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Christian Penn: Birth: 1607 in England. Death: Jul 1684 in Middleboro, Plymouth County, Massachusetts
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Sarah P Penney: Birth: 11 Oct 1828. Death: 09 Feb 1895
Ana Pennick: Birth: Abt. 1899 in Oklahoma.
Charles Penniman: Birth: 20 Aug 1824.
Elisha Thomas Penniman: Birth: 06 Jul 1812 in Boston, Massachusetts. Death: 09 Jan 1882 in Weymouth, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Penniman: Birth: 15 Sep 1819. Death: 21 Aug 1822
George Penniman: Birth: 05 Sep 1816.
Henry Penniman: Birth: 29 Mar 1827. Death: 24 Mar 1828
Joseph Allen Penniman: Birth: 02 May 1818. Death: 27 Aug 1822
Mary Jane Penniman: Birth: 04 Aug 1821.
Sophia Allen Penniman: Birth: 03 Jul 1814.
William Penniman: Birth: 19 Jun 1810. Death: 13 Feb 1832
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Abraham Liddon Pennock: Birth: 25 Aug 1855 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 1929
E Eldridge Pennock: Birth: 23 Oct 1906 in Pennsylvania. Death: 22 Jan 1998
Enos Eldridge Pennock: Birth: 09 Jul 1857 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 04 Mar 1917 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Joseph Liddon Pennock: Birth: 22 Apr 1819 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Death: 18 Nov 1870
Joseph Pennock: Birth: Abt. 1853 in Pennsylvania.
Maria Pennock: Birth: 27 Oct 1862 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Death: 06 Apr 1937 in Swarthmore, Delaware, Pennsylvania
Sarah Pennock: Birth: Abt. 1848 in Pennsylvania.
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Elizabeth Penny: Birth: 1846 in IL.
Nathaniel Ramsey Pennypacker: Birth: 14 Jun 1921 in Pennsylvania. Death: 02 Aug 2009 in Berwyn, Chester, Pennsylvania
Bartholomew Penrose: Birth: 21 Jan 1674 in Cornwall, England. Death: 17 Nov 1711 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Bartholomew Penrose: Birth: 1709.
Dorothy Penrose: Birth: 1703. Death: 11 Aug 1764
Ellen Penrose: Birth: Oct 1844 in Pennsylvania.
James Penrose: Birth: 23 Feb 1738.
Samuel Penrose: Birth: 11 Nov 1742. Death: 1796
Sarah Penrose: Birth: 1705. Death: 28 Apr 1777
Thomas Penrose: Birth: 22 Jan 1733 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 28 Nov 1815 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Thomas Penrose: Birth: 17 Jan 1709 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Death: 17 Nov 1757 in Pennsylvania
William Penrose: Birth: Abt. 1768. Death: Nov 1816 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Elizabeth Pepin: Birth: 1659. Death: 31 Dec 1697 in Champlain, Canada
Elizabeth Percy: Birth: 07 Jun 1802 in South Carolina. Death: 10 Jan 1879 in Missouri
Margaret J Isabella Percy: Birth: Abt. 1802 in England.
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Abraham Perkins: Birth: 01 Apr 1735 in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Death: 16 Aug 1804 in New Hampshire
Anna Perkins: Birth: 08 Nov 1758 in New Hampshire. Death: Mar 1852 in New Hampshire
Chiswell Dabney Langhorne Perkins: Birth: 26 Jan 1891 in Richmond, Virginia. Death: 1953
Don B Perkins: Birth: Abt. 1892 in Georgia.
Edward Perkins: Birth: May 1835 in Massachusetts.
Elizabeth Dabney Perkins: Birth: 18 Mar 1867 in Danville, Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Death: 09 Apr 1914 in Richmond, Richmond City, Virginia
Elliott Perkins: Birth: 1901 in Massachusetts.
Esther Jane Perkins: Birth: 03 Aug 1762 in New Hampshire. Death: 1856
Feroline L Perkins: Birth: 16 Jan 1884 in New York. Death: 03 Mar 1963 in Warrenton, Fauquier, Virginia
Floyd Toombs Perkins: Birth: 02 Dec 1894 in Georgia.
Irene Perkins: Birth: Abt. 1844 in Alabama. Death: Abt. 1882
James H Perkins: Birth: Dec 1876 in Massachusetts.
Jefferson B Perkins: Birth: 11 Nov 1861 in Georgia. Death: 18 Sep 1936 in Stewart, Georgia
Mary Ann Perkins: Birth: 24 Jun 1827 in USA. Death: 08 Jul 1885 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Mary E Perkins: Birth: Abt. 1898 in Georgia.
Meribah Fogg Perkins: Birth: 26 Jun 1766 in New Hampshire. Death: 29 Oct 1842 in Grafton County, New Hampshire
Nancy Keen Perkins: Birth: 10 Sep 1897 in Greenwood, Virginia.
Susan A Perkins: Birth: Abt. 1896 in Georgia.
Susan Perkins: Birth: 03 Oct 1840 in Mississippi. Death: 05 Aug 1923 in Virginia
Thomas Moncure Perkins: Birth: Abt. 1861 in Virginia. Death: 1914
Thomas Moncure Perkins: Birth: 1888. Death: 1889
Thomas Nelson Perkins: Birth: 06 May 1870 in Milton, Massachusetts. Death: Abt. 1937 in Westwood Massachusetts
Willie Mae Perkins: Birth: 6 Jul 1924 in Priddy, Mills, Texas. Death: 11 Nov 2011
Winston Davis Perkins: Birth: 19 Mar 1885 in Heflin, Alabama. Death: 30 Jan 1958 in Dallas, Dallas, Texas
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Susan Pernoy: Birth: Abt. 1813 in Illinois.
Elizabeth Peronneau: Birth: 1770. Death: 1803
Charles Henry Perrault: Birth: 1854 in Mississippi.
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Bernadotte Perrin: Birth: 15 Sep 1847 in Goshen, Connecticut. Death: 31 Aug 1920 in Connecticut
Frances Perrin: Birth: Abt. 1729.
Frances Perrin: Birth: Abt. 1811 in Virginia.
Lavalette S Perrin: Birth: Abt. 1818 in Connecticut. Death: 18 Feb 1889 in Hartford, Connecticut
Lee James Perrin: Birth: 27 Dec 1884 in Ohio. Death: Abt. 1947
Lester William Perrin: Birth: Oct 1886 in Ohio.
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Anna May Perry: Birth: 15 Jul 1906 in Lancaster, South Carolina. Death: 09 Jan 1997 in Greensboro, Guilford, North Carolina, United States of America
Aquilina Maria Perry: Birth: 19 Jan 1822 in Montgomery, Maryland.
Bessie Perry: Birth: Abt. 1876 in South Carolina.
Betty Amelia Perry: Birth: 08 Feb 1913 in South Carolina. Death: 16 Feb 1993 in Greensboro, Guilford, North Carolina, United States of America
Caroline Slidell Perry: Birth: 23 Aug 1829 in Charleston, South Carolina. Death: 22 Nov 1892 in New York, New York
Clara Perry: Birth: Abt. 1879 in Texas. Death: in San Antonio, Bexar, Texas
Cornelia Perry: Birth: Abt. 1868 in South Carolina.
Daniel W Perry: Birth: Abt. 1844 in South Carolina.
Deborah Perry: Birth: 14 Oct 1754 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Death: 1808
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