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Marriage: Children:
  1. Susanna Jones: Birth: ABT 1638. Death: BEF 1671

  2. Thomas Jones: Birth: 15 MAR 1640. Death: 25 NOV 1672 in Gloucester, Essex Co., Massachusetts

  3. Mary Jones: Birth: ABT 1642. Death: AFT 1671

  4. Nathaniel Jones: Birth: 22 FEB 1644.

  5. RUTH JONES: Birth: 22 FEB 1645 in Gloucester / Salisbury, Massachusetts. Death: AFT 14 NOV 1718

  6. North \ Nathaniel Jones: Birth: 22 FEB 1645. Death: AFT 1671

  7. Samuel Jones: Birth: 31 AUG 1647. Death: 25 SEP 1715 in Enfield, Hartford Co., Connecticut

  8. Ephraim Jones: Birth: 1 APR 1649. Death: BEF 1671

  9. Benjamin Jones: Birth: 31 JUL 1651 in Gloucester, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 25 JUN 1718 in Enfield, Hartford Co., Connecticut

  10. Remember Jones: Birth: 1 AUG 1653. Death: 2 MAR 1717

1. Title:   Hoyt, Daniel Webster, The Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Mass. With Some Related Families of (Providence: Snow & Farnham, 1897-1917)
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a. Continued:   From: History and Genealogy of the Ancestors and Descendants of Captain Israel Jones Who Removed from Enfield to Barkhamsted, in the Year 1759 by L. Newton Parker, 1902 Pages 3-4 Babson's History of Gloucester, Page 107, says: "Thomas Jones was born in 1598. He was in Gloucester as early as 1642, and owned a house and land near the burying place. He was admitted Freeman in 1653; and died in 1671, leaving an estate of œ 147: 15s. His wife was Mary, daughter of Richard, and Ursula North. She died in 1681." By court records,--see Mass. General Archives, office of Secretary of State, at the State House, Boston, Vol. 16, Pp. 9, 10,--it appears that this record is incorrect in this: Ursula was the second wife of Richard North, and mother to none of his children, who probably were all born in England, before he emigrated to America. It would appear from this court record, that the mother died, and Richard remarried in England; although from all sources it appears in American Ancestry, that Ursula was a mother to the children of Richard North. It appears that from the first permanent settlement of Cape Ann, or Gloucester,--up to 1650, there were eighty-two persons who owned real estate; and that only about one-third of these persons found their last resting place at Gloucester, the rest having removed to other places. The first English settlement at New London, Conn., was made in 1646. Lots were laid out, but some of the settlers became discouraged and left the place. The next year, Mr. Richard Blinman, an ejected clergyman from Parish Chepstowe, Monmouthshire, England, joined the settlement with about twenty families and heads of families, the most of them probably, the members of his original colony of about fifty, who appear at Plymouth, certainly as early as March, 1640-41. Upon his arrival, Marshfield, being without a pastor, invited him to settle there, which he accepted, and preached for that settlement for a year. Doctrinal differences arose, and he went to Gloucester, about 1642, removing from there, as stated, to New London, where he seems to have remained. Thomas Jones went to New London(*) with this company; but, apparently not liking the location, did not apply for a settler's grant, and soon returned to Gloucester. This appears to be the only time that he ever made any attempt, or seriously thought of removing from the location he had first chosen. Thomas Jones' name, or rather his mark, is affixed to a covenant entered into by the inhabitants of Gloucester, with their pastor, Rev. John Emerson, granting him certain privileges because of his erecting a grist mill, in May, 1664 He does not seem to have gone on record as a dealer in lands, as they were probably town grants, and he held them intact, dividing them in his will between his sons Thomas and Benjamin; Benjamin receiving the homestead and the lands adjoining, and Thomas that part of the farm which lay on the opposite side of the Annisquam river. Benjamin appears to have been the chief dependence of his parents, perhaps because he lived in the homestead. As for Page 5 North,--or Nathaniel,--his father does not seem to have been on good terms with him; he had evidently left home, and was not likely to return, as the gift of twenty shillings was made conditional upon his coming in person to claim it.