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  2. Mathias "Ticy" HARMAN: Death: 1850 in Tazewell Co., VA

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a. Note:   Deposition of WILLIAM RATLIFF (27 April 1836 at the home of WILLIAM SKAGGS, Aleck Fork of Pitman Creek). I was acquainted with MOSES SKAGGS of Green County, KY. He had 4 sisters, to wit: SUSANNAH, wife of RICHARD WHIT; LYDIA, wife of MATTHIAS HARMON, ELIZABETH "Betsy," wife of JOHN HANKINS; and NANCY, wife of WILLIAM MERIDY. I was quite intimate with them in Virginia. I knew them before they married. MOSES had a brother named JOHN SKAGGS. . . I knew the brothers of MOSES SKAGGS. They were HENRY, JAMES, CHARLES, JOHN, RICHARD and JACOB SKAGGS. I knew them in Kentucky and they all raised large families. Deposition of FRANCES SAMPLES (27 April 1836). I was familiar with MOSES SKAGGS who died in Green County about 40 years ago. He had 4 sisters, to wit: SUSANNAH, wife of RICHARD WHIT; LYDIA, wife of MATTHIAS HARMAN; ELIZABETH, wife of JOHN HANKINS, and NANCY, wife of WILLIAM MERIDY. They lived in Virginia. When I knew them, MOSES had 6 brothers: HENRY, JOHN, JAMES, CHARLES, RICHARD and JACOB. John Newton Harman, Sr., Harman Genealogy (Southern Branch) with Biographical Sketches, 1700-1924 (Richmond, VA: W. C. Hill Printing Co., 1925), 268, 269, __; page images available at Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 Subject: Lydia Skaggs, wife of Mathias Harman To: [email protected] Hello All, In the Skaggs genealogies that I have saw, Lydia Skaggs, d/o James & Rachel, wife of Mathias Harman is always shown as being born around 1736, yet she was still having children as late as 1798. That doesn't work! According to what I have the eldest of her children was born in 1778 and the youngest in 1798. Those are probably approximate dates. However, If those dates are even near to correct she's going to have to have been born as late as 1750. Does anyone know where the dates for the children of James Skaggs and Rachel come from? I can't help but wonder if all of them weren't a bit younger than what many of us think? Jeremy Johnson, Taylor Co., Kentucky is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.