Levy County, Florida. Death: 05 Oct 1957 in Alachua County, Florida
John Clyde McCraven: Birth: 20 Sep 1919 in Levy County, Florida. Death: 26 Jun 1973
Lona Marie McCraven: Birth: 08 Sep 1917 in Levy County, Florida. Death: 26 Nov 1986 in Melbourne, Brevard, Florida
Margaret Louise McCraven: Birth: 09 Jul 1908 in Levy County, Florida. Death: 20 Jun 1999 in Williston, Levy, Florida
Ralph Cecil McCraven: Birth: 25 Jul 1884 in Florida. Death: 1940
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Ada P McCray: Birth: 17 Mar 1914 in Wilbarger, Texas,. Death: 24 Sep 1974 in Deaf Smith, Texas,
Alex L McCray: Birth: Mar 1888 in Texas. Death: 1963
Burl T McCray: Birth: Dec 1856 in North Carolina.
Elizabeth McCray: Birth: 1807 in Tennessee. Death: 1867 in Tennessee
Fredrick Loren McCray: Birth: 29 Dec 1942 in Wheeler, Texas. Death: 29 Jan 2004 in Texas
Lillie M McCray: Birth: Jun 1895 in Texas.
Opal Clara McCray: Birth: 16 Nov 1912 in Wilbarger County, Texas. Death: 15 May 2004 in Haskell, Haskell, Texas, United States of America
Ora McCray: Birth: 26 Sep 1813 in Tennessee. Death: 12 Jan 1869
Shirley Ann McCray: Birth: 02 Jul 1936 in Wheeler, Texas. Death: 17 Oct 1938 in Hemphill, Texas
Thomas Daniel McCray: Birth: 2 Oct 1781 in Tennessee. Death: 1 Aug 1867 in Halltown, Lawrence County, Missouri
Wiley Burl McCray: Birth: 01 Nov 1916 in Texas. Death: 19 Nov 1977 in Wheeler, Texas
Catherine McCrea: Birth: Abt. 1837 in Georgia.
Bellie McCreight: Birth: Abt. 1879 in Arkansas.
Blanche McCreight: Birth: Mar 1890 in Arkansas.
Claude Edgar McCreight: Birth: 06 Dec 1888 in Brinkley, Arkansas. Death: Feb 1974 in Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas, United States of America
Edgar Tennyson McCreight: Birth: 14 May 1865 in Arkansas. Death: 26 Dec 1941
Eliza McCreight: Birth: Abt. 1844 in Alabama.
Emaline S McCreight: Birth: 09 Nov 1835 in South Carolina. Death: 24 Feb 1921
Emily McCreight: Birth: 1840.
James McCreight: Birth: 27 Nov 1792 in Fairfield County, South Carolina. Death: Nov 1837 in Bowie County, Texas
Jane E McCreight: Birth: Abt. 1832 in South Carolina.
Jane F McCreight: Birth: Abt. 1829 in Alabama. Death: May 1860 in Monroe County, Arkansas
John Riley McCreight: Birth: Abt. 1785 in South Carolina. Death: 06 Aug 1853 in Tennessee
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