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Marriage: Children:
  1. Richard Dodge: Birth: ABT 1628 in East Coker, Somerset, England. Death: 1628 in East Coker, Somerset, England

  2. Margery Dodge: Birth: BEF 7 SEP 1630 in East Coker, England. Death: 2 FEB 1631

  3. John Dodge: Birth: BEF 29 DEC 1631 in East Coker, England. Death: 11 OCT 1711 in Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts

  4. Richard Dodge: Birth: 1642 in Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 13 APR 1705 in Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts

  5. SARAH DODGE: Birth: 1644. Death: 11 SEP 1726 in Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts

  6. Samuel Dodge: Birth: 1645 in Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 4 DEC 1705 in Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts

  7. Edward Dodge: Birth: ABT 1650. Death: 12 FEB 1727 in Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts

  8. Joseph Dodge: Birth: 4 JUN 1651 in Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 10 AUG 1716 in Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts

  9. Mary Dodge: Birth: BET 1632 AND 1633 in East Coker, England. Death: 18 AUG 1710 in Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts

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a. Note:   man Gates Line, Milwaukee: Privately Printed, 1931. Page 316. "Richard 'had a high appreciation of the value of education for in 1653 in the list of twenty-one subscribers to Harvard College, his name ranks first, while the next largest sum was only one-fourth as much as his.' 'He dedicated a piece of his land on "Dodge Row" in North Beverly to cemetery purposes and it is still so used.'" From: Robert C. Anderson, "The Great Migration Begins, Immigrants to New England 1620-1633" Vol. I, A-F, Boston: NEHGS, 1995. Page 566. See names of the three Dodge brothers. "ASSOCIATIONS: Richard Dodge, Sr., of Beverly named "my brother William Dodge Sr." one of the overseers of his 14 November 1670 will [ EQC 4:405]. There was another Dodge brother still in England at the time of William's 1685 testamentary deed, but we do not see if he truly came. These two brothers are said to be sons of John and Margery (_____) Dodge of Middlechinnock, Somersetshire [ Dawes-Gates 2:315, 319]. There was a third brother, Michael, who did not come to New England, but whose son William did [Dodge Gen 13; Dawes-Gates 2:319]." ________________ (from the internet, eek, shouldn't do that! Richard Dodge's Will : Richard Dodge of Beverly 14 Sep 1670 Beverly, Essex Co., MA Note: From Court Files, Salem Vol. XVII, page 100, et. seq. "The last will and testament of Richard Dodge Senio of Beve rie made the fourteene of the nine month 1670 I being weake in body but well and sound in mind and memori e doe thus dispose of the estate the Lord hath given me. Ipr. I give unto my wife Edeth one mare two milk cowes tw o ewe sheep and halfe my household goods as it shall be equ ally divided by indifferent men between her and my executor s also these to be her own absolutely also I give her the s ole and proper use of the parlour and chamber over it in m y now dwelling house together with the free use of the gard en outhouses kitchings oven well ceiler and yeades as she h ath occasion also my will that imediately uppon the provein g of this my will executors shall pay her eight pounds in s uch provision as she shall demand for her present use and t henceforth eight pounds a year during her life farther my w ill is that my execuotrs shall provide for the summering an d wintering of the above said naire cowes and sheepe uppo n my farme during the time of her widdowhood together wit h her firewood at the door fitted for the fire. It. I give unto my son Richard Dodge all that upland nd mea dow he is now possessor of lying at the long ham bridge t o him and his heirs forever he paying to my sife forthy shi llings per annum during her ife in consideration of her thi rds. It. I give unto my son Samuel that land he now liveth on th at was bought of William Goodhue to him and his heirs forev er he paying to my wife in consideration of her thirds th e fortie shillings p annum during her life. It. I give unto my son John Dodge all that upland and meado w of which he is now possessed being divided by a line agre ed on beginning at a stump in the cornfield and so runnin g unto an heape of stones at the upper end of the same lan d he paying unto my wife in consideration of her thirds for tie shillings p annum during her life also I give unto my s on John twentie pound he to be payd by my executors. And whereas I have land in England let to my brother Michae