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Marriage: Children:
  1. Charles R. Hawley: Birth: MAY 1840. Death: BEF 5 MAR 1921 in of Bay City, Bay Co., Michigan

  2. Frank Robert Hawley: Birth: 2 MAY 1843 in Grafton, Monroe Co., Michigan. Death: 10 JAN 1926 in Adrian, Lenawee Co., Michigan

  3. Benjamin M. Hawley: Birth: ABT 1851. Death: 2 SEP 1930 in Willamette Valley, Oregon

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1. Title:   Hawley, Elias S., The Hawley Record (Buffalo, NY: E.H. Hutchinson Co., 1890)
2. Title:   New England Historic Genealogical Register
Page:   vol. 124: 64

a. Note:   1850 United States Federal Census VIEW 1850 United States Federal Census View blank form Add alternate information Report issue Name: B M Hawley Age: 37 Birth Year: abt 1813 Birthplace: New York Home in 1850: Erwin, Steuben, New York, USA Gender: Male Family Number: 99 Household Members: Name Age B M Hawley 37 Abigal Hawley 36 Esther Hawley 14 William W Hawley 13 Charles R Hawley 11 Harriet E Hawley 9 Frances R Hawley 7 Sarah C Hawley 3 Lavilla A Hawley 1 New York, State Census, 1855 VIEW New York, State Census, 1855 Add alternate information Report issue Name: Benjamin M Hawley Birth Year: abt 1815 Age: 40 Gender: Male Relation to Head: Head Residence: Erwin, Steuben, New York, USA Household number: 189 Line Number: 6 Sheet Number: 25 Household Members: Name Age Benjamin M Hawley 40 Abigail Hawley 40 Esther Hawley 19 Wiliam M Hawley 17 Charles R Hawley 16 Harriet E Hawley 14 Francis Hawley 12 Lavilla Hawley 6 Benjamin M Hawley 4 Delaware County, NY Genealogy and History Site HISTORY OF CANNONSVILLE by Mrs. Hester Lane Miles, February 26, 1999 The following pages were written by Mrs. Miles between 1887 and 1892. It was given to Mrs. Rena Brundege Chamberlin who in turn gave it to Mrs. Eunice A. Love in 1962. Permission to use online given by Pat Conklin of Deposit. Electronic text submitted by Linda Ogborn About ten years after the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia, an enterprising young man JESSE DICKINSON, who had seen the fine masts that were floated down the Delaware, purchased a large tract of land of COLONEL BRADSTREET and came up the river to locate on the same. Prior to this there were settlements at Milford and below on the Delaware, and the same year SQUIRE WHITAKER, RICHARD JONES TRAIR'S and SANDS settled near. DICKINSON found the country thickly covered with stately pines. He was so pleased with his new purchase, he laid out a city that was to bear his name, DICKINSON CITY. He returned to Philadelphia for means to carry out his plan and the men who were charmed with his account of the New Country and all other needed articles to begin a city in the wilderness was brought up the river in Durham boats. He built a large gristmill which is now standing having been improved as the demand required and is still a valuable piece of property. He also build a hotel of square timber - it had a large arched room which he styled the "City Hall" and sometimes called the Theater, in which all public meetings were held, for many years it was also used as a schoolhouse. There are persons now living who attended school there. The "City Hall" stood near the bank of the river where the Trout Creek flows into the Delaware. JESSE DICKINSON lived and toiled in this new city, built mills, laid out roads and it is said run the first raft out of the West Branch of the Delaware. But he failed in business and in nine years he sold a part of his tract of land to WAIT CANNON, who came from Sharon, Connecticut in 1796. With JAMES DICKINSON came JAMES LEONARD and wife form New Jersey. They settled on the East side of the river about three fourths of a mile below the "City" and the place has been in the possession of their descendants until a year or two ago. They had two sons, SIDNEY and DAYTON and several daughters, DIADEMA, HULDAH, NANCY, and JEMIMA. SIDNEY LEONARD married MIRIAM HOAG from the town of Windsor, who had emigrated from Columbia Co. They had a large family of children and both lived to a great age. Their children were HIRAM, EZRA, JAMES, MARCUS, SUSAN, RACHAEL and SIDNEY. MARCUS is living at this writing. DAYTON LEONARD died young and unmarried. DIADEMA married OLIVER STOORS; they lived on the farm adjoining the LEONARD farm now owned by SHEPARD SMITH. Their children were WICKLIFFE, DIANA, LEROY, OLIVER, NANCY, CHAUNCY, HULDA and ELIZABETH. Many of their descendants are still living. One of the daughters of JAMES LEONARD married _________LOWRY, who came here from Connecticut about 1790; he first settled on Sands Creed on the farm now owned by BENJAMIN HATHAWAY. They had 13 childre, 11 lived to grow up. The oldest was born in 1794. He afterwards lived in several places in town. He was a worker in wood - not only built the MARTIN LANE house and the hotel in Cannonsville, but until quite aged worked at making chairs, tables, wheels and reels many of which are town. Along with JESSE DICKINSON came other men from Philadelphia who were lumber dealers. One named STEFERS owned the farms long known as the HATHAWAY and CRAWFORD farms. They built a mill on the flat near where their lumber was sawed. The fall in the water was so small that the mill did not cut lumber very fast - it received the name of "SLOW AND EASY MILL". MAJOR JACOB HATHAWAY was born at Morristown, New Jersey. He came with JESSE DICKINSON to the Pine fields and married LYDIA LOWRY. ALEX CRAWFORD, a native of Ireland, came about the same time. His wife died. He married for his second wife, BEULAH LOWRY. The two brothers-in-law lived in a double plank house on the JOHN STYLES property near where the farn of Mr.-------. They had large families. Most of the children being born in the double house. The JACOB HATHAWAY (LYDIA LOWRY) children were: ROBERT, the eldest died down the river while young. NANCY & SALLY died unmarried; LYDIA married EZEKIEL WEST; HARRIED married THADEIUS INGALS; JACOB married BETSEY GILLETT; BENJAMIN married BETSEY CLOSE; BENJAMIN'S second wife was SYBIL BLAKE; ABBY married BENJAMIN HAWLEY; JOSIAH died unmarried; ELIZABETH married RICHARD HATHAWAY; ROBERT (the 2nd) went to Sands and married there. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.