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a. Note:   rect line of Abner) have a son Asa? Asa Stannard was born February 10, 1827 in Rochester, NY. From: Ken at "Asa was born in Rochester, NY in 1820 and lived in that portion of that state until 1853 when he migrated to Iowa. He homesteaded there with his small family (small at that time that is). one of my greatgrandmothers on father's side was born in Iowa. As I noted that's about it." Also from Ken: "Asa is the oldest Stannard in my line whom I know anything about. His father's name was John. His mother was a Phoebe Norris." New York Births and Baptisms, Eastern Region, 1683-1928 Baptism Date: 21 Mar 1802 Father: Asa Stannard Mother: Sarah Bidwell Item #: 4466 Child: Daniel Bidwell Birth Date: 19 May 1800 Baptism Date: 21 Mar 1802 Father: Asa Stannard Mother: Sarah Bidwell Item #: 4467 Child: Alexander Dee Birth Date: 21 Dec 1801 Baptism Date: - 1804 Father: Asa Stannard Mother: Sarah Bidwell Item #: 4691 Child: Charles Chancy Iowa Cemetery Records Record about Asa Stannard Name: Asa Stannard Death Date: 1903 Page #: 145 Birth Date: 1827 Cemetery: Blair Chapel Town: South Comment: wif: Cynthia Level Info: Old Penn Center Cemetery Earlham, Iowa Note: A number of the Stannards and Dees married each other. From above, Asa named a child Alexander Dee. Phares Stannard was the youngest of seven children born to Asa Stannard and Cynthia Cook in the Shellrock, Iowa area. From Ken Webb on 1/19/06 "1827-1903. these two dates span the length of a human life that has just left the shores of time for an eternal dwelling place. Mr. Stannard accepted the "Nazarene" as his master and followed his command in baptism in his youth, becoming a member of the Church of Christ, which faith he kept to his death. He was a kind and affectionate husband and father, a loyal, upright citizen, a kind and obliging neighbor, and an honest man. For more than a quarter of a century he was a reader of Horace Greeley's editorials in the New York Tribune, and was one of the best informed men on national politics in the county. For many years he taught school in winter and worked his farm in the summer. He was a quiet unobtrusive man, but a man who was always on the side of morality and good government, for the church and the home, and against all that was low and degrading. All the children are married save the eldest son, Carlon, who has been his father's mainstay during his declining years. Mr. Stannard had been in poor health for some years; he was always a slight, delicate man, more of a literary man the most of us. He did not accumulate a fortune, but who will say that his life was not more successful than that of many multi-millionaires? Success is measured by kindly deeds, moral worth and Christian living. He died; his good deeds live after him. This information ( came from the "1883 History of Butler and Bremer County" page 696 which reads: Asa Stannard was born in Monroe county, New York, February 10, 1827 and is the son of John and Phoebe (Norris) Stannard. His father was born in Vermont, and his mother, in New York. He remained in his native county until twenty-six years of age, with the exception of a few years passed in Gates county attending the Starkey Seminary; then went to Orange county and engaged in farming two years. In the spring of 1855, he came to Butler county, Iowa, and entered 160 acres of land on section 17, Shell Rock township. Here he lived for nine years, and then settled on section 16, where he now owns 80 acres. Mr. Stannard had held the offices of township assessor and trustee. He was married in 1853, to Miss Cynthia Cook, who is a native of Oswego county, New York. Eight children have been born to them, of whom seven are now -living- Carlon Asa, Miriam C., Calisto E., Melissa F., Ida Arvilla, Phares Cook and Lydia P. "
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