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1. Title:   Relationship
2. Title:   Massachusetts Vital Records for Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts
3. Title:   Derby, Perly, Inscriptions from the Charter Street Burial Ground, Salem, MA (Essex Institute of Historical Collections, Vol. 13, 1877)
4. Title:   William Carlson Compiler, Charter Street Cemetery Burial Records: Salem, Massachusetts (Salem, MA: Higginson Book Co., 2009).
5. Title:   Visited Burial Site
6. Title:   Find A Grave, internet

a. Note:   : Salem, Massachusetts. Salem, MA: Higginson Book Co., 2009. Page 59. "Ward, Nathaniel Born July 29, 1746 Died October 12, 1768 age 23 years. The son of Miles and Hannah (Hathorne). The inscription on his headstone reads as follows: "In this grave are the deposited remains of Nathaniel Ward AM. Late librarian of Harvard College, whom penetrating genius, improved by extensive acquaintance, with liberal arts and sciences rendered superior to most; his native good sence [sic], and literary accomplishments, attracted universal notice, while amiable disposition, and social virtues, especially his singular frankness and dissembled benevolence, gained him esteem and love of all. He was a dutiful son and affectionate brother, a faithful friend and agreeable companion. Sincere piety toward God, crowned his other virtues, and promised a life eminencely useful, but ah but blasted hope. In vigor or youth amidst happy prospects, cut off by raging fever. He breath forth his soul October 12 in the years 1768 aged 23." E 160 ---------- From: Find A Grave: Inscription: In this grave are deposed the remains of Nathanial Ward. Late librarian of Harvard College, whom a penetrating genius improved by an extensive acquaintance with the liberal arts and sciences. Rendered superior to most his native good senfe and literary accomplishments attracted universal notice while his amiable disposition and social virtues especially his singular frankness and undissembled benevolence gained him the esteem and love of all. He was a dutiful son, and affectionate brother. A faithful friend and agreeable companion. A sincere piety towards God crowned his other virtues and promised a life eminently useful. But ah blasted hope! In the vigor of youth amid happy prospects cut off by a raging fever he breathed forth his soul Oct XII in the year MDCCLXVII aged XXIII (Oct 12, 1767. Aged 22)
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