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Erick Anderson: Birth: Sep 1870 in Sweden.
Eudora Anderson: Birth: 08 Jan 1841 in Tennessee. Death: 18 Jan 1908
George W Anderson: Birth: 20 Apr 1818 in Virginia. Death: 12 Apr 1900
Henry Reuben Anderson: Birth: 20 Jan 1844 in Ohio. Death: 22 Nov 1918
I Anderson: Birth: Abt. 1877 in Texas.
Jane Lewis Anderson: Birth: 1789. Death: 1848
Jane Lewis Anderson: Birth: 1882. Death: 1882
Jane Anderson: Birth: Abt. 1825 in Alabama.
Jane Anderson: Birth: 1705.
John Monroe Anderson: Birth: 07 Nov 1817 in SC. Death: 01 Sep 1903 in Johnson County, Texas
John W Anderson: Birth: Aug 1885 in Georgia.
John Anderson: Birth: Jun 1844 in Sweden.
Joseph K Anderson: Birth: Abt. 1854 in Virginia.
Julia E. Anderson: Birth: 17 Sep 1854 in Arkansas. Death: 11 Feb 1938 in Haskell Co., Texas
Lafayette Dandridge Anderson: Birth: Abt. 1828 in Glasgow Kentucky. Death: 30 Aug 1893 in Jefferson, Kentucky
Larz Anderson: Birth: 09 Apr 1803 in Kentucky. Death: 27 Feb 1879
Lucinda S Anderson: Birth: 09 Sep 1857 in Arkansas. Death: 01 Dec 1884 in Palo Pinto County, Texas
Lucy Butler Anderson: Birth: 15 Aug 1885 in Virginia.
Lucy Meriwether Anderson: Birth: 1795. Death: 1854
Maggie Anderson: Birth: Aug 1896 in FL. Death: 31 Dec 1968 in Levy, Florida, USA
Margaret Anderson: Birth: Abt. 1721 in Union, Connecticut. Death: 20 Nov 1775 in Union, Connecticut
Margaret Anderson: Birth: Jan 1839 in Pennsylvania.
Margaret Anderson: Birth: Oct 1877 in California.
Maria A. Anderson: Birth: 22 Dec 1823. Death: 20 Jan 1849
Maria Anderson: Birth: Abt. 1849 in Maryland. Death: 28 Dec 1925 in New York
Martha T Anderson: Birth: 30 Jan 1843 in Tippah County, Mississippi. Death: 28 Sep 1922 in Cleburne, Johnson, Texas
Mary A Anderson: Birth: 2 Aug 1839 in Mississippi. Death: 4 Oct 1917 in Cleburne, Johnson, Texas
Mary Miller Anderson: Birth: 1852 in Virginia.
Mary Anderson: Birth: Abt. 1807 in Virginia. Death: 1853
Mary Anderson: Birth: 05 Nov 1846 in Ohio. Death: 02 Jun 1897
Mary Anderson: Birth: Abt. 1874 in Mississippi.
Mary Anderson: Birth: Aug 1895 in California.
Meriwether Lewis Anderson: Birth: 23 Jun 1806 in Virginia. Death: 06 Mar 1863
Meriwether Lewis Anderson: Birth: 24 Aug 1845 in Virginia.
Meriwether Lewis Anderson: Birth: 13 Nov 1872 in Virginia. Death: 04 Aug 1936 in Virginia
Meriwether Lewis Anderson: Birth: 07 Mar 1911 in Virginia. Death: May 1967
Nannie Christian Anderson: Birth: 10 Apr 1856 in Christiansburg, Virginia. Death: 20 Dec 1943 in Shawsville, Montgomery, Virginia
Ollie Anderson: Birth: May 1870 in Alabama. Death: 19 Jun 1913 in Wood, Texas
Patrick Anderson: Birth: Feb 1898 in Florida.
Richard Clough Anderson: Birth: 12 Jan 1750 in Hanover, Virginia. Death: 16 Oct 1826 in Soldier Retreat, Jefferson, Kentucky
Richard Clough Anderson: Birth: 04 Aug 1788. Death: 25 Jul 1826
Robert Marshall Anderson: Birth: 13 Feb 1862 in Circleville, Pickaway, Ohio. Death: 03 Jun 1940 in Circleville, Pickaway, Ohio
Robert T Anderson: Birth: 1790. Death: 1828
Robert Anderson: Birth: Abt. 1860 in Alabama.
