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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Phelps: Birth: ABT 9 SEP 1618 in Crewkerne, England. Death: 17 FEB 1681 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut

  2. Samuel Phelps: Birth: ABT 5 AUG 1621 in Crewkerne, England. Death: 15 MAY 1669 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut

  3. NATHANIEL PHELPS: Birth: ABT 6 MAR 1625 in Crewkerne, England. Death: 27 MAY 1702 in Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts

Marriage: Children:
  1. Cornelius Phelps: Birth: ABT 13 OCT 1627 in Crewkerne, England.

  2. Mary Phelps: Birth: ABT 13 NOV 1628 in Crewkerne, England.

  3. Mary Phelps: Birth: ABT 6 DEC 1629 in Crewkerne, England.

  4. Sarah Phelps: Birth: ABT 1632. Death: 10 JUL 1659 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut

  5. Timothy Phelps: Birth: 1 SEP 1639 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Death: 1719 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut

  6. Mary Phelps: Birth: 2 MAR 1644 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Death: 1687

Marriage: Children:
  1. Joseph Phelps: Birth: ABT 13 NOV 1628.

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a. Note:   gland 1620-1633" Vol. III, P-W, Boston: NEHGS, 1995. Pp. 1444-1446. WILLIAM PHELPS ORIGIN: Crewkerne, Somersetshire MIGRATION: 1630 on Mary & John FIRST RESIDENCE: Dorchester REMOVES: Windsor 1635 CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Second on the list of men who came from Dorchester church to Windsor with Mr. Warham [Grant 10]. FREEMAN: Requested 19 October 1630 and admitted 18 May 1631 (as "Will[ia]m Felpes") [MBCR 1:79, 366]. In list of Windsor freemen, 11 October 1669 (as "Mr. Will[iam] Phelps Sen.") [CCCR 2:519]. OFFICES: Deputy for Dorchester to Massachusetts Bay General Court, 9 May 1632, 6 May 1635 [MBCR 1:95, 145]. Committee on boundary between Boston and Roxbury, 4 March 1633/4 [MBCR 1:113]. Committee to survey Mount Wollaston, 14 May 1634 [MBCR 1:119, 139]. Committee on boundary between Wessaguscus and Barecove, 8 July 1635 [MBCR 1:149, 161]. Jury on death of Austin Bratcher, 9 November 1630 [MBCR 1:81]. Dorchester constable, 27 September 1631 [MBCR 1:91]. Dorchester selectman, 8 October 1633, 28 October 1634, November 1635 (six months) [DTR 3, 7, 13]. Committee to set the rate, 3 November 1633 [DTR 4]. Lot layer, 3 November 1633 [DTR 4]. Fence~viewer in East Field, 10 February 1634/5 [DTR 10]. Appointed by Massachusetts Bay one of the commissioners for the new towns on the Connecticut River, 3 March 1635/6 [MBCR 1:170-71]. Assistant, April 1636, September 1636, March 1637, May 1637, November 1637, March 1638, April 1638 - April 1642, May 1658 - May 1662 [CT Civil List 43]. Deputy for Windsor to Connecticut General Court, April 1645, September 1645, April 1646, October 1646, May 1647, September 1647, May 1648, September 1648, May 1649, September 1649, September 1650, May 1651, September 1651, May 1652, September 1652, May 1653, October 1653, May 1654, September 1654, May 1655, February 1657, May 1657, October 1657 [CT Civil List 43]. Committee to organize expedition against Pequots, 26 August 1639 [CCCR 1:32]. War Committee (Windsor), May 1653, October 1654 [CT Civil List 43]. ESTATE: On 3 April 1633 he was ordered to maintain forty feet of fencing for two cows at Dorchester [DTR 2]. On 5 July 1635 he was granted two and a half acres [DTR 12]. In the meadow beyond Naponset "W. Philps" drew lot #40 containing six acres [DTR 321]. In the Windsor land inventory of 23 February 1640, William Phelps the elder "hath granted from the plantation one homelot with its additions, nine acres more or less" (annotated "sold to Mr. Wareham"); "also one great lot fifty acres ... with meadow adjoining, seventeen acres"; "over the great river in breadth thirty-four rods, in length three miles" (annotated "given to Sam[uel] & Nathan[iel] Phelps"); "by the little meadow in upland two acres and half more or less, in breadth six rods, in length sixty-seven rods" (annotated "purchased by Daniell Clark & Bray Rossiter"); "in meadow adjoining two acres & half in breadth four rods & half more or