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Marriage: Children:
  1. Joseph Calhoun: Birth: 1729 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.

  2. James Calhoun: Birth: 1731 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.

  3. Mary Calhoun: Birth: 1732 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.

  4. Hannah? Calhoun: Birth: 1734 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.

  5. David Calhoun: Birth: 1738 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.

  6. John Calhoun: Birth: 1738 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.

  7. Ebenezer Calhoun: Birth: 1741 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.

  8. George Calhoun: Birth: 1744 in Washington, Litchfield Co., Connecticut.

a. Note:   from Barbara Yonck to date Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 5:34 PM subject COE family Hello Barbara, I follow your blog, Life From The Roots, regularly and I was especially interested to see your COE family on Surname Saturday on the 18th. My connection to the COE family is through my ancestor David CALHOUN, who married Catherine COE FAIRCHILD 24 Aug 1728. It was fun to see familiar names come up on your blog. I try to keep up with several blogs and yours is one I always enjoy. Thank you for all that good research. Wishing you continued success. Barbara Yonck Reply Forward Reply Barbara Poole to Barbara show details Feb 26 (4 days ago) Dear Barbara, Thank you for writing last night and saying such nice things. Just a few hours earlier, I was thinking, once again, about quitting. Then, along came your message, I so appreciated it. Perfect timing. Regarding the COE line, unfortunately, I don't have anything on Catherine Coe Calhoun. If you have some time maybe you could give me some info. about that family, the basics, and who their children were. If not, that's fine too. Again, thank you for writing and making my evening and Sunday! Barbara - Show quoted text - from Barbara Yonck to Barbara Poole <> date Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 4:57 PM subject Re: COE family Hello again, I have the children of David Calhoun and Catherine Coe Fairchild Calhoun as follows: Joseph b. 1729 James b. 1731 Mary b. 1732 Hannah b. 1734 ------ some questions / confusion about this one David b. 1738 John b. 1738 Ebenezer b. 1741 All above born in Stratford, CT George b. 1744 --- born in Washington, Litchfield, CT I believe there were two children by her first marriage. Right? The confusion with Hannah seems to involve Joanna Fairchild...... similarity of name and spouse names, maybe. I did not realize that until I was double checking my notes to send you the Calhoun children. My ancestor is George Calhoun, b. 1744. I have not expanded on the siblings as yet. I hope you will find that you can keep going with the blog. It has to take a lot of work but you are appreciated. I guess we, who enjoy the blogs, should say something once in awhile. Since I live in Washington state, Connecticut seems a long way away, but, with my ancestor connection there, I really enjoy learning what I can about the history and genealogy. Best wishes, Barbara is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.