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Sarah Caldwell Martin: Birth: 1782. Death: 11 Mar 1845
Sarah Martin
Seigniora Macon Martin: Birth: 30 Oct 1823 in North Carolina. Death: 18 Dec 1907
Sue Martin: Birth: 09 Oct 1885 in South Carolina. Death: Dec 1966 in Conway, Horry, South Carolina, United States of America
Susan Battle Martin: Birth: 17 Feb 1839 in North Carolina. Death: 01 Mar 1910 in Louisiana
Susan Martin: Birth: Apr 1881 in Tennessee.
T J Martin: Birth: Abt. 1851 in Mississippi.
Thomas J Martin: Birth: Abt. 1815 in Virginia. Death: 13 Jan 1883 in Jefferson, Kentucky
Thomas J Martin: Birth: Abt. 1842 in Kentucky.
Unity Martin: Birth: 1763. Death: 07 Feb 1837 in Alabama
Violet B Martin: Birth: Abt. 1859 in New York.
William A Martin: Birth: Abt. 1800 in Fairfield South Carolina.
William B Martin: Birth: Abt. 1869 in Alabama.
William Burton Martin: Birth: 15 Jun 1854 in Wilson County, Tennessee. Death: 24 May 1916 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee
William C Martin: Birth: Abt. 1832 in Georgia.
William G Martin: Birth: Abt. 1841 in Mississippi.
William John Martin: Birth: 06 Mar 1781. Death: 11 Dec 1828
William Martin: Birth: Abt. 1844 in Fairfield.
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Edward L. Martindale: Birth: Oct 1869 in Iowa.
Harry Martindale: Birth: May 1894 in Iowa.
Herbert Martindale: Birth: Dec 1895 in Missouri.
Peggy Lodene Martindale: Birth: 19 Aug 1899 in Missouri. Death: 21 Apr 1991 in Rancho Cordova, Sacramento, California
Virgil Martindale: Birth: Sep 1897 in Missouri.
Lamont Waltman Marvin: Birth: 19 Dec 1896 in Elmira, New York. Death: Apr 1971 in Bearsville, Ulster, New York, United States of America
Lee Marvin: Birth: 19 Feb 1924. Death: 15 Aug 1987
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Mary: Birth: Abt. 1883 in Missouri.
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1843 in Washington, D.C..
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1854 in Wales.
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1870 in Arkansas.
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1781 in North Carolina.
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1785 in Virginia.
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1852 in SC.
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1816 in Kentucky.
Mary: Birth: 1818 in ,,South Carolina,USA.
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1887 in New York.
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1780 in Virginia.
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1813 in South Carolina.
Mary: Birth: 1803 in Fairfield South Carolina.
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1839 in Georgia.
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1803 in Georgia.
Mary: Birth: May 1876 in Georgia.
Mary: Birth: Sep 1848 in Georgia.
Mary: Birth: Jun 1859 in Arkansas.
Mary: Birth: 1884 in Arkansas.
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1855 in Ohio.
Mary: Birth: 1861 in New York.
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1750. Death: 1821
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1842 in Mississippi.
Mary: Birth: Oct 1851 in Georgia.
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1847 in New York.
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1789 in Massachusetts.
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1841 in Pennsylvania.
Mary: Birth: 1833 in Maryland.
Mary: Birth: 1778. Death: 1844 in South Carolina
Mary: Birth: Abt. 1844 in Massachusetts.
Mary: Birth: 1767 in Massachusetts. Death: 17 Apr 1836 in Connecticut
Mary: Birth: Jun 1842 in Mississippi.
I Mary: Birth: Abt. 1824 in Pennsylvania.
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Alfred James Marye: Birth: 18 Jul 1846 in Virginia. Death: 26 Feb 1920 in Shawsville, Virginia
Ambrose Madison Marye: Birth: 27 Aug 1887 in Shawsville, Virginia. Death: 07 Mar 1972 in Shawsville, Montgomery County, Virginia
Robert Burton Marye: Birth: 28 Nov 1881 in Virginia. Death: 27 Dec 1951
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Justine Mashburn: Birth: Abt. 1899 in Georgia.
Amy Estelle Mason: Birth: Jun 1876 in Georgia.
Ann Eilbeck Mason: Birth: 1755 in Virginia, Maryland. Death: 1814
Ann Eilbeck Mason: Birth: 01 Apr 1791 in Virginia. Death: 05 Nov 1864
Ann Sarah Stuart Mason: Birth: 1803. Death: 09 Nov 1852
Anna B Mason: Birth: Abt. 1879 in Georgia.
Anna Marie Mason: Birth: 26 Feb 1811 in Fairfax County, Virginia. Death: 03 Nov 1898 in Stafford County, Virginia
Anna Mason: Birth: 4 Nov 1755 in Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts. Death: 21 Aug 1839 in Northbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts
Augusta Virginia Mason: Birth: 24 Jul 1905 in Washington, Dist of Col. Death: Nov 1986 in Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia, United States of America
C E Van Mason: Birth: 12 Oct 1895 in Spotsylvania, Virginia.
Catherine Eilbeck Mason: Birth: 12 Jul 1804. Death: 07 Mar 1888
Cecile Mason: Birth: 1871. Death: 1894
Charles Field Mason: Birth: Feb 1864 in Virginia. Death: 17 Mar 1922 in Washington, DC
Charles Van Buren Mason: Birth: 29 Feb 1848 in Woodbridge, Virginia. Death: Nov 1933 in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Charlotte Metcalf Mason: Birth: 05 Jul 1820 in Orland, Maine. Death: 22 Jun 1858 in Maine
Clifford Seals Mason: Birth: 30 Sep 1877 in Georgia. Death: 10 Jul 1957 in Richmond, Georgia
E W Mason: Birth: Abt. 1826 in Maine.
Edgar Eilbeck Mason: Birth: Abt. 1834 in Virginia. Death: 15 Jul 1907
Edgar Eilbeck Mason: Birth: 1790 in Virginia.
Edmund Mason: Birth: 19 Dec 1836 in Virginia.
Edmund Mason: Birth: 1770.
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