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  1. James Debordeaux Jaudon ROBERT: Birth: 1736 in South Carolina. Death: in North Carolinia (Killed In A Storm)

  2. Peter ROBERT: Birth: 19 Aug 1740 in French Santee (Jamestown), Berkey, SC. Death: 19 Dec 1807 in Bayou Sarah, Loftus Heights, MS

  3. John "Patriot" ROBERT: Birth: 15 Jul 1742 in French Santee (Jamestown), Berkey, SC. Death: 24 Feb 1826 in Robertville, , Beaufort, South Carolina

  4. Elias S. ROBERT: Birth: 13 Jul 1748 in French Santee, Charleston, SC. Death: 13 Jan 1820 in Screven Co., Georgia

  5. Elizabeth ROBERT: Birth: 1750 in French Santee (Jamestown), Berkey, SC. Death: 1818 in Cheneyville, Rapides Parish, Louisiana

  6. Sarah ROBERT: Birth: 6 Feb 1755 in St. James, Santee, So. CA.. Death: 5 Oct 1839 in "Transpine" Plantation, Robertville, Beaufort District, SC

  7. Judith De Bordeaux ROBERT: Birth: 1757 in French Santee (Jamestown), Berkey, SC. Death: 25 Sep 1820 in Rapides Parish, Lousiana

1. Title:   Three Pioneer Rapides Families, A Genealogy
Page:   p. 3 - 4
Author:   Stafford, G. M. G

a. Note:   Jacques and his family were in Prince William Parish, on the Salkehatchie River as early as 1763. He died in November 1774 in Prince William Parish, Beaufort District, South Carolina. He is buried in Stony Creek Cemetery, in an unmarked grave. After his death, the family moved to Robertville (Black Swamp) in St. Peter's Parish. (Broderbund WFT Vol 6, Ed 1, Tree #2988, Date of Import: 03 Nov 1997.) Jacques (James) Robert, a son of Pierre II, was a man of large size, six feet high and quite fleshy, a man of scientific education, became wealthy, and at one time owned four plantations in Santee, South Carolina, and at the same time carried on a store. By imprudence in trace and by loaning the use of his name as security to his friends, he lost most of his property and had to resort to the school room for a living. He went to North Carolina and took his eldest son James with him. From the falling of an old house during a cyclone James was killed. His father soon after returned and moved his family to Colleton District, South Carolina. He died and was buried at Stone Creek Church in 1774, leaving three sons, Peter, Elias, and John, and three daughters, Elizabeth, Judith and Sarah. In 1775 his wife, Sarah Jaudon Robert, with her brother Thomas Jaudon, her sons Peter and Elias, and her daughters, Elizabeth Grimball and Judith Cheney moved to Black Swamp and established the village, Robertville, which was a place of considerable importance until the late Confederate War when Sherman had it thoroughly destroyed -- even the fin old oaks and hickories under which I played as a school boy -- burning the church and school house and Sunday school, also the fence around the graveyard, wherein laid the bodies of my grandmother and a sweet little girl nine weeks old, as well as other relatives and friends. God be praised! was could not touch their souls, these were at God's right hand, having fullness of joy and enjoying their inheritance undefiled, and that will never fade away. [Three Pioneer Rapides Families, p. 3-4]* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The third generation in American of this old Huguenot family is represented by Jacques Robert (mentioned in his father's Will as James Robert), eldest child of Pierre Robert II, and his second wife, Judith Videaul (de Bordeaux). He was born in Franch Santee, South Carolina, on April 2, 1711. This date is verified by a definite statement in his father's will which says that he would be twenty-one years of age on April 3, 1732, and that the time of his birth is given in a Baptismal Certificate furnished by the Rev. Pierre Robert. The only specific data we possess of Jacques Robert as a citizen and business man we gathered from the article written by Rev. Wm. Henry Robert. He married Sarah Jaudon on August 26,1745. She was a sister of Elias Jaudon who married Jacques' sister Elizabeth Robert, and was a daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Jaudon of Craven County, South Carolina, early Huguenot pioneers. After meeting with severe financial reverses Jacques Robert left French Santee with his family and moved to what is now Colleton County, near the Combahee River. This move was made about 1770. There he endeavored to retrieve his lost fortune but died in November 1774. He was buried in the Stoney Creek Churchyard, near Yamasee. The following year his widow, Sarah (Jaudon) Robert, moved with most of her children and other members of her family to Black Swamp, near the Savannah River, and there they founded the town of Robertville. She died there on April 26, 1779, and was buried in the vicinity. Seven children were born of this marriage, six of who reached maturity, married and left numerous descendants. [Three Pioneer Rapides Families, p. 11-12]
b. Note:   BI1780
Note:   verified by father's will
c. Note:   XI1780
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