(*) Thomas Jones, Sr., died August 26, 1671, as is shown by probate record. It is erroneously stated in some books as occurring on 8 (11) 1671, i. e., January 8, 16 71/72. As will be seen, Mary Jones made her will January 28, 16 81/82, and bequeathed to her three daughters, one shilling each, the balance of her goods to her son Benjamin, who had an inventory taken of the same, on February 22, 16 81/82. She died February 4, 16 81/82. "A record purporting to have come from Gloucester records gives the date of her death as December 4, which is disproved by the will, which see elsewhere. Richard North, the father of Mary (North) Jones died in Salisbury "in the beginning of March, 1667," leaving by will a legacy of œ 5, to his daughter Mary Jones. In the settlement of Richard North's estate, "Thomas Jones of Gloster, formerly of Cape Ann, gave a receipt for this legacy to the widow, Ursula North, July 24, 1669." Dates, it will be observed, are old style; the year commencing about the middle of March: Essex Co., Mass. Registry of Deeds. Salem. Old Norfolk County Records. Vol. 2, Page 292. THOMAS JONES, to URSULA NORTH. I, THOMAS JONES, of Gloster, formerly of Cape Ann, have received of URSULA NORTH, of Salisbury, Norfolk Co., widow and extx., œ5., a lagasie given unto MARY, my wife, by her father RICHARD NORTH of Salisbury, decd, July 24, 1669. Receipt acknowledged, April 29, 1673, before Salisbury Court, ye 2d. session. Vol. of Births, Marriages, etc. Page 1, Salisbury Records. NATHANIEL WINSLEY was married unto MARY JONES, 1661. Page 21. RICHARD NORTH died the beginning of March, 1667. WIDOW NORTH died March 1, 1670. Essex Co., Mass. Registry of Deeds. Salem. Vol. 14, Page 166. BENJAMIN JOANES,(+) of Gloster, planter, and wife ELIZABETH, See Thomas Jones' will Page 6 for œ 81:10s--part money and part country pay, sell to James Sawyer, weaver, a house lot of about 13 A. on the highway and Squamme River, also 2 lots of land and marsh of 18 A. in Gloster, Oct. 26, 1686, and signed with the marks of Benjamin and Elizabeth Jones. Deed is acknowledged by both on Dec. 2, 1686, but not recorded until July, 1708. Vol. 15, Page 119. Whereas, WILLIAM WILD, of Ipswich, decd., by his will, conditionally gave lands to his nephew, JOHN WILD, son of his brother, JOHN WILD, of Topsfield, which said land the said JOHN WILD, decd., had sold to John Harris, locksmith, of Ipswich,--we, the children of JOHN WILD (claiming property in the said lands after the decease of the Relict of WILLIAM WILD) viz.: Edward Bishop, Salem, and wife Sarah; Kenny Lake, of Topsfield, and wife Priscilla; BENJAMIN JONES, of Gloucester, and wife ELIZABETH; Timothy Day and wife, Phebe and Ephriam Wild, of Topsfield and the said Edward Bishop, in addition to his own share, has bought the share of Martha Wild, his sister. The above release all their rights in the above lands to the said John Harris, of Ipswich, Dec. 14, 1685. Vol. 43, Page 162. BENJAMIN JONES, of Gloucester, Yeoman, and wife ELIZABETH, sell to Anthony Bennett, Carpenter, an "island of upland" and the marsh on Squam River, in Gloucester. Signed by marks of Ben. and Elizabeth Jones, Dec. 18, 1682, and acknowledged by both on May 15, 1685; recorded in 1726. (See note.) Essex Co. Probate Records. File 15228. Will of THOMAS JONES. I, THOMAS JOANES, of Gloucester, in the county of Essex, in New England, being (by God's providence) cast upon my Bed of Sickness and weaknesse and not knowing how neare the time of my departure may be at hand yet knowing that all men are borne to dye & depart out of this world doe therefore make known & declare this my last will and Testament in manner & forme following: ffirst I doe Commit & Commend my Soule unto the hands of God the Father of Spirits and my body to the Grave to be decently buried by my surviving Friends And for my Goodes ffirst it is my will & I doe give and bequeath unto NOTE.