Robert Anderson: Birth: 14 Jun 1805 in Louisville, Kentucky. Death: 26 Oct 1871 in Nice, France
Robert Anderson: Birth: Abt. 1859 in New York.
Ruby Elizabeth Anderson: Birth: Jan 1890 in Florida. Death: 30 Dec 1935 in Marion, Florida, United States
Ruth A Anderson: Birth: Jul 1892 in Rhode Island.
Sallie Anderson: Birth: Feb 1893 in FL.
Sarah Cornelia Anderson: Birth: May 1827 in South Carolina. Death: 1907
Sarah J Anderson: Birth: Abt. 1830 in Louisiana.
Sarah S. Anderson: Birth: Abt. 1874 in Virginia.
Sarah Anderson: Birth: 20 Jul 1758. Death: 02 Apr 1807
Sophie D Anderson: Birth: Dec 1851 in Maine. Death: 14 Oct 1934 in Washington City, District Of Columbia
Stena Anderson: Birth: Jun 1874 in Sweden.
Susan Caprice Anderson: Birth: 02 Jan 1845 in Mississippi. Death: 2 Aug 1923 in Santo, Palo Pinto, Texas
Thomas McArthur Anderson: Birth: 21 Jan 1836 in Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio. Death: 08 May 1917 in Portland, Oregon
Thomas McArthur Anderson: Birth: 13 Aug 1875 in Texas. Death: 14 Sep 1936 in Garland, Arkansas
Uriah Anderson: Birth: Sep 1865 in Georgia.
Van Winkle Anderson: Birth: 21 Apr 1878 in Texas.
Wade Anderson: Birth: 26 Dec 1795 in Laurens Co., South Carolina. Death: 02 Dec 1823 in Laurens County, South Carolina
Walter Theodore Anderson: Birth: 11 Jul 1926 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota. Death: Abt. 2000 in Kingston NY
Walter Theodore Anderson: Birth: 20 Jun 1950 in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Death: 11 Jan 2009
Walter Theodore Anderson: Birth: 06 Jan 1891 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota. Death: Unknown
William G Anderson: Birth: Mar 1841 in Virginia.
William H Anderson: Birth: Dec 1887 in Georgia.
William Henry Anderson: Birth: 12 Apr 1858 in Wakulla County, Florida. Death: 01 Sep 1942 in Marion, Florida
William Henry Anderson: Birth: 17 Oct 1894 in Florida. Death: 19 Jun 1972 in Alachua, Florida, United States
William Lewis Anderson: Birth: 1791. Death: 1875
William Marshall Anderson: Birth: 24 Jun 1807 in Kentucky. Death: 07 Jan 1881 in Champaign County, Ohio
William Anderson: Birth: Abt. 1870 in New Jersey.
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Billy Gene Andrew: Birth: 2 Jul 1927 in Cisco, Eastland, Texas. Death: 1 Oct 2004 in El Cajon, San Diego, California
Don Frethise Andrew: Birth: 08 Sep 1903 in Texas. Death: 26 May 1988 in San Diego, California
James Campbell Andrew: Birth: 1878. Death: 1975
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Adelaide B Andrews: Birth: Jun 1857 in Maine. Death: 02 Jun 1930 in Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire
Alexander B J Andrews: Birth: Feb 1873 in North Carolina.
Alexander Boyd Andrews: Birth: 23 Jul 1841 in Franklin, North Carolina. Death: 17 Apr 1915 in Raleigh, Wake, North Carolina
Augusta W Andrews: Birth: 08 Jan 1906 in New York. Death: 01 Jan 1983 in Riverside
Caroline Andrews: Birth: 20 Apr 1929 in Tennessee. Death: 11 Feb 2009 in Lookout Mountain, Hamilton, Tennessee,
Edward Andrews: Birth: Jan 1883 in Illinois.
Franklin Andrews: Birth: Abt. 1870 in Maine.
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