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Marriage: Children:
  1. Phebe Westover: Birth: 13 MAY 1795. Death: 28 NOV 1800

  2. Samuel H. Westover: Birth: 24 APR 1797. Death: 12 FEB 1880 in Markesan, Green Lake Co., Wisconsin

  3. William Westover: Birth: 16 OCT 1799 in Canada. Death: 24 SEP 1875 in Houghton Centre, Ontario, Canada

Marriage: Children:
  1. John Westover: Birth: 28 APR 1806 in Lincoln Twp., Ontario, Canada. Death: 16 JUN 1862

  2. Ann Westover: Birth: 17 JUN 1807 in Lincoln, Ontario, Canada.

  3. Herman Westover: Birth: 1 DEC 1808 in Lincoln, Ontario, Canada. Death: 1870

  4. Isaac Westover: Birth: 15 JUL 1810 in Lincoln, Ontario, Canada.

  5. Jacob Westover: Birth: 24 FEB 1812.

  6. Elizabeth Westover: Birth: 9 SEP 1813 in Grantham Twp., Ontario, Canada.

  7. Charlotte Westover: Birth: 1 JUN 1815 in Lincoln, Ontario, Canada.

  8. Rufus Westover: Birth: 19 APR 1816 in Lincoln, Ontario, Canada.

  9. Caroline Westover: Birth: 9 JUN 1820.

  10. George Westover: Birth: 22 SEP 1821 in Lincoln, Ontario, Canada. Death: 18 AUG 1871 in Ontario, Canada

  11. Noah Westover: Birth: 28 JUN 1823.

  12. Barbara Westover: Birth: 14 MAR 1825 in Lincoln, Ontario, Canada.

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3. Title:   Copied by Joseph M. Kellogg, Lawrence, Kansas, Early Vital Records of Sheffield, Mass. (No date. From