l Dodge for foure p annum I doe hereby acquit my brother fr om all dues and demands concerninge the said rent during m y life but after my decease I give and bequeathe to my wif e and my son John the said rent to be annually paid them du ring the said lifes according to the tenure of the lease. It. I give unto my daughter Mary Herrick one ewe having giv en her portion allready. Also I give unto my daughter Jiar y Derricks five daughters fifty shillings apiece to be pai d to be each of them at their day of marriage or one and tw entie yeares of age in case of any of them die the portio n to be divided equally amongst them that shall survive tha t is to say if they die before they come to yeares or marri ed. MEMORIAL It. I give my daughter Sarah five pound having had her port ion allready which five pound is to be paid in two yeares a fter my descease also I give unto my daughter Sarah's daugh ter five pound to be payed her at her marriage or one and t wentie yeares of age in case the child die before that tim e to returne to be payed to her mother. It. I give unto my sons Edward and Joseph all the rest of m y estate not above disposed of to be equally divided betwee n them all doe appoint these my two sons joynt executors o f this my last will and testament and does appoing my broth er William Dodge Sene and Mr Henery Batholomew Sene of Sale m overseers of this my last will and for there paynes herei n I give unto each of them twenty shillings apiece. In witn ess whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seale the day a nd yeare above written. The mark of Richar X Dodge (Wax) Signed sealed in presence of Isack Huli" Note: I think that probably should be 'Hull" I typed in a s written...well...typed...don't know where this came fro m either. Note that there is apparently, another daughter w ith a rather strange name...Jiary and she was married evide ntly to a surname DERRICKS and had 5 daughters of whom non e were perhaps she was the youngest child, daugh ter of Richard and Edith. This article MAY have been scanne d in and so the name Jiary may not be as it seems. Sometime s OCR does not see letters as they actually are especiall y if the text is not sharp and clear. 3 Immigration: Abt 1638 Salem, Essex Co. MA Note: Richard Dodge and his family came to America from East Coke r, Somersetshire, England, or vicinity, about 1638; and the y settled in Salem, Mass., where Richard Dodge "desired acc ommodation;" and where he and his family lived on land belo nging to his brother, William Richard Dodge and his famil y later settled on "Dodge Row," North Beverly (which was on ce a part of Salem), Mass., not far east of Wenham Lake. 3 Event: Misc. Note: Richard Dodge was a farmer. He and his wife were members o f the church in Wenham, Mass., before 1648. He was one of twenty-one subscribers to Harvard College, in 1653. He gav e a piece of his land for use as a cemetery (Dodge Row Cemetery). By his will, Richard Dodge gave his wife personal property and "the sole and proper use of the parlor and chamber over it in my now dwelling house." He made provision for annual payments to be made her by their five sons. He gave his sons, Joseph and Edward, his farm, valued at $1000; a nd he gave his son, John, a farm valued at over £100, Richa rd Dodge's estate was valued at £1!764.2. His widow also left a will. 3
Note:   From: Ferris, Mary W., "Dawes-Gates Ancestral Lines" Vol. II, Mary Be
b. Note:   From FindAGrave: Son of John and Margery Dodge born between 1600 and 1602; Married in England to Edith (maiden name uncertain, but may be Brayne - see her tribute on her name questions); Some of their children were born in England before the couple immigrated to America's Massachusetts Bay Colony. They received an 80 acre land grant disposed by the village of Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts in the area adjacent to Beverly, Essex County, Massachusetts in 1638; He was a farmer as were many in that inland area away from the Salem waterfront and village. As an original Dodge owner of the land which became "Dodges Row Cemetery," this family cemetery is on Dodge family land of his lifetime, although his burial site is not here. A headstone tribute was placed for him in 1962. Sources/Credits: cemetery markers list online 2009; cemetery memorial marker photo by Karen Dankar, July 2010; Notice that Richard's headstone does not mark his grave, but memorializes him only, from Norman Dodge 11/2011; Joseph Thompson Dodge, "The Dodge Family of Essex County, Mass", New England Historical and Genealogical Register Volume 45, p. 383 (Oct. 1892). is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.