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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Massey: Birth: 1627 in England. Death: in England

  2. JOHN MASSEY \ MASSIE: Birth: ABT 1631 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 1 SEP 1710 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts

1. Title:   The Essex Genealogist: "The Massey Family" by Caroline Sparks (Essex Society of Genealogists, Vol. 3, No. 3, Aug. 1983)
Page:   Pgs. 121-125
2. Title:   Anderson, Robert C., The Great Migration Begins, Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, Vol. II G-O (Boston: NEHGS, 1995)
3. Title:   Perley, Sidney, The History of Salem 1626-1637, Vol. I (Salem, Mass., S. Perley, 1924-28)
4. Title:   Massachusetts Vital Records

a. Note:   land 1620-1633" Vol. 2, Boston: NEHGS, 1995. Pp. 1230+ JEFFREY MASSEY / MASSIE ORIGIN: Unknown (but see COMMENTS below) MIGRATION: 1630 FIRST RESIDENCE: Salem OCCUPATION: Surveyor. MASSEY kept a book of his lot laying and was a skilled surveyor, among other talents. At November Term 1664, "JEFFERIE MASSEY, aged seventy-three years, deposed that for about thirty-four years, that `I have been in Salem ... and further that since I have been employed in laying out land for the town which is now as I take it about thirty years we were always careful to reserve land free for highways'" [EQC 3:207; see also EQC 4:224, STR 1:10, 35, 44 etc.]. CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: In list of Salem church members compiled in late 1636 [SChR 5], but date of freemanship shows he must have been church member before 14 May 1634. FREEMAN: 14 May 1634 [MBCR 1:369]. EDUCATION: The earliest Salem town book of grants is in his handwriting [STR 1:5, 180], but by the end of his life he was reduced to making his mark on his will. OFFICES: Deputy for Salem to General Court, 13 March 1638/9 [STR 1:85; MBCR 1:250]. One of three Salem members of colony "committee appointed to value [livestock] in every town, which are required to value them under their worth rather than above their worth," 13 May 1640 [MBCR 1:295]. Committee on boundary between Salem and Ipswich, 27 March 1643 [MBCR 2:36]. Essex jury, 27 June 1636, 27 September 1636, 27 December 1636, 27 March 1638, 26 June 1638, 25 September 1638, 25 December 1638, 25 June 1639, 24 September 1639, 31 December 1639, 31 March 1640, 29 December 1640, 29 June 1641 [EQC 1:3, 4, 7-12, 14, 17, 23, 28]. Grand jury, 25 January 1641/2, 26 December 1643, 9 July 1644, 31 December 1644, 30 November 1652, 28 June 1653, 28 November 1654, 26 June 1655, 25 November 1656, 24 November 1663 [EQC 1:33, 57, 67, 74, 270, 282, 372, 390, 2:6, 3:101]. Petit jury, 27 December 1642 (discharged), 30 December 1645, 6 July 1647, 26 June 1649, 25 June 1650 (foreman), 24 June 1651, 25 November 1651, 29 June 1652, 20 October 1653, 28 June 1659, 26 June 1660, 25 June 1661 [EQC 1:44, 89, 114, 169, 191, 229, 239, 254, 309, 2:157, 202, 281]. With two others, JEFFREY MASSEY's position as a juryman from Salem was challenged by Margaret Weston at the January 1637/8 Term of court. Unfortunately, there is no record of the grounds for her complaint. He evidently withstood the challenge since he served in the March 1638 court [EQC 1:7]. Coroner's jury on the drowning of John Balch, 16 February 1661[/2] [EQC 2:421]. Salem selectman, 1635, 1637-40, 1642, 1643, 1645-9, 1651, 1652, 1654-7 [STR 1:15, 50, 68, 77, 105, 114, 121, 137, 146, 153, 156, 158, 167, 171, 176, 184, 192, 200]. Clerk of the writs, 1647 [STR 1:148]. Rater, 11 September 1637 [STR 1:57]. Auditor, 1640, 1645-7 [STR 1:106, 137, 145, 153]. Clerk of the market, 1648 [STR 1:104]. Constable, 1645, 15 April 1646 [STR 1:141; EQC 1:2]. Fenceviewer, 1636/7, 1645 [STR 1:40, 136]. Surveyor, repeatedly until 1658 [STR 