a. Note:   From Wayne Westover (March 2011) "One of the first to leave the Sutton-Brome area was William, a brother of our Isaac. He moved to Upper Canada, now Ontario, and married Catherine Hostetter. Some of his family members moved down into the States of Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. This is of interest because three of my fathers siblings, Gerald, Ella and Illa, were born in Amery, Wisconsin during a time when the family had left Vermont. They did return to that State later on, as my dad was born there. It seems logical that they moved to an area where they had relatives as that is a pattern that I have seen in other cases. I have traced a child of William and Catherine down into Dead Lake, Minnesota, which is a spot on the map just above Fergus Falls and which Bettyanne and I visited on a trip cross country. I have included information about our visit there and the interesting family history of that Isaac Westover, a pioneer in the area at #19 of the Appendix. It seems that he did not come directly to Minnesota but was in Kansas for a time before he arrived there." _______________________ (On Ancestry) "Info on William Westover Said to be the first wagon maker in St. Catherines. They lived a little outside St. Catherines, Ontario, L14 C6 Grantham. Came to Upper Canada about 1796. Served in the war of 1812, in the Niagara Light Dragoons as a trooper. Served under Major Thomas Merritt, Likely saw action at Fort Erie on Oct. 9, 1812 and again at Queenston Heights on Oct. 13, 1912. He later served in the 1st Regiment of Lincoln Militia as a private in Capt. John McEwan’s Company from April 25 to May 27, 1813. He quite possibly was present at Fort George on May 27, 1813 when the Americans stormed the fort and captured Niagara Town. He was also in Capt. Jacob A. Ball’s Company from July 1 to 24, 1814. Name also found on pay lists for 1813 and 1814, gettin pay of 0.16.6 pounds in 1813 and 0.12.0 in July 1814. He also served in the Lincoln Militia Company #4 between 1821 and 1824 with the remark “invalid”. Purchased a farm in Grantham, possibly lot 14, con 6 - N1/2 of the lot. Deed never registered but it is certain he bought the place because he advertised it for sale or lease from 1829 to 1831. Also purchased some shares in the Welland Canal Company as well as contributing funds to the initial survey of the Canal line in 1824. Burial place not really known. Logical place was in the Homer burial ground which was the closest. Or, he an wife were buried in the Hostetter burial ground in St. Catherines. This site used from 1812 to 1873 if not later. 15 known graves in it. The Hostetters were an old family, In Massachusetts in 1683, in Pennsylvania in 1712. The family was Mennonite. Family may have come from a Swiss family that was recorded from 1290 but more research is required. William was of Dunham, Quebec in 1804 when he sold his share of his father's land to his brother Isaac. He moved to St. Catherine's, Ontario, and married Catherine Hostetter July 2, 1805. They moved to Grantham Township, Lincoln Co., Ontario, after Catherine received a land grant in 1806." _________________________________________________________ Mary Virginia Swisher via Aug 13, 2012 to me Hello, Barbara, and thank you very much for your message. Also for the obituary of Robert James Westover. It's an oddity that I've been in Wisconsin for the last few years--as a result of a late in life marriage-- but have no family roots here. Now I am coming across various relatives that migrated from Ontario to Wisconsin! I have just started researching the Westover line in the past couple of weeks, after working fairly intensively on my mother's father's family (named Gwatkin) for 3 years. I started from two things, one simply a list of names and dates with the heading "Westover Family Record". The names are largely in chronological order. It is the sort of list you might see in a family bible. It is on aging paper, with some blotches of ink on it, but typed, perhaps by my father (who enjoyed this sort of research). It has just a few annotations in my mother's handwriting. The other document, if that's the word, is notes I made when I was 14, when I "interviewed" my mother about her family. I seem to have been interested partly in the occurrence of red hair in her family, which didn't come to me! At any rate, I wrote down quite a few details. My mother was born in Battle Creek, Michigan, in 1904, and her mother, Mary Belle Westover Gwatkin, came from Vienna, Ontario. The family record starts out: William Westover, Sr. [my mother has written Gt.Gt. Grandfather] Born Oct. 13, 1769 Elenor Westover Wife of the late Wm. Westover Born Nov. 25, 1775 Phebe Westover Born May 13, 1795 [on another page it says she died Nov. 28, 1800] Samuel Westover Born April 24, 1797 William Westover Jr. [my mother has written Gt. Grandfather] Born October 16, 1799 --I think this is the first family in the list, and that Phebe, Samuel, and William Jr. were the children of that family. Next comes William Sr.'s second wife: Catherine Westover Second wife of the late William Westover Sr. Born July 29, 1785 [on a second page it says she died July 14, 1828] A list of names of their children follows (as I understand it): John Westover Born April 28, 1806 Ann Westover Born June 17, 1807/ Heroman [perhaps Herman or Harman?] Westover Born Dec. 1, 1808 Isaac Westover Born July 15, 1810 Jacob Westover Born February 24, 1812 Elizabeth Westover Born Sept. 9, 1815 Charlotte Westover Born June 1, 1815 Rufus Westover Born April 19, 1816 Eenon Westover [perhaps Enos?] Born April ____________ Caroline Westover Born June 9, 1820 George Westover Born Sept. 22, 1821 Noah Westover Born June 28, 1823 Barbara Westover Born March 14, 1825 [end of the second family of Wm. Sr.] [beginning of the family of Wm. Jr.] Maritable (actually Mehitable) Simons Wife of William Westover Jr. Born February ___ 1805 Elenor Westover [or Ellen] Born Dec. ___ 1821 [married James Neville or Nevills] Jane Westover Born February 2, 1823 Caroline Westover Born Oct. 18, 1826 John Simons Westover [my mother's grandfather] Born April 2, 1847 This is the end of the list as such. As you see, it says nothing about where these people were from originally, or even later. My mother thought they were from "England" or perhaps "Wales" (like her father's family), but knew that in any case they had come to Ontario, and from Ontario to Michigan. I had no idea of the Massachusetts connection until a couple of weeks ago, and perhaps I'm foolish to believe it, I don't know. But when I put William Westover, birthdate October 13, 1769 into the search engine, up popped a link to the Massachusetts Town vital records, and an exact match to the birthdate of William Westover, son of John Westover and Ruffus Austin of Sheffield. The exact match seemed conclusive to me-- though I suppose such things can happen by chance. Since that day I've been learning about the Westovers of the Revolutionary War period, those who were Loyalists and moved up to Canada and so forth. I'm still trying to get a picture of what actually happened to Williams Sr. and Jr. and their families, with scant information to go by (like the indicated place of origin on the 1851 and 1861 Canada census, which says that William Westover Jr. was born in Quebec. (That is, If I have the right William!) It's clear that William Senior was up in Ontario at least by 1805, when he married Catherine Hofstetter/Hofsteder (of a Loyalist family it seems, so says a document on Loyalists in Ontario)-- in Niagara on the Lake. Most of his children seem to have been baptised in Ontario. When it comes to my mother's grandfather and his childhood, there is support from living memory, or at least memory of memory. John Simons Westover was born in Port Burwell, Ontario, and his mother, Mehitable, died 18 days after his birth. (I've just found a burial record for her in an Anglican cemetery in Port Burwell that confirms this, and says that she was a native of the Niagara District.) William Westover Jr. eventually remarried, a Nancy Teall Vance. Young John was meanwhile raised by the eldest Westover sister, Elenor Westover Nevill(e), who had a family of her own, and who was very harsh with him-- the story being that he didn't walk until he was five, as a result. He married Harriet Ann Ford in Toronto in 1870, and they moved with their children to Saginaw, Michigan about 1880.I have more details about his life, and also the names and spouses of all of his children, but I'm not sure how much you are interested in. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or questions about this information (or if you want more). To me it's interesting that what I've told you pre-dates the internet. So while you don't have the information and confirmations of information that the internet can provide, at the same time this information from my mother's family is "independent" and not corrupted, the way information on the internet can sometimes get corrupted and errors can get spread around. That's not to say that it is necessarily completely without error, of course. I don't know if you use ancestry, but from its public member trees, people seem to have the information about Catherine, William Sr.'s second wife, but not his first, the mysterious Elenor and her children. I've been working on trying to confirm the existence of various people, finding out how they moved around, etc. I'll leave it there for now. Thanks again for your message, and best wishes, Ginny _________________ Sept. 16, 2012 Mary Virginia Swisher via Sep 16 to me hi again, Barbara - I just wanted to let you know that I've found confirmation of more of the first family of William Westover Jr. born Quebec 1799, d. Norfolk, Ontario 1875. (As I mentioned that William was a son of the William Westover Sr. from Sheffield, Mass., who married Catherine Hofstetter in Grantham, Ontario [William Jr. was a son from his first marriage, to an Elenor].) William Westover Jr. married a Mehitable Simons (b. about 1805, d. 1847, buried Port Burwell, Ont.). The children I have for them now are: Eleanor/Ellen, b. 1821 (well documented - married a James Nevill) Jane, b. 1823 (no info) Caroline, b. 1826 (no info) Phoebe Jane, b. 1831, Port Burwell, Ont.; d. 1891, Ashtabula, Ohio (married Emery/Embry) Nancy b. abt 1833, Roundo, Ont.; d. abt 1900 (married Malafont; he emigrated to Cleveland after her death) William Westover b. abt 1843, Ontario Hannah Westover, b. 1845, Ontario.; d. 1915, Ashtabula, Ohio (married Glenn) John Simons Westover, b. 1847, Port Burwell, Ont.; d. 1924, Saginaw, Mich. (my grandmother's father). --Just in case this should prove useful one day! is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.