less" (annotated "purchased by Rich[ard] Vere"); "also purchased of John Brookes a parcel of land in the upper end of the meadow by his dwelling house containing two acres of meadow with the swamp adjoining"; "also given from the town forty acres of woodland" [WiLR 1:78]. On 27 June 1664 swamp land measured out for Mr. Phelps totalled something over three acres [WiLR 1:78]. Son William Phelps's inventory showed that he "had by deed of gift from his father William Phelps the elder" one acre of meadow and four and a half acres of upland [WiLR 1:84]. By February 1650[/1] William Phelps purchased of his father William Phelps a parcel of swampland [WiLR 82]. On 10 March 1663/4 the Connecticut Court granted to "Mr. Phelps, 200 acres of upland and twenty of meadow, where he can find it; provided it prejudice not former grants and plantations set up and to set up" [CCCR 1:419]. BIRTH: By about 1593 based on estimated date of marriage. DEATH: Windsor 14 July 1672 ("Old Mr. William Phelps died" [CTVR 27]). MARRIAGE: (1) By 1618 Mary _____, who was buried at Crewkerne 13 August 1626. (2) Crewkerne 14 November 1626 Anne Dover. "Mistress Phelps" was the first on the list of women members of the church at Dorchester who came with Mr. Warham to Windsor [Grant 9]. She died Windsor 30 August 1689 ("Mrs. An Phelps died" [CTVR 57]). CHILDREN: With first wife MARY i William, bp. Crewkerne 9 September 1618; m. (1) Windsor 4 June 1645 Isabel Wilson [Grant 55; TAG 52:78]; m. (2) Windsor 20 December 1676 Sarah Pinney [Grant 72]. ii Samuel, bp. Crewkerne 5 August 1621; m. Windsor 10 November 1650 Sarah Griswold [Grant 55]. iii Infant, bur. Crewkerne 8 January 1623[/4]. iv NATHANIEL, bp. Crewkerne 6 March 1624[/5]; m. Windsor 17 September 1650 ELIZABETH (_____) Copley [Grant 55]. With second wife MARY DOVER v Cornelius, bp. Crewkerne 13 October 1627; no further record. vi Joseph (twin), bp. Crewkerne 13 November 1628; m. (1) Windsor 20 September 1660 Hannah Newton [Grant 57; TAG 65:13-16]; m. (2) Northampton 19 December 1676 Mary (_____) Salmon [Pynchon VR 20]. vii Mary (twin), bp. Crewkerne 13 November 1628; d. soon. viii Mary, bp. Crewkerne 6 December 1629; no further record. ix Sarah, b. say 1632; m. Windsor 9 June 1658 William Wade [Loomis 1:63]. x Timothy, b. Windsor Aug. or 1 September 1639 [Grant 55]; m. Windsor 19 March 1661[/2?] Mary Griswold [Grant 56]. xi Mary, b. March 1644 [Grant 55]; m. Windsor 17 December 1663 Thomas Barber [Grant 25]. ASSOCIATIONS: George Phelps of Dorchester and Windsor (not to be confused with GEORGE PHILLIPS of the same two places) may have been a brother of William Phelps [TAG 65:165-66]. This George Phelps married as his first wife Philura Randal, daughter of PHILLIP RANDALL; he was also, in some manner as yet undetermined, an uncle of Elisha Hart, son of EDMUND HART. COMMENTS: In 1919 Mary Lovering Holman prepared a brief account of the family of William Phelps [Scott Gen 252-53]. In 1990 Myrtle S. Hyde resolved the problem of the identity of the wives of William Phelps and was also able to find the baptisms of his children in England [TAG 65:161-66]. All the Crewkerne records cited above are taken from her article. ________________ Dorothy Phelps Gellai Barb, I looked at your blog, it's great! You and I have several old New England surnames in common. One correction, William Phelps who immigrated to America was NOT born in Tewkesbury. Phelps & Servin is incorrect in saying that Wm was from Tewkesbur...See More14 hours ago · Unlike · 1 Barbara Poole Dorothy Phelps Gellai, Thanks for the comment. However, I didn't use the Phellps & Servin book mentioned, but, "Anderson, Robert C., The Great Migration Begins, Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, Vol. III, P-W (Boston: NEHGS, 1995)," A TAG article and two other books. So, until there is more proof, I'll wait on changing the birth location. However, I'm happy to have you as a cousin, through this line and others.5 hours ago · Like · 1 Dorothy Phelps Gellai Ok, but it's still incorrect. DNA has already proven that and we now know there are 17 genetically unrelated Phelps branches in America and abroad, and probably more to come (I'm working closely