-(This probably was a final sale preparatory to removing to Enfield. See dates.) Page 7 my deare & loving wife all the Goods & Cattell with the halfe of the Ground meadow & upland where I now live (on this side of the River commonly called Annassquam) with halfe the House also standing upon the sayd land the same to injoy during her naturall Life after my decease. Item. I give and bequeath unto my sonne Benjamin Jones & to his Heires the other halfe of the House & Land where now I live on this Side of the River abovesayd the same to injoy & possesse after my decease, as also the other halfe of the sayd House & Land after the decease of his sayd mother, viz: the whole Living to have & injoy in his owne proper Right after the decease of his mother if shee surviveth myselfe. As also all my Tackling for the Teame, yoakes & Chaynes plough & plough Irons with all other Tooles & Implements which are mine for the Carrying on of such workes & Improvements as we have vsually been occupied in or about. The sayd Tooles & Implements for worke. It is my will & meaning that my Sayd Sonne shall have & injoy as well as the halfe of the house & Land above sayd presently upon my decease. Item I give & bequeath unto my Sonne Thomas Joanes my Land with the orchyard the sayd Land Containing about three Acres more or lesse & being Situate on the other side of the River abovesayd, viz: on the Southeast side of the River right over agaynst my House where I now Live and Six Acres of Land upon the Lower Necke where Goodman Harraden Liveth, and my Will & meaning is that my Sonne Thomas shall have & injoy the Sayd Lands presently upon my decease, only it is my will & I doe hereby declare that my wife shall have the thirds of the Sayd Land during her naturall Life. Item. I give & bequeath unto my Daughter Winslow of Salisbury one Shilling. Item. I give & bequeath unto my Daughter Ruth Haward of Salem one pound ten shillings to be paid in Goods or Cattell as they goe between man & man, viz: at the Common price. Item. I give unto my daughter Remember Jones twenty shillings to be payd in Goods or Cattell at the Common price. Item. I give & bequeath to my Sonne Thomas Jones five Pounds to be payd in Goods or Cattell at the common price by my Sonne Benjamin after the decease of my wife. Page 8 Item. I give & bequeath unto my Sonne Samuel Jones one shilling. Item. I give & bequeath unto my Sonne North Jones twenty shillings at the decease of my wife to be payd by my Sonne Benjamin if he comes in his owne person to demand the same. Item. I give & bequeath to my Daughter Remember one Iron Pot after my decease. Item. I give & bequeath unto my grandchild John Jackson one Ewe Sheepe at my decease. Item. I give to my Sonne Thomas my Longest Muskett & to my Sonne Benjamin the other Muskett. And for my Household Goodes & Cattell it is my will & meaning that my Wife shall have & injoy them as her proper Right after my decease only to pay all Such Debts (as doe appear that I owe to any man) out of them, except such Legacys above sayd which I have appoynted unto my Sonne Benjamin to pay. And to the end that this my will may be duely & truely performed I doe Constitute appoynt & ordayne my deare & loving wife sole executrix & doe intreat & desier my well beloved and Respected Friends Mr. John Emerson Mr. Walker & Philip Staynwood Senior to be the oversers. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seale the Seaventh day of this present month of August Anno Dom one thousand six hundred and seaventy one (Above will signed by mark). In the presence of John Emerson: Henry Walker: Philip Staynwood. Walker & Staynwood appeared at the Court of Ipswich, on Sept. 26, 1671, and made oath to the signature. Inventory of the estate of THOMAS JONES, late of Gloucester, deceased, (August) the 26th, 1671; taken Sept. 15, 1671; total œ147. House & land œ60. Widow testifies to its accuracy. File 15229. Will of THOMAS JONES, JR., Essex, New England. In the name of God amen this 13th day of Nouember, 1672, I THOMAS JOANES JR., now resident in the County aforesaid being visited with the hand of God & very weake &c &c * * * * I give to my well beloved Brother in law Thomas Howard my land in Towne. I give unto him allso fiue Page 9 pounds which my Brother Benjamin is to pay after my Mother's decease. I give unto my Brother Thomas Howard one Sheepe & one gunn which is at Nicholas Manns at Salem. Item. I give unto my Brother Benjamin my best sute of clothes (vis) Briches wascoat and coate. Item. I give unto my well beloved Mother four pounds which she owes unto mee. Item. I give unto my Sister Member one sheepe. This I doe Constitute my Brother Thomas Howard to be my lawfully executor and that he shall pay all my debts which is lawfully due to any man. (Signed by mark, and witnessed by the marks of) Mary Joans: Remember Joans. Presented to Court at Ipswich, March 25, 1673, and sworn to by Mary Jones and Remember Jones. Inventory of the estate of THOMAS JOANES, JR., who deceased Nov. 25, 1672; taken on Dec. 12, 1672. lands at Towne, œ20. Clothes, 1 old chest and a Bible, 2 Sheepe, a Rasier, œ4, in his mother's hands. Total œ30, 12s., 6d; deducting debts, balance œ7, 13s., 6d. File 15213. (This paper appears to have been gnawed by mice, which accounts for deficiency.) Will of Mary Jones. Indorsed: "Not Probated." IONS aged a bout Threescore nd ten yers. I doe gif my body to the dust and and my sparit to god that gafe it i gif to my eldest dafter one chillin i gif to my to my sacond dafter one chillin i gif to my yonongest dafter one chillin i gif toe my sun beniemen ions all the Rest of my goods beding housall stuf and cowe and more the twenty ayt in I uary 1681 the ma me s Mary "??" ions. Ipswich Court Records, Vol. 4, P. 447. Inventory of the estate of MARY JONES dec'd. beding & other lumber, œ2.2s. Clothes & linen, œ2. Page 10 1 cow, œ2.15s. prized by James Davis ffeb. 22, 1681. severall things prized at 3.s. John Giddings wife, 3.s. BENJAMIN JONES Admr. on the estate of MARY JONES sworn to above. Vol. 5, Page 117. John Harris, of Ipswich, and wife Hastor, in consideration of a house and land in Ipswich, sells to: Edward Bishop of Salem: Kenny Lake of Topsfield: BENJAMIN JONES of Gloucester: Timothy Day of Gloucester & Ephriam Wild of Topsfield: a tract of land in Haverhill, Norfolk County, of 100 A. & also 5 A. of meadow in Haverhill, Dec. 14, 1685. Deed given to Edward Bishop. (See note.) From the wording of the records noted, as well as their connection with Ipswich, it appears that the family was intimately connected with Ipswich settlers, and followed agricultural pursuits for a livelihood. The Indians had taught the early settlers how to fertilize their corn by using a fish in each hill; but from the following amusing record taken from Ipswich town record of May 11, 1644, it appears this was not wholly successful at all times. "It is ordered that all the doggs for the space of three weeks from the publishing hereof shall have one legg tyed up, and if such a dogg shall break loose and be found doing harm the owner of the dogg shall pay damage. If a man refuse to tye up his dogg's leg, and hee bee found scraping up fish in a corn field, the owner thereof shall pay twelve pence damage, besides whatever damage the dogg doeth. But if any fish their house lotts and receive damage by doggs, the owner of these house lotts shall bear the damage themselves." Children of Thomas and Mary (North) Jones, of Gloucester, Mass., their children being the second generation. 