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Marriage: Children:
  1. JOHN MARSTON: Birth: 29 AUG 1641 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Death: AFT 1725 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts

  2. Ephraim Marston: Birth: 30 OCT 1643 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Death: BEF 1698

  3. Manasseh Marston: Birth: ABT 7 SEP 1645 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

  4. Sarah Marston: Birth: ABT 19 MAR 1648 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

  5. Benjamin Marston: Birth: ABT 9 MAR 1651 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

  6. Hannah Marston: Birth: ABT 17 APR 1653 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

  7. Thomas Marston: Birth: ABT 11 FEB 1654 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

  8. Elizabeth Marston: Birth: ABT 30 AUG 1657 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

  9. Abigail Marston: Birth: 19 FEB 1659 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

  10. Mary Marston: Birth: 23 MAR 1661.

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