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Marriage: Children:
  1. Henry SKAGGS: Birth: ABT. 1750 in Virginia. Death: BEF. SEP 1816

  2. Aaron SKAGGS: Birth: BET. 1750 - 1760. Death: BET. 1780 - 1790 in Green Co., KY

  3. James III SKAGGS: Birth: ABT. 1752. Death: 1814 in Hardin Co., KY

  4. William (Squire) SKAGGS: Birth: 20 DEC 1757 in North Carolina. Death: AUG 1852 in Big Brush Creek, Green Co., KY

  5. Rachel SKAGGS: Birth: BET. 1760 - 1770 in North Carolina or Kentucky.

  6. Stephen SKAGGS: Birth: ABT. 1764 in Virginia. Death: 1814 in Kentucky

  7. Jeremiah SKAGGS: Birth: ABT. 1771 in Virginia.

  8. Jenny SKAGGS: Birth: ABT. 1772.

  9. Loveless SKAGGS: Birth: ABT. 1775.

  10. Mary SKAGGS: Birth: ABT. 1780 in Virginia.

a. Note:   Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County 1745-1800 Deed Book No. 16. page 490 Page 49.--26th April, 1769. JAMES ( ) SCAGGS (SKEGGS), Sr., and RACHEL ( ) to JAMES SCAGGS, Jr., �100, 104 acres patented to Samuel Ratlive 22d August, 1753, and conveyed to JAMES, Sr., on Meadow Creek, a branch of New River. Teste: William Preston, Richard Whitt, James ( ) Skggs,* John ( ) Skggs,** Is. Christian, James Buchanan, W. Ingles. *Note that James Sr. conveyed to James Jr., and a third James signed as witness. **This John may a grandson rather than the son of James and Rachel. 1773: The first permanent settlers [in Tazewell Co., VA] came from Augusta and Rockbridge counties, New River and its tributaries. . . . In 1773 there were settled [among others] JAMES and CHARLES SCAGGS in Baptist Valley, five miles from site of Tazewell. --Robert Bell Woodworth, The Captives of Abb's Valley: A Legend of Frontier Life (Staunton, VA: McClure Co., Inc., Publishers, 1942), xi Deposition of WILLIAM RATLIFF (27 April 1836 at the home of WILLIAM SKAGGS, Aleck Fork of Pitman Creek). I was acquainted with MOSES SKAGGS of Green County, KY. He had 4 sisters, to wit: SUSANNAH, wife of RICHARD WHIT; LYDIA, wife of MATTHIAS HARMON, ELIZABETH "Betsy," wife of JOHN HANKINS; and NANCY, wife of WILLIAM MERIDY. I was quite intimate with them in Virginia. I knew them before they married. MOSES had a brother named JOHN SKAGGS. . . I knew the brothers of MOSES SKAGGS. They were HENRY, JAMES, CHARLES, JOHN, RICHARD and JACOB SKAGGS. I knew them in Kentucky and they all raised large families. Deposition of FRANCES SAMPLES (27 April 1836). I was familiar with MOSES SKAGGS who died in Green County about 40 years ago. He had 4 sisters, to wit: SUSANNAH, wife of RICHARD WHIT; LYDIA, wife of MATTHIAS HARMAN; ELIZABETH, wife of JOHN HANKINS, and NANCY, wife of WILLIAM MERIDY. They lived in Virginia. When I knew them, MOSES had 6 brothers: HENRY, JOHN, JAMES, CHARLES, RICHARD and JACOB. Kegley, Early Adventurers, 367: "James SKAGGS, Jr. first appeared in the records in 1769 when he received lands from his father and mother, James and Rachel SKAGGS. He may be the one designated as "Little James SKAGGS" who reported in 1774 that he had seen Indians between Ninian CLOYD's and Peter POOR's (Chalkley, Chronicles, III, 490; Preston Papers, Draper Mss., 3 QQ 54). "In 1779 he purchased the 100 acres which had been selected by John BUCHANAN in 1748 from his son, William BUCHANAN (August County Surveys; Montgomery Deed Book A, p.190). Here SKAGGS operated a ferry across New River, and once in legal possession of the lands, SKAGGS petitioned the Montgomery County court to view the possibility of a 'nearer and better Road which may be had either by SKAGG's place commonly called the old ferry, or by Dunker Bottom, rather than the one presently occupied by William INGLES.' Three months later in March 1779 