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1. Title:   Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records for Saybrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut
Page:   3 : 451
Source:   S127
CallNumber:   F127 / 093 / B28 1941
Givenname:   Various Massachusetts libraries
RepositoryId:   R13
Name:   Various Massachusetts libraries
Repository:   R2

a. Note:   55 Connecticut Genealogy geer head 8:01 PM (23 hours ago) to Barbara.Trees4u Dear Barbara, Your Daniel Hasford is my Daniel Horsford who is my great 6x grandfather, born 5 July 1695 in Windsor CT. I have recently contacted Hebron CT Town Hall to obtain certified marriage certificate between Daniel Horsford and Elizabeth "Stannard" who married in Hebron CT on 6 April 1721. We are developing a genealogy for the six grandchildren and wish to pass on an accurate record of lineage. We are requesting certified town records for our principle ancestors. Also, according to the Barbour Collection and Deep River CT town birth records, Elizabeth was the dau of Samuel, not Joseph. Here is the transcribed record of the Barbour Collection sent to us by Hebron CT Town Clerk. Look at the fourth entry up from the bottom. Barbara Poole 8:22 PM (22 hours ago) Hi, I do have Elizabeth as a daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth, I'm not follow... geer head 10:30 PM (20 hours ago) to me Dear Barbara, My apologies. Found a partial draft to you that was begun a while ago. Too late to follow the thread so regretfully sent if off. 71 year old brain. We have been trying to trace the ancestry of Elizabeth Stannard/Steward [seen it spelled both ways] who married Daniel Horsford (son of Timothy) on 6 April 1721. We have a certified marriage certificate from Hebron CT. We were able to get a certified birth certificate [3 Sep 1699] in Deep River CT. Here is a copy of the email sent to me by the town clerk: Dear Mr. Gibbs, I have located the birth record for Elizabeth Stannard, daughter of Sam’ll and Elizabeth in Volume TR (Saybrook Town Records) on page 49 and in Volume 2 of the Land Records on page 165. There is only one listing under Steward and that is for Mary who I don’t believe is part of your heritage. I do not have a record of marriage for Sam’ll and Elizabeth so can’t trace his bride any further. I also do not have a birth record for Sam’ll. I have attached a birth certificate request form which must be mailed back to me with payment of $20 and a stamped self-addressed envelope for a certified copy of her birth record. The mailing address is 174 Main Street, Deep River, CT 06417. Sincerely, Amy Winchell And another piece of info from Amy Winchell: Deep River is the keeper of the early Saybook Colony Records. Through the years the villages separated from the parent town of Saybrook to form their own townships. Lyme separated in 1665, Chester in 1836, Westbrook in 1840 and Essex and Old Saybrook in 1852. By 1852, all that remained of the original Colony of Saybrook was the village known as Deep River and Winthrop. I would try the towns of Lyme and Old Lyme next. We tried to go beyond Elizabeth to her father, Samuel and mother, Elizabeth, but could not find out much of anything. We know that Daniel died 23 May 1777 in Canaan CT [have not requested that certified record] and that Elizabeth then followed four sons to the Williamstown MA region. Elizabeth's son, Jeremiah Horsford Sr, remained in Canaan CT. Six generations of Hosfords lived in Jeremiah's 1735 historic Homestead in what is now called Falls Village CT. I am his descendant. We contacted the Williamstown MA Historical Society and Bennington VT Historical Society and received little about the elusive Elizabeth other than an entry in a copy of the towns vital records that she died there on 28 May 1781. The Williamstown VR were destroyed in 1850. Because she is a grandmother and we have 6 grandchildren, we are trying to document each generation accurately. This is all we know. Do you have more to add about Elizabeth for the 3 grandaughters? Regards, Dave Gibbs
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