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1. Title:   Correspondence.
2. Title:   Copied by Joseph M. Kellogg, Lawrence, Kansas, Early Vital Records of Sheffield, Mass. (No date. From

a. Note:   From Wayne Westover (March 2011) "After John Jr’s son, John III sold his share of land in Southern Canada he and his wife Chloie Dunning went to Montreal and later their daughter Sally Westover married Nathan Strong and moved to Racine, Wisconsin. I have noted a number of Westovers in and about the Green Lake, Wisconsin area but have not yet been able to make a connection. Again, once the U.S. Census is fully indexed some of these relationships can be established." -------- From Sandy Sheldon Gianni (Sept. 2011) On December 24, 1819, all 5 children of George Sheldon and Betsy Westover were baptized in St. Gabriel Presbyterian Church in Montreal. On the facing page is the record on the same day of the baptism of Phoebe daughter of John Westover and Chloe Dunning. George Sheldon signed both records. This is the last mention I can find of John Westover and Chloe Dunning. "John Westover" also joined Zalmon Dunning in signing the marriage records of Sally Westover and Nathan Strange on August 7, 1805 in that same church. And on the same day, (Ithamar) Gregory Dunning and Lucy (Botsford) Beach. Zalmon Dunning was the brother of Chloe and Ithamar Gregory Dunning. In a number of family trees, Sally Westover is a child of John Westover and Chloe Dunning born in Caldwell Manor in 1790. I am presuming that Betsy Westover was also a child of John Westover and Chloe Dunning born in Caldwell Manor in 1792. But I don't see that ANYWHERE. I HAVE put that into my family tree on, however. Betsy Westover doesn't fit any Elizabeth Westover that I see as a child of other Westovers in that area. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.