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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Kilborn: Birth: 3 MAY 1649 in Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

  2. Joseph Kilborn: Birth: 5 APR 1652 in Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 10 JUL 1706 in Dunstable, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

  3. Jacob Kilborn: Birth: 10 AUG 1654 in Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 18 SEP 1675

  4. Samuel Kilborn: Birth: 11 NOV 1656 in Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 22 APR 1722

  5. Isaac Kilborn: Birth: 26 JAN 1659 in Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 19 DEC 1713 in Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts

  6. Elizabeth Kilborn: Birth: 1 APR 1663 in Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

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a. Note: (Jan. 2011) KILBORN (Kilborne, Kilbourn, Kilbourne, Kilborn, Kilburne, Killburn, Killborne, Killburn) Abigail, d. George, bp. Oct. 18, 1730. C.R.1. Abigail (Kilbourn), d. Jedidiah and Susanna, Nov. 18, 1733. P.R.2. Abigail, d. Ebenezer and Abigail, Oct. 12, 1750. Abigail (Killburn), d. Joseph and Mary, July 15, 1694. Ann (Kilburn), d. Joseph and Mary, Nov. 28, 1680. Ann, d. George, bp. Mar. 9, 1718. C.R.1. Ann, d. Ebenezer, bp. Aug. 9, 1747. C.R.1. Anne (Killburn), d. Ebenezer and Abigail [Abigael. dup.], Feb. 1, 1753. Bettey, d. Paul and Mehetabel, Dec. 19, 1773. Daniel (Killburn), s. Joseph and Sarah, Oct. 6, 1742. Daniel, s. Joseph and Ruth, Sept. 28, 1775. Daniel, s. Thomas and Anna, Mar. 1, 1781. David (Kilburn), s. Samuel and Mary, Mar. 12, 1689-90. David, s. David and Ruth, Oct. 10, 1733. David, s. David and Ruth, Nov. 22, 1734. David, s. David and Ruth, Mar. 2, 1738-9. David, s. David and Ruth, Apr. 12, 1742. P.R.2. Dorcas, d. twin, Ebenezer and Abigail. May 16, 1757. Ebenezer, s. Joseph and Mary, Feb. 11, 1720-21. Eliphalet, s. Samuel and Mary, Oct. 30, 1739. P.R.2. Eliphalet, s. Jedidiah, Jr., Dec. 13, 1752. P.R.] Eliphelet, s. Samuel, bp. Oct. 20, 1706. C.R.1. Elisabeth (Kilburn), Nov. 5, 1713. Elisabeth, d. Jacob, bp. Mar. 3, 1723. C.R.1. Elisabeth (Kilbourne), d. Jedediah and Susanna, May 16, 1732. P.R.2. Elisabeth, d. Joseph, jr. and Ruth, Oct. 20, 1772. Elizabeth (Kilburn), d. George and Elizabeth, 1: 2 m: 1663. [Elizabeth (Kilburn), d. Isaac and Mary, Sept. 10, 1685. different ink.] Elizabeth (Kilburn), d. twin, Ebenezer and Abigail, May 16, 1757. Elizabeth, d. Thomas and Hannah P., Dec. 8, 1823. P.R.74. Elizabeth (Killburn), d. Joseph and Mary, June 22, 1692. George, s. Joseph and Mary, Jan. 21, 1686. George (Kilbourn), s. Samuel and Mary, July 22, 1743. P.R.2. Hannah (Kilborne), d. Samuell and Mary, Oct. 2, 1683. Hannah, d. George and Phebee, Aug. 23, 1715. Hannah, d. Jedidiah and Susanna, May 4, 1735. P.R.2. Hannah, d. Jedidiah and Susanna, July 3, 1739. P.R.2. Hannah, d. Jedidiah, Feb. 13, 1760. P.R.2. Hannah P., d. Thomas and Hannah P., May 13, 1825. P.R.74. Huldah, d. Samson [Sampson. P.R.2.] and Rebekah, Sept. 1, 1753. Isaac (Kilburn), s. Isaac and Dorcas, Oct. 15, 1717. Isaack (Kilborne), s. George and Elizabeth, Jan. 26, 1659. Ivory, s. Ebenezer and Abigail, Apr. 1, 1755. Jacob (Kilborne), s. George and Elizabeth, 10: 6 m.: 1654. Jacob, s. Isaack, bp. Nov. 9, 1690. C.R.1. Jane, d. George, bp. Mar. 31, 1723. C.R.1. Jane (Killburn), d. Eliphelet and Jane, Apr. 15, 1746. Jedidiah, s. Samuell and Mary, Apr. 20, 1699. Jedidiah (Killborn), s. Jedediah, bp. Aug. 15, 1725. C.R.1. Jedidiah (Kilbourn), s. Jedidiah, June 22 1766. P.R.2. Johanna (Kilburne), d. Joseph and Mary, Dec. 7, 1717. John, s. Isaac and Mary, May 12, 1700. John, s. Samson and Rebekah, June 28, 1756. John, s. Sampson, bp. July 8, 1759. C.R.2. Jonathan, s. David and Ruth, Nov. 15, 1737. Joseph (Kilborne), s. George and Elizabeth, 5: 2 m: 1652. Joseph (Kilburn), s. Joseph and Mary, Oct. 20, 1678. [Joseph (Kilborn] s. Joseph and Mary, Jan. 16, 1683. different ink.] Joseph (Kilburne), s. Joseph and Mary, July 2, 1719. Joseph (Killborn), s. Jacob, bp. Mar. 17, 1728. C.R.1. Joseph, s. Ebenezer, bp. July 1, 1744. C.R.1. Joseph (Kilburn), s. Joseph and Sarah, Aug. 31, 1745. Joseph, s. Joseph, jr. and Ruth, July 27, 1770. Lidia (Kilburn), d. Joseph and Sarah, Oct. 29, 1748. Lydia, d. David and Ruth, May 22, 1746. Lucy, d. Jedediah, jr., Jan. 10, 1754. P.R.2. Marcy, d. Jedidiah [jr. P.R.2.] and Hannah, Apr. 14, 1757. Mariah (Killborne), d. Samuell and Mary, July 21, 1696. Martha (Killborne), d. Isack and Mary, Nov. 23, 1687. [1688. CT.R.] Martha (Killhorn), d. George, bp. Dec. 13, 1724. C.R.1. [Mary (Kilbourne), d. George and Elesebeth, May 3, [1649?]. different ink.] Mary (Killburn), d. Joseph and Mary, Sept. 22, 1689. Mary (Killborne), d. Isack and Mary, Mar. 18 [17. dup.], 1696-7. Mary (Kilburn), d. Joseph and Mary, Jan. 3, 1716. Mary, d. George, bp. Mar. 26, 1721. C.R.1. Mary (Kilbourn), d. Samuel and Mary, Sept. 10, 1737. P.R.2. Mary, d. Ebenezer, bp. July 7, 1745. C.R.1. Mary, d. Joseph and Sarah, July 21, 1751. Mehitabel (Kilburn), d. George and Phebee, Feb. 6, 1712-13. Miria, d. David, bp. July 15, 1753. C.R.2. Moses, s. Joseph, jr. and Ruth, Dec. 26, 1777. Moses, s. Joseph, jr., bp. Feb. 1, 1778. C.R.1. Nathan, s. Jedidiah, jr., Nov. 21, 1750-1. P.R.2. Nathaniel, s. Jedidiah, Nov. 22, 1768. P.R.2. Paul, s. Samson [Sampson. P.R.2.] and Rebekah, Apr. 29, 1750. Phoebe, d. George, bp. Aug. 9, 1719. C.R.1. Rebekah, d. Samson [Sampson. P.R.2.] and Rebekah, Jan. 16, 1760. Rebekah, d. John, bp. Apr. 29, 1781. C.R.1. Richard, s. Samuel, Feb. 27, 1745-6. P.R.2. Ruth, d. David and Ruth, June 15, 1740. Ruth, d. David [of Linebrook. P.R.2.] and Ruth, Feb. 24, 1747-8. Samson (Killborn), s. Jedidiah, bp. Mar. 23, 1729. C.R.1. Samuel, s. David and Ruth, Apr. 12, 1742. Samuel, s. David [of Linebrook. P.R.2.] and Ruth, Nov. 10, 1749. Samuel, s. Thomas and Hannah P., July 23, 1820. P.R.74. Samuell (Kilbourne), s. George and Elisabeth, 11: 9 m: 1656. Samuell (Killborne), s. Sammuell and Mary, July 20, 1687. [1688. CT.R.] Sarah, d. Joseph, bp. June 26, 1692, C.R.1. Sarah (Kilburn), d. Joseph and Mary, July 23, 1711. Sarah, d. Daniel and Elisabeth, Sept. 1, 1767. Susanna (Kilbourn), d. Jedidiah and Susanna, May 19, 1737. P.R.2. Susanna (Kilbourne), d. Jedidiah, Dec. 8, 1762. P.R.2. Thomas, s. Joseph and Sarah, Sept. 3, 1753. Thomes, s. Joseph, jr., bp. May 28, 1780. C.R.1. William, s. David and Ruth, Mar. 9, 1743-4. ----, s. stillborn, David and Ruth, Nov. 6, 1732. P.R.2. ----, s. Jonathan, Mar. 27, 1766. P.R.2. ----, ch. Joseph, bp. ----, 1783. C.R.1. --------------------------------- From: FB group Society of Early Lancastrian Families (MA) "John C. Schumacher-Hardy Barbara Poole: So far as I understand... the first Kilbourn in town (at least for this line) was one William A. Kilbourn (1838-1912) who was born in Groton, MA and later came to Lancaster to oversee the Lancaster Academy. In 1873 he accepted a position to manage the wealthy Nathaniel Thayer's farms and gardens, which he did with diligent expertise. His grandson, Walton Goss Kilbourn, Jr. (middle name deriving from his early Lancaster ancestors by that surname: Goss), continues to hay Kilbourn Hill every year (now being about 85 years old), even though the Thayer descendants donated this real estate in 2002 to the non-profit land conservation group called "The Trustees for Preservation" and they rudely changed the name from it's generations old "Kilbourn Hill" name to "Dexter Drumlin." Here's a link to an old Worcester County history book which contains a great deal of genealogical information regarding W. A. Kilbourn and his ancestors. It seems the Lancaster, MA Kilbourn's came from Cambridgeshire, England and first settled in Roxbury, MA and then Rowley, MA upon settlement in the New World back in the 17th century. This link also shows a photo of W. A. Kilbourn. Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of… BOOKS.GOOGLE.COM John C. Schumacher-Hardy Barbara Hanno: Nice new sign marking the rock area where Mary Rowlandson spent her first night in captivity atop George Hill in Lancaster (near our present town water towers)... dedicated to William A. Kilbourn (1933-2008), who was a grandson (or great-grandson?) of William A. Kilbourn (1838-1912) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.