1:214]. ESTATE: In the 1636 Salem land grant JEFFREY MASSEY received seventy-five acres in the freeman's lands at Mackerell Cove [STR 1:20]. He was granted half an acre of marsh on 25 December 1637, with a household of three [STR 1:102]. On 3 March 1637[/8] JEFFREY MASSESY and Richard Brackenbury were each granted fifty acres of land adjoining the Mackerell Cove grant "in consideration that they had fifty acres of rocks granted them formerly" [STR 1:68]. He was granted twenty acres of upland and five acres of meadow 21 January 1639/40, the twenty acres located at the Great Pond [STR 1:97, 116]. His four acres formerly granted was chosen in the summer of 1651 [STR 1:169]. It was ordered 26 February 1654/5 that "for as much as JEFFERIE MASSEY hath transcribed the town book or so much as remained unperfected by Mr. Downing that the said JEFFERIE MASSEY shall have forty acres of upland in some convenient place for his pains" [STR 1:180]. At court March Term 1681, Jacob Town, aged about fifty years, deposed that about thirty-five or six years ago his father, William Towne, bought twenty acres of land of JEFFREY MASSEY of Salem and paid for it in wheat the same year [EQC 8:74]. In his will, dated 6 November 1676 and proved 29 June 1677, "JEFFERY MASSEY Sr. of Salem" bequeathed to "ELLIN my wife" all my housing, lands, cattle and goods during her life; Henry Skerry Sr. and Francis Skerry, overseers; residue to "my son JOHN MASSEY" after ELLEN's death, with one third of the land to "my son his wife SARAH MASSEY" and two thirds to John and Sarah's children at John's death, the next heir to receive Sarah's dower at her death; "my son JOHN MASSEY" executor [EQC 6:302]. The inventory of JEFFREY MASSEY of Salem, taken 25 November 1676 by Henry Skerry Sr. and Francis Skerry, was allowed 26 June 1677 and totalled £163 12s. 6d. The real estate included "his dwelling house and an acre of upland and an orchard in it with half a barn and an old house and fence to it, £40; 4 acres of salt and English grass meadow below the house, £40; four acres of pasture land fenced in near the house, £32; one ten acre lot over the river against the house, £30," for a total of £142 [EQC 6:302, 7:418]. BIRTH: About 1591 (deposed in November 1661 aged about seventy [EQC 2:323]; deposed 30 November 1664 aged seventy-three [EQC 3:207]; deposed 28 March 1674 aged eighty-two years [EQC 5:282]; deposed 30 June 1674 aged eighty-two years [EQC 49:16]; discharged from training "on account of his age and service to the town, paying 5s. yearly to the company," December Term 1647 [EQC 1:131]). DEATH: Salem 9 November 1676. MARRIAGE: By about 1631 Ellen _____ (assuming that she was mother of John). "ELLEN MASSY" was admitted to Salem church 26 November 1648 [SChR 13], but no earlier record gives her name, so she may not have been mother of John. She died in late 1679 or early 1680, since her son charged the estate for expenses "laid out for my mother after my father's decease for the space of three years & upwards," and also for funeral expenses [EPR 3:150]. CHILD: i JOHN, b. about 1631 (deposed 28 June 1672 aged 41 [EQC 5:68-9]; deposed aged about forty-nine years June 1680 [EQC 7:390]); m. Salem 27 April 1658 SARAH WELLS, daughter of THOMAS and ABIGAIL WELLS (in her will of 22 July 1671 widow ABIGAIL WELLS of Ipswich named "my daughter SARAH MASSEY" [EPR 2:241]); d. Salem 1 September 1710, at which time the town clerk entered after his name "one of the first persons that was born in this Town of Salem of the English Nation." ASSOCIATIONS: He was frequently teamed with Henry Skerry when surveying land, and chose Skerry and Skerry's son as overseers of his will. COMMENTS: Banks claimed that JEFFREY MASSEY came from Knutsford, Cheshire, without giving any evidence [Topo Dict 