no report had been forthcoming and men were chosen to meet and view the road by . . . [to be continued] SKAGGS' STATION, on Brush Creek, in Green County; about 1781. --William Elsey Connelley and E. M. Coulter, History of Kentucky, Charles Kerr, ed. (Chicgo: American Historical Society, 1922), 209. Another station, called Shank Painter, or SKAGG'S STATION, was situated where the small village of Summersville now stands, six miles northwest of Greensburg. --William B. Allen, A History of Kentucky (Louisville: Bradley & Gilbert, 1872), 126; page image at "South Fork Church was possibly the first church organized within the boundary of the territory which is now LaRue County. Spencer, in his 'History of Kentucky Baptists,' Volume 1, page 194, says: 'It was originally a Separate Baptist Church, and, according to tradition, was gathered by Benjamin Lynn and JAMES SKAGGS in the summer of 1782.' If any organization was in existence on Nolynn at that early date, it could have been nowhere except in Phillips' fort." --Otis M. Mather, Six Generations of LaRues And Allied Families (Hodgenville, KY: by the compiler, 1921), 150. This is the James Skaggs that had an early well documented Station in the Green Co., KY, area. James deserted his family about 1787 and ran off to Missouri with neighbor Mrs. Leah Carter, wife of Meshack Carter. James and Leah returned Kentucky in 1793 and Leah's husband filed for, and was awarded, a divorce from her, Nov. 23, 1793, Nelson Co., KY. Leah outlived James and is referred to as Widow Skaggs in his estate file in Jefferson Co., MO (formerly Joachim Twp.), but a marriage record has not been located for them. JAMES HENRY SKAGGS was born on the 2d of August, 1840, near Danby, Jefferson County, Mo., and is the son of HENRY SKAGGS, the grandson of STEPHEN SKAGGS, and the great-grandson of JAMES SKAGGS, who was a native of Virginia, a man of great physical strength and activity, and of whom it is said that he settled in Kentucky before Daniel Boone. --excerpt from Randolph County in Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Northeast Arkansas (Chicago, IL: Goodspeed Publishers, 1889), 431; retrieved from Bob VanDyne to Skaggs-L, Nov. 15, 1998: The inventory of James SKAGGS of Indian Ck. Joachim twp. Dist. of St. Louis [MO] 22 Nov, 1811. 2 pgs.; 1st page inventory of goods, 2nd pg. named people who purchased items at the sale -- "Widow SKAGGS", Joseph HAWKS, Benjamin HORNE, Jacob SKAGGS, Benjamin SKAGGS, Charles PATTEN, Samuel SKAGGS, William TWITTY, John [DIXON?], Henry SKAGGS & George MARR. Benjamin SKAGGS Admr. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 19:27:43 -0800 From: "Glen Fine" <[email protected]> Subject: [SKAGGS] James Skaggs, Longhunter, Revolutionary War Patriot To: <[email protected]> James Skaggs, longhunter, and founder of Skaggs Station in Green County. KY was James Skaggs, longman, on Triggs' militia roster in Montgomery County, VA, 1778. Those militia members all signed the oath of support for the revolution. The Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) has, on 2-10-2011, approved James Skaggs (James Skaggs II to Skaggs researchers) as a Patriot of the Revolution. SAR has acknowledged that James Skaggs III (died in Hardin County, KY, 1814) was a proven son of James Skaggs II and that Moses Madison Skaggs (born 1808) was a proven son of James Skaggs III and grandson of James Skaggs II. Anyone who can prove descendency from James Skaggs II or James Skaggs III or Moses Madison Skaggs is eligible for membership in SAR or the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) FYI Glen Fine is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.