with the Phelps surname yDNA project). And as I said before, research has proven that Wm of Tewkesbury left England. I'[m going to tell my aunt about the TAG because she is familiar with it. She knows this info is incorrect. Also, if you study history, Rev White recruited families - 140 passengers boarded on Mary and John in 1630, they were all from "West England", Dorset, Devon, and Somerset Counties. We have a recent DNA finding that points to Yeovil, which is our Mr. William probably originated or very close in that area. At this time, I'd say "of Crewkerne" because that's all we know at this time for sure. And he married two wives, Mary unknown, and then Anne Dover. (FYI, many say Anne Mary or Mary Anne, both are incorrect).20 minutes ago · Like Dorothy Phelps Gellai Here is what my aunt wrote to me a few months ago: (she's a certified genealogist and been doing it for over 70 years and still doing it).17 minutes ago · Edited · Like Dorothy Phelps Gellai The "Phelps Family History in America" published in 1899 stated that George and William Phelps were brothers based on what appeared to be close dates. This book is the basis for many modern family histories who refer to it as a source. I too for many years made the mistake of accepting information on William Phelps at face value. Here's what I've learned since. William Phelps of Windsor, Conn., died on 14 July 1672 at age 72, according to the authors, which would place his birth at about 1600. When the authors of Phelps Family History in America" found a William Phelps baptised on 19 Aug. 1599, in Tewkesbury, with a son, Richard, baptised there, 26 Dec. 1619, they believed they had found William Phelps of Windsor. They could not find the baptism of George Phelps there, supposedly his brother, nor could they find any other children after 1619. But they concluded that this was the William Phelps from America.  While it's true that records in the 16th century were not perfect, the information that has been found since then substantially establishes William Phelps of Connecticut was from Crewkerne.  Here is what professional genealogists have found.  (1) A deposition taken, 29 May 1677, that names William's son, William Jr., as being about three score (60) years of age. That pushes the birth of William Phelps of Tewkesbury back to circa 1590-1595. (2) The alleged parents of the emigrants were William and Dorothy Phelps of Tewkesbury. The father died in 1611 without a will.  (3) Dorothy, the mother of William Phelps of Tewkesbury, wrote her will on 16 June 1612 and it was held from probate until 5 May 1617. In her will she named her daughters, Dorothy, Frances and Mary and son, William, but no sons Thomas or George. She also listed brothers-in-law, Nicholas and Edward Phelps.  (4) Dorothy's brother-in-law Edward Phelps prepared his will in 1636, then of Tewkesbury, and the will was proved 1 July 1637. Edward appointed as an overseer William Phelps, undoubtedly his nephew, and certainly not the William Phelps living far away in New England.  (5) The only child of William's found in Tewkesbury was Richard, baptised 26 Dec. 1519.  The consensus of recognized genealogical scholars is that William Phelps of Massachusetts and Connecticut is not the William Phelps of Tewkesbury records but from Crewkerne.  The "Phelps Family History in America" book is a great resource and a good place to start your research, but contains many errors. You should not accept as face value anything stated in it, but seek corroborating sources.18 minutes ago · Like Barbara Poole Dorothy, I'm sorry, but my post is about something unrelated to the Phelps Family. If you want to tell me about our shared lineage, then I think you should email me privately. I'm sure readers aren't interested in it. Maybe a Phelps FB Group would be more appropriate, if there is one. If Melissa D Berry wants to delete our thread, then she should.8 minutes ago · Like Dorothy Phelps Gellai I do have two FB groups and you'[re more than welcome to join both. One is Phelps Genealogy in America and 2nd is Descendants of New England Phelps . I will delete the unrelated posts.
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