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Marriage: Children:
  1. JOSIAH HULL: Birth: ABT 10 NOV 1616 in St. Bartholomew's, Crewkerne, Somerset, England. Death: 16 NOV 1675 in Killingworth, Middlesex Co., Connecticut

  2. Mary \ Marie Hull: Birth: ABT 27 JUL 1618 in St. Bartholomew's, Crewkerne, Somerset, England. Death: 18 AUG 1684 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut

  3. Martha Hull: Birth: 24 OCT 1620 in Crewkerne, Somerset, England.

  4. Elizabeth Hull: Birth: ABT 16 OCT 1625 in St. Bartholomew's, Crewkerne, Somerset, England. Death: 2 MAY 1680 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut

  5. Cornelius Hull: Birth: 9 APR 1628 in Crewkerne, Somerset, England. Death: SEP 1695–OCT 1695 in Fairfield, Fairfield Co., Connecticut

  6. Joshua Hull: Birth: ABT 5 NOV 1630 in Crewkerne, Somerset, England. Death: BEF 1658

  7. Naomi Hull: Birth: ABT 1632.

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a. Note:   GEORGE HULL ORIGIN: Crewkerne, Somersetshire MIGRATION: 1632 FIRST RESIDENCE: Dorchester REMOVES: Windsor 1636, Fairfield 1647 CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Dorchester church prior to 4 March 1632/3 implied by freemanship. FREEMAN: 4 March 1632/3 [ MBCR 1:367]. EDUCATION: Signed his will. OFFICES: Dorchester selectman, 8 October 1633, 2 November 1635, 27 June 1636, 5 July 1636 [ DTR 3, 13, 16, 17]; assessor, 3 November 1633, 2 June 1634 [ DTR 4, 7]. Deputy to Massachusetts Bay General Court for Dorchester, 14 May 1634, 25 May 1636 [ MBCR 1:116, 174]. Deputy to Connecticut Court for Windsor, May 1637, November 1637, March 1638, April 1638, August 1639, September 1639, January 1639/40, April 1640, February 1640/1, April 1641, September 1641, November 1641, April 1642, August 1642, March 1643, April 1643, September 1643, April 1644, September 1644, September 1645, December 1645, April 1646 [ CT Civil List 28-29]. Deputy for Fairfield, May 1649, May 1650, May 1651, October 1655, May 1656 [ CT Civil List 28-29]. Magistrate at Fairfield, 29 October 1653 [ CCCR 1:249]. Assistant magistrate, 6 October 1651, 18 May 1654 [ CCCR 1:226, 257; CT Civil List 29]. Beaver trader, authorized 5 April 1638 [ CCCR 1:18]. Assistant commissary general, 18 September 1649 [ CCCR 1:198]. ESTATE: Ordered to build sixty feet of fence, rated for three cows (as "Mr. Hull"), 3 April 1633 [ DTR 1]; granted two acres of meadow, 18 February 1635/6 [ DTR 15]; granted meadow "that lies before his door where he now dwells," 27 June 1636 [ DTR 17]; received Lot #35, four acres, in the meadow beyond Naponset (and perhaps also Lot #55, six acres) [ DTR 321 In the Windsor land inventory on 16 November 1640 George Hull held seven parcels: homelot of seven acres and a half; sixteen acres in the Great Meade; over the Great River twenty-seven rods in length and three miles in breadth; over the Great River four acres and a quarter of meadow; fifteen acres of upland; ten acres and a half of upland; and five acres in the Great Meade [ WiLR 1:13]. On 22 November 1653 Daniel Frost sold to George Hull seven acres in the Old Field at Fairfield [ Fairfield LR 1:44]. On 24 November 1653 Charles Tainter sold to George Hull six parcels of land: two acres and a fraction in Sasqua Neck; four acres and a half at Uncaway River; seven acres and eight rods in the Great Meadow; three acres and a quarter in the Old Field; thirteen acres and a half in the New Field; and thirteen acres and a fraction "at the planting field at Uncaway Neck" [ Fairfield LR 1:44]. On the same day Robert Woolly sold to George Hull one acre in the Old Field and the town granted to George Hull a homelot of six acres and a half [ Fairfield LR 1:45]. On 24 November 1653 George Hull sold to Richard Osborne two acres in the Old Field [ Fairfield LR 1:46]. On 21 May 1658 "Mr. George Hull" sold to Moses Hoyt two acres in Sasqua Neck [ Fairfield LR 1:116] and to Austin Samfeild two acres in Sasqua Neck [ Fairfield LR 1:117]. On 26 May 1658 "Mr. George Hull" sold to "Josua Jennings" two acres at Sasco Hill [ Fairfield LR 1:114]. On 29 November 1653 "Georg[e] Hull hath given unto his son Cornelius Hull upon his marriage" several parcels of land [ Fairfield LR 1:48 In his will, date lost (fire damage) and proved 20 October 1659, George Hull bequeathed to "my loving wife" one-third of the estate; to "my son Josyas Hull another third