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  1. Elsie Ann Cowlam: Birth: ABT 2 JUN 1833. Death: 20 SEP 1856

1. Title:   Portrait and Biographical Album of Calhoun County Michigan (Chicago: Chapman Brothers, 1891)

a. Note:   ours ago) to date Jul 25, 2007 4:07 PM Hi Barbara I see that Elsie Cowlam had no children so there would not be any connection. The Cowlams were Farmers and Millers in Lincolnshire and can be traced back to 1645. William Cowlam (1645-1694) = Mary ........ (....-1721) Robert Cowlam (1687-1766) = Mary Lovitt (1700-1742) Robert Cowlam (1728-1794) = Jane Anderson (1732-1779) Robert Cowlam (1762-1837) = Ann Fanthorp (1771-1865) The Children are:- Mary Cowlam (1798-1865) Robert Cowlam (1801-1838) Thomas Cowlam (1801-1885) Sarah Joyce Cowlam (1804-1834) = John Shaw ( 1807-.......) Jane Cowlam (1806-1874) Charles Cowlam (1810-1850) John Cowlam (1813-.........) Children of Sarah and John are:- Robert Cowlam Shaw (1829-1909) = Mary Lewis (1835-1901) William Shaw (1831-.......) Sarah Shaw (1833-1892) Children of Robert and Mary are:- Charles William (1857-1915) = Edith Emma Woolley (1860-1882 Sarah Ann (1859-.......) Robert (1861-...........) Edward (1863-........) John Herbert (1866-........) Elsie Agnes (1868-.........) Ada Mary (1871-.......) Florence Joyce (1873-1963) Robert Ernest (1876-1969) Albert lewis (1878-.......) Children of Charles and Edith are:- Florence louise (1877-.......) Charles Willie (1880-1952) = Mary Catherine Williams (1885-1959) Children of Charles and Mary are:- Dorothy Irene Phyllis May Robert Eric (1807-1988) = Hilda Griffiths (1915-1991) Charles Children of Robert and Hilda are:- Eric Anthony ( me ) Brian Some grand children of Mary Cowlam and Jane Cowlam also