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Francis G Ilsley: Birth: Abt. 1831 in Maine. Death: 30 Mar 1887 in Newark, Essex, New Jersey
Frank G. Ilsley: Birth: Abt. 1879 in New Jersey.
Theodora L Ilsley: Birth: 15 Sep 1882 in New Jersey. Death: Jan 1945
Edmund Bowman Ilyus: Birth: 1860 in Pennsylvania.
Edmund Burwell Ilyus: Birth: Apr 1898 in Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Edna S Ilyus: Birth: Oct 1889 in Pennsylvania.
Indiana: Birth: Nov 1845 in Virginia.
Inez: Birth: Nov 1868 in Tennessee.
Tabitha Ingalls: Birth: 09 Jun 1736. Death: 08 May 1794
Abigail Ingersoll: Birth: Aft. 1750 in North Yarmouth, Maine. Death: 22 Sep 1841 in Steuben, Washington Co., Maine
Benjamin Ingersoll: Birth: 1687 in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Death: 11 Apr 1755
Colin Ingersoll: Birth: Dec 1859 in Connecticut.
Coline N Ingersoll: Birth: May 1895 in Massachusetts.
George Ingersoll: Birth: 1618 in England. Death: 1694
Joseph Ingersoll: Birth: 04 Oct 1646 in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Death: 12 Mar 1718 in Gloucester, Massachusetts
Richard Ingersoll: Birth: in England. Death: 1644 in Salem, MA
Theresa V Ingersoll: Birth: Nov 1890 in Massachusetts.
William Ingersoll: Birth: 08 Sep 1717 in Gloucester, MA. Death: 28 Aug 1807 in Pleasant River, Maine
George Trenchard Ingham: Birth: 19 Jun 1839 in New Jersey. Death: 31 Oct 1899
Jonathan Ingham: Birth: 29 Apr 1814 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Death: 04 May 1883
Mary Rebekah Ingham: Birth: 02 Dec 1847 in New Jersey. Death: 28 Feb 1904
Sarah Ann Ingham: Birth: 1841 in Pennsylvania. Death: 03 Nov 1929
William Henry Ingham: Birth: 11 Dec 1844 in Pennsylvania. Death: 16 Jan 1903 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
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Joseph L Ingraham: Birth: Nov 1882 in Georgia.
Lola Ingraham: Birth: Abt. 1869.
Charles Ingram: Birth: Aug 1863 in Florida.
Charlie W Ingram: Birth: Jan 1890 in Georgia.
Hobson Dewey Ingram: Birth: Jan 1897 in Early County, Georgia.
Ida Ingram: Birth: Abt. 1896 in Georgia.
John Ingram: Birth: Dec 1888 in Georgia.
William W Ingram: Birth: Sep 1885 in Georgia.
Winifred Ingram: Birth: 02 Mar 1783 in North Carolina. Death: in Maury, Tennessee
Winnie M Ingram: Birth: Jan 1893 in Georgia.
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Laura Elizabeth Inman: Birth: Jan 1879 in Texas.
Lazarus Inman: Birth: 1801.
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Harry Innes: Birth: 1752. Death: 1816
Maria Knox Innes: Birth: 04 Oct 1796 in Frankfort, Kentucky. Death: 08 Sep 1851
Rachel Insley: Birth: Abt. 1777 in New Jersey. Death: 23 Aug 1857
Iola: Birth: Jul 1884 in Arkansas.
Charles Irby: Birth: Oct 1866 in South Carolina.
Franklin Irby: Birth: Feb 1879 in South Carolina.
Henry Hunter Irby: Birth: 20 Dec 1878 in North Carolina. Death: 23 Jun 1919
Ida B Irby: Birth: Abt. 1865 in South Carolina.
Joseph Irby: Birth: Nov 1872 in South Carolina.
Julia R Irby: Birth: Nov 1874 in South Carolina.
Mary E Irby: Birth: Nov 1868 in South Carolina.
Mary William Irby: Birth: 06 May 1884 in Virginia. Death: 12 May 1983 in Harrisonburg, Harrisonburg City, Virginia, United States of America
Rebecca Irby: Birth: Dec 1876 in South Carolina.
Wesley Childs Irby: Birth: 25 Jul 1852 in Virginia. Death: 06 Mar 1928
William Flaude Irby: Birth: 19 Jan 1883 in Kansas. Death: 08 Mar 1974 in Rector, Clay, Arkansas, USA
William W Irby: Birth: Dec 1870 in South Carolina.
William Irby: Birth: Apr 1827 in South Carolina.
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Elfrida Iremonger: Birth: 1825. Death: 1882
Irene: Birth: Abt. 1886 in Texas. Death: Unknown
Irene: Birth: Abt. 1884.
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Sarah Ireson: Birth: 1696 in Gloucester,Essex,Massachusetts,USA. Death: 05 Feb 1732 in Yarmouth,,Maine,USA
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Alexander Irvin: Birth: Abt. 1840 in New York.
Daniel N Irvin: Birth: Abt. 1849 in Georgia. Death: 1926
Mary Proudfit Irvin: Birth: Jul 1846 in New York. Death: 25 Dec 1920 in New York
Richard Irvin: Birth: Abt. 1801 in Scotland. Death: 1888
Richard Irvin: Birth: 1843.
Susan Irvin: Birth: 1845.
Anne Irvine: Birth: 14 Jan 1770. Death: 1829
Maggie Lou Irvine: Birth: 11 Oct 1867 in Missouri. Death: 15 Nov 1959 in Kern County, California
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Alexander Duer Irving: Birth: 28 Dec 1842 in New York.
Duer Alexander Irving: Birth: 24 May 1873 in New York. Death: 07 Feb 1941
Ellen du Pont Irving: Birth: 06 Jun 1881 in New York.
Evelyn Irving: Birth: Jun 1885 in New York.
Henry du Pont Irving: Birth: 26 Mar 1875 in New York.
John Duer Irving: Birth: 27 Jan 1879 in New York.
Lewis Irving: Birth: Oct 1883 in New York.
Alexander Irwin: Birth: 1752 in Bertie, North Carolina. Death: 1799 in Washington County, Georgia
Alice Irwin: Birth: Nov 1887 in Illinois.
Anderson Forbes Irwin: Birth: Sep 1851 in Dayton, Pennsylvania.
Antoinette Elisabeth Irwin: Birth: 29 Aug 1880 in New York. Death: 16 Oct 1942 in New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York
Archibald Irwin: Birth: 13 Feb 1772 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Death: 03 Mar 1840 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Archibald Irwin: Birth: 1728 in Antrim, Northern Ireland. Death: 23 Jan 1798 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Catherine N. Irwin: Birth: 14 Jan 1830 in Stewart County, Georgia. Death: 27 Mar 1869 in Lumpkin, Georgia
David Chipman Irwin: Birth: 16 Oct 1916 in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Death: 03 Aug 2000 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
David Crosby Irwin: Birth: 09 Jul 1943 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. Death: 09 Mar 1965 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
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