part of my estate"; to "son Cornelius Hull one little featherbed which is at Boston" and "forty shillings to be paid out of the last third of my estate"; to "my cousin Jane Pinkny" twenty shillings; "my son Josyas Hull and Sarah my loving wife" to be executors; residue to "my four daughters equally to be divided that is to Mary, Martha, Elizabeth, Naomy" [ Fairfield PR 1:56]. The "invoice of the estate of Georg[e] Hull late deceased in Fairfield" was taken 25 August 1659 and totalled £58 14s. 4d., with no real estate included [ Fairfield PR 1:56-58]. In her will, dated 1659 (day and month lost to fire damage) and proved 20 October 1659, "Sarah [Hull ...] wife unto George Hull late deceased" bequeathed "my house at Boston equally to be divided betwixt all my children"; to "my son Gamaleell" a cupboard; to "my son Georg[e] Phippin" furniture in house at Boston; to "my daughter Rebecca Vickers and my daughter Sarah Yow" moveables; to "my cousin Jane Pinkny" 30s.; residue to "my four sons (to wit) Beniamin Phippin, Joseph, Gamaleell and Georg[e] Phippin"; "my cousin Phillip Pinkny" to be overseer [ Fairfield PR 1:61]. The inventory of "the estate of Sarah Hull late deceased in Fairfield" was taken 25 August 1659 and was untotalled; no real estate was included [ Fairfield PR 1:61-62]. BIRTH: By about 1589 (based on date of first marriage), son of Thomas and Joan (Pyssing) Hull [ Evans Festschrift 44, 49-50; Dawes-Gates 2:453 DEATH: Fairfield after 26 May 1658 [ Fairfield LR 1:45] and before 25 August 1659 (date of inventory). MARRIAGE: (1) Crewkerne, Somerset, 27 August 1614 Thomasine Mitchell [ Ackley-Bosworth 78]; she died before 1654. (2) After 11 July 1654 Sarah (_____) Phippen, widow of David Phippen of Boston [ TAG 17:5]; she died at Fairfield shortly before 25 August 1659. CHILDREN (first six baptized Crewkerne [ TAG 20:supplement 18; Ackley-Bosworth 78]): i JOSIAS, bp. 10 November 1616; m. Windsor 20 May 1641 Elizabeth Loomis [ Grant 46]. ii MARY, bp. 27 July 1618; m. Dorchester by about 1637 HUMPHREY PINNEY [ Grant 58]. iii MARTHA, bp. 29 October 1620; named in father's will in 1659; no further record. iv ELIZABETH, bp. 16 October 1625; m. Windsor 4 December 1646 Samuel Gaylord [ Grant 42], son of WILLIAM GAYLORD . v CORNELIUS, bp. 13 April 1628; m. about November 1653 Rebecca Jones, daughter of Rev. John Jones (George Hull deeded land to his son Cornelius on 29 November 1653 "upon his marriage" [ Fairfield LR 1:48]; in his will of 17 January 1664/5 John Jones made a bequest to his daughter Rebecca Hull [ FOOF 1:344]). (In some sources the date of this marriage is given as 19 November 1652, but there is no record of the event in Fairfield vital records; the date would seem to be a misreading and a misuse of the gift of land from father to son on 29 November 1653, which must have been very close to the date of marriage.) vi JOSHUA, bp. 5 November 1630; no further record. vii NAOMI, b. say 1632; named in father's will in 1659; no further record. ASSOCIATIONS: George Hull was elder brother of Reverend Joseph Hull who arrived in New England in 1635 [ Evans Festschrift 44-51, which summarizes earlier work by the author (John Insley Coddington) and others on the Hull family, and presents new evidence on the ancestry of Joan Pyssing, mother of George and Joseph]. In his will George Hull mentioned cousin Jane Pinkney, and his second wife named cousins Jane and Philip Pinkney in her will. In his account of Philip Pinkney, Jacobus supposes that "[h]e and his wife were perhaps drawn to Fairfield by the marriage of their aunt, Mrs. Sarah Phippen, to George Hull" [ FOOF 1:482], but the exact nature of the relationship is not known. COMMENTS: George Hull has been included in some lists of passengers on the Mary & John, but his son Joshua was baptized in Crewkerne on 5 November 1630 and the first record of him in New England is his admission as freeman of Massachusetts Bay on 4 March 1632/3, which makes an arrival date of 1632 far more likely. On 5 March 1639[/40] George Hull and other men returned the appraisal of the estate of the children of Thomas Newberry [ RPCC 9]. William Hill named him an overseer in his will, 9 September 1649 [ Manwaring 1:128]. George Hull and Alexander Knowles took the inventory of William Cross of Fairfield, 7 September 1655 [ Manwaring 1:111]. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.