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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ann Martha ELDRED: Birth: 16 Dec 1802 in Beaufort District, SC. Death: Aft 1872 in Louisiana

  2. Peter Robert ELDRED: Birth: 9 Jan 1806 in Woodville, Wilkinson, Mississippi. Death: 3 Mar 1846 in Bayou Des Glaises, Avoyelles Parish, LA

  3. Sarah E. ELDRED: Birth: 1809.

  4. Elizabeth ELDRED: Birth: 1811.

  5. Mary M. ELDRED: Birth: 1813.

  6. Sarah Providence ELDRED: Birth: 21 Aug 1815 in Rapides Parish, Lousiana. Death: 16 Dec 1868 in Rapides Parish, Lousiana

  7. Randel Bettison ELDRED: Birth: 14 Feb 1817 in Louisiana. Death: Bef 1870 in Louisiana

  8. Daniel Robert ELDRED: Birth: 18 Sep 1821 in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. Death: 16 Oct 1885 in Washington Co., TX

a. Note:   1795 inherited "Green Savanna" from father 1840 U.S. Census  Louisiana  Rapides  Unknown Townships Randal was born in Charleston, South Carolina; married Esther Robert in Beaufort, South Carolina; and emigrated to Woodville, Mississippi with the Robert family in 1807. He was in Washington Territory, Mississippi in 1808 and Rapides Parish, Louisiana in 1820, They settled on Bayou Boeuf , he died in 1850. They bought land and established a home south of Cheneyville, La in an area known as the "Indian Land". They called their plantation Eldred Bend (Later renamed Bennettville) After the death of his first wife, Esther, he married Esther's sister Mary in 1847 becoming Mary's third husband. He is probably buried with his wife Mary in or near Cheneyville, Louisiana. (Broderbund WFT Vol 6, Ed 1, Tree #2988, Date of Import: 03 Nov 1997.)
b. Note:   HI2257
Note:   (Research):Marriage Notes for Randal Eldred and Esther Robert: Esther married Randal Eldred in 1801 in South Carolina. They moved to Woodville, Mississippi with other members of her family and a few years later moved to Rapides Parish, Louisiana, where they settled on Bayou Boeuf. They bought land and established a home south of Cheneyville, Louisiana in the area known as the Indian Land. They called their plantation Eldred Bend (later renamed to Bennettville). (Broderbund WFT Vol 6, Ed 1, Tree #2988, Date of Import: 03 Nov 1997.) General stores grew up around the country areas which became centers for purchasing all supplies which the family did not produce for itself. Drugs, clothing, flour, even pork, farm equipment, seed - all these needs and more were supplied by the country store which became a part of the lifestyle, supplying a communication center for neighboring farmers, along with everything else. Ezra Bennett's Store on a bend of the bayou settled around 1813 by Randal Eldred Jr., was such an emporium. Fragments of daybooks left from Ezra Bennett's Store on Bayou Boeuf, below Cheneyville, suggest this crossroads country store may have been a secret hideout for Governor Quitman's Cuban expedition which was planned for 1855. Most of the Boeuf migrants who lined that area of the Boeuf were from Mississippi, and undoubtedly, knew Quitman well and were sympathetic with his objectives: to save the South. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.