2. SUSANNA, b. 1638 or 9; m. John Jackson, and d. before 1671, leaving a son (John) who is named in his grandfather Jones' will. For proof as to the date of Susanna's birth: Essex County, Mass., Court Files, Vol. 6, Page 14. Ruth Jones of Gloucester, is named in a constable's bill of costs, as having testified in a case September, 1660, states: "She is a sister NOTE.--Compare this with deed Vol. 15. Page 119, Essex Co. Record. Page 11 to Susanna Jackson, and that the latter is aged 21 years." This would make her birth date 1638-9; she being the eldest of Thomas Jones' children, and previous to any town records extant. 3. THOMAS, b. Mar. 25, 1640; d. unm. Nov. 25, 1672. 4. MARY, b.--prob--1642 or 3; m. Nathaniel Winsley (Winslow) of Salisbury, Oct. 14, 1661, and was living when her father made his will in 1671. 5. NORTH or NATHANIEL--twin with Ruth--b. Feb. 22, 1645, living, but probably not in Gloucester, in 1671. See his father's will. 6. RUTH--twin with North--b. Feb. 22, 1645; m. Thomas Howard (Hayward) of Salem, Sept. 15, 1667. Named in the wills of her father--1671--and her brother, Thomas, Jr., 1672. She d. in 1675. 7. SAMUEL, b. Aug. 31, 1647. Had probably received his portion and gone for himself, as his father mentioned him in his will by bestowing one shilling. This is probably "Sergt Samuel Jones" who died at Enfield, Sept. 25, 1715. It is reasonable to infer that he went to Salem; from there with the colony that settled Enfield, and as no record of marriage, or birth of children is found, died unmarried. 8. EPHRIAM, b. Apr. 1, 1649. He is not named in his father's will; does not appear in any record except that he was apprenticed for twelve years to Nathaniel Ffrayer. Probably died young. 9. BENJAMIN, b. July 31, 1651; m. Elizabeth, daughter of John Wild, of Topsfield, Jan. 23, 1678. He d. at Enfield, June 25, 1718. (See deeds already noted.) 10. REMEMBER, b. Aug. 1, 1653; m. Nathaniel Hadlock, May 1, 1673, and d. at Gloucester, Nov. 2, 1718. She was the mother of nine children born between 1674 and 1700; among whom were John, b. 1682, and James b. 1684. It is quite probable that Rebecca, Josiah and Samuel, who appear early in Enfield, were children of Nathanial and Remember (Jones) Hadlock. Rebecca m. Edward Kibbe, Feb. 15, 1692; d. "about a week in October, 1692, aged about 19 years" Josiah m. Dinah (???), probably previous to going to Enfield, where two children were born to him, viz: Hannah, Oct. 30, 1726, and John, Feb. 20, 1731. Josiah seems to have made an effort to acquire Page 12 some real estate, for in 1730 a grant was made to him, near the Windsor line, of 80 acres; but it does not appear that the family were identified with Enfield or Somers for any great length of time. Babson's History of Gloucester states that Thomas Jones had another daughter, name unknown, who m. (???) Kent. No. 5. Ipswich, Mass., records give the following: "Nathaniel Jones married Rachel Bradford in 1704, and had children, viz: Nathaniel, William, Hannah, John, Benjamin and Bethia." The genealogy is carried out in "Hammett's Papers of Ipswich." It is possible that this Nathaniel was a grandson of Thomas of Gloucester; but no proof has been found. Names slightly indicate that he was of this family, but the chances are so uncertain that subsequent generations have not been traced in connection with the family of Thomas. No. 6. Whether Thomas Howard remarried after the death of his wife is uncertain but probable. From Enfield records it would appear that he had sons, Thomas, Jr., and Nathan; and as John: Benjamin, b. May 4, 1786. Ebenezer and Jonathan appear at about the same time--they were of the same family. This family seem to have remained at and about Enfield for some twenty or thirty years, but eventually scattered, some to New London, some to other places. Thomas had a daughter that conveyed the estate in Enfield and Somers, which she received from her father, to Ebenezer Howard of New London. (A. D. 1738.) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.