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Marriage: Children:
  1. SAMUEL CARTER: Birth: 8 AUG 1640 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 1693 in Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

  2. Judith Carter: Birth: 15 MAR 1642 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 1676

  3. Theophilus Carter: Birth: 12 JUN 1645 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 15 FEB 1650 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

  4. Mary Carter: Birth: 24 JUL 1646 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 16 DEC 1688 in Hampton, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire

  5. Abigail Carter: Birth: 10 JAN 1649 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 14 SEP 1678

  6. Deborah Carter: Birth: 17 SEP 1651 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 14 DEC 1667 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

  7. Timothy Carter: Birth: 12 JUN 1653 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 8 JUL 1727

  8. Thomas Carter: Birth: 8 JUN 1655 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. Death: ABT 1722 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

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a. Note:   ermon there on Dec. 5, 1641. A painting of Thomas' ordination ceremony hangs in the Woburn Public Library. (It isn't the original.) ______________________ [email protected] via to [email protected] date Wed, May 31, 2006 at 12:08 PM subject [MAMiddle] Thomas Carter - Bond's Watertown mailed-by hide details 5/31/06 Subject: Thomas Carter Source: Genealogies of the Families & Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, Mass. by Henry Bond, M.D. - Boston, 1860. Vol. I p.150 Thomas Carter, mentioned in Dedham Church records as one of the elders of Watertown, came to New England as early as 1635; admitted freeman Mar 9, 1636-7; was proprietor of a homestall of 10 acres; and a farm of 92 acres in Watertown in 1642. Ordained the first minister of Woburn, Nov. 22, 1642; died Sept 5, 1684 aged 74 years. Vol II. p.734 Rev. Thomas Carter first of Watertown, afterwards of Woburn, is said to be the ancestor of the families of that name in Lancaster. Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth Subject: John Carter, Died March 26, 1704/5 son of Rev. Samuel Carter of Lancaster & Groton who was son of Rev. Thomas Carter of Woburn, Mass. Source: The Early Records of Lancaster, Mass. by Henry H. Nourse, A.M. p.285 Lands of Mr. Samuel Carter 40 acres of Land Granted to Mr. Samuel Carter. Mr. Samuel Carter hath forty acres of Land laid out to him which was a proper gift of the town, lying at the east end of sum 2nd devision Land of John Farrahs, now in the possession of Mr. Thomas Swift butting west upon said Swifts land and easterly upon Swampie low land and soutardly it is bounded upon 2nd devision land of William Kerley Sr., and nortardly by Common plain Land. Thomas Swift seems to have been a transient resident perhaps from Milton. He was a non-resident proprietor in 1684 and disappears from the records there-after. Samuel Carter, a clergyman & teacher, was the son of Rev. Thomas Carter of Woburn, b. 1640; grad. Harvard College in 1660, died as the minister of Groton, Mass., 1693. He sometimes preached in Lancaster, between 1681 and 1688. By his wife, Eunice Brooks he had four sons and four daughters: 1. Mary Carter b. 1673. 2. Samuel Carter b. 1678. 3. John Carter b. 1681, died March 26, 1704/5 at Lancaster; a soldier. 4. Thomas Carter b. 1682. 5. Nathaniel Carter b. 1685. 6. Eunice Carter b. 1687. 7. Abigail Carter b. 1690. None of these births are found in Lancaster Records. The widow, Eunice married John Kendall of Woburn who with his brother Samuel were the progenitors of numerous descendants bearing the Kendall name in Lancaster, Leominster and Sterling. John Kendall received a 40 acre grant from the town Jan. 26, 1714, "on the easterly side of Wecapeket Brook." John, Samuel and Thomas Carter occupied the paternal estate purchased of William Kerley's heirs and there the two last named had large families which so multiplied the number bearing the family name that it was soon rivalled only by the Willards & Wilders in the Lancaster census. p.143/4 Garrisons at Lancaster April 1704 Garrison of Leut. Nathaniel Wilder, himself Commander, 3 persons. Samuel Carter 1 person Ephraim Wilder 1 person Thomas Ross 1 person John Carter 1 person Total 7 persons p.152 July ye 31, 1704, Indians besett the Towne in several places & particularly Lieut. Nathaniel Wilder's garrison where in early in ye morning one of ye Indians shot him in the thigh of which wound he dyed ye same day, & ye ' Indians killed of his cattle six oxen, five cowes, 3 calves, sixteen sheep, twelve swine & burnt his barne & abt 12 load of good English hay. Of Ephraim Wilder's, one ox, 2 calves, 3 cowes, one horse, 15 sheep, 2 swine, one good dwelling house with two fires. Jonathan Wilder - 2 oxen, one horse. John Carter 3 oxen, one cow, one horse, 3 swine. Samuel Carter 3 oxen, one cow, 2 calves, 2 swine, one good dwelling house with 2 fires. Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth Subject: John Carter of Lancaster Source: Birth, Marriage and Death Register, Church Records and Epitaphs of Lancaster, Massachusetts by Henry S. Nourse, A.M. Lancaster, 1890 p.20 John Carter, a soldier, by funeral account, Died March 26, 1704/5 Subject: John Carter of Lancaster Source: History of Lancaster, Massachusetts by Reb. Abijah P. Marvin, Lancaster, 1879 p.141 The following bill of funeral charges in the case of John Carter of Lancaster, dated March 1704/5 shows hw a soldier was cared for by the public and also what was supposed to be necessary in case of sickness in ancient times. The rum, syder," and spices" were probably as much valued by the nurses as by patient. But the bill needs no comment. "To two journeys to Concord for ye Doctor 1 pound 7 shillings 0 pence. To one journey to Boston for things for said Carter in his sickness 0 11 0 Nursing one week 0 10 0 4 gallons of rum 0 15 7 1/2 barrel syder 0 1 0 Sugar, fruit & spice 0 5 6 6 pairs of gloves 0 9 0 ye coffin and grave 0 8 0 "Nathaniel Sawyer & Ephraim Wilder" [Massachusetts Archives LXXI, 129] The gloves were a present to the bearers according to the custom of the time. It did not beggar a poor family to have a funeral in those times. Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth
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