14]. In 1979 Judge Frank A. Massey published evidence which points in this same direction: a Jeffrey Massey, son of Jeffrey and Blanche (Hough) Massey, was baptized at Knutsford, Cheshire, on 11 December 1591; a JEFFREY MASSEY and ELLEN FOX married on 25 May 1625 at Wybenbury, Cheshire; and a JOHN MASSEY, son of JEFFREY, was baptized at Knutsford on 16 March 1627 [Massey Genealogy Addendum (Fort Worth, Texas, 1979), Pp. 63-64]. These records are tantalizing, but do not quite constitute proof: Knutsford and Wybenbury are on opposite sides of Cheshire; and the son JOHN in Salem was born about 1631, not 1627. Nevertheless, as Judge Massey notes, the name JEFFREY MASSEY is common in Cheshire, and further research in this county should eventually determine the origin of this immigrant. Several writers have introduced minor errors into the literature regarding Massey, including Savage who says "d. 1677, aged a. 84," which is not in agreement with the death date as published. Pope reports that the will names "son John and other children," but this is a misreading of references to John's children, Jeffrey's grandchildren. JEFFREY MASSEY was what was called a useful man. He was not only a careful and reliable worker, he also kept meticulous records. Son JOHN MASSEY was called to the September 1693 term of the Essex Quarterly Courts to provide land entries he described as "A true Copy taken out of my father JEFFREY MASSEY Esq book of upland laid out by himself Mr Gardner Petar Palfery lot layers out at Wenham the 25 of the 11th Month 1643" [EQC 56:19]. John provided similar service for neighbors and the courts on many occasions [EQC 9:343]. MASSEY was an indefatigable worker, constantly serving on juries, special committees, or assisting in the estates of his neighbors. He witnessed the marriage contract of Marie Goult and Richard Bishop, 12 July 1660 [EQC 6:105-6]. JEFFREY MASSEY appraised the estates of Samuel Smith, 18 November 1652; Joanna Cummins, 17 May 1644; John Thorne, 1 August 1646; Richard Bartholomew, 27 July 1646; JOHN BALCH, 15 May 1648; MILES WARD, 1650; William Goult, 21 April 1660; Thomas Smith of Salem, 14 June 1662; Elizabeth Cockerell, 27 June 1664; William Goose, 28 June 1664; Richard Ellit, March 1662/3; Richard Ingersoll, 4 October 1644 [EQC 1:47, 66, 101, 102, 143-4, 195, 2:214, 3:20, 162, 176, 181, 4:111]. He witnessed the wills of Michael Sallows, 14 November 1646, and JOHN BALCH, 15 May 1648 [EQC 1:105, 131, 143-4]. He was overseer to the wills of Michael Sallows, 14 November 1646, George Williams, 23 September 1654, Marie Williams, 1 October 1654, and Elizabeth Harding, 7 August 1654 [EQC 1:105, 131, 375, 377, 6:243]. He was a trustee for the estate of Joseph Williams, December Term 1658 [EQC 2:136]. He administered the estate of George Smith and brought in his inventory, 9 March 1662/3 [EQC 3:14, 81]. He appraised the land of Mr. George Emorye to satisfy the judgment to Mr. William Browne, 17 June 1671 [EQC 4:450]. Endicott ordered that JEFFREY MASSEY and others were to lay out the lands of Jacob Barney in September 1639, an exercise Massey performed for countless others, as well [EQC 1:13, 2:256, 4:103, 6:242, 7:324]. He viewed the ground Richard Hollingworth wished to use to set a workhouse upon in 1644 [STR 1:126]. He was appointed to arrange for a herdsman to keep the cattle, 7 April 1645 [STR 1:136]. He was on the committee to work with Ipswich men to perfect the town boundaries [STR 1:174] and did the same with the Topsfield men and the men of Cape Ann side [STR 1:198, 222]. While he did not often make his opinion known, he joined many neighbors in opposing the license for Mr. Anthony Ashby to keep an ordinary at Salem, November Term 1670 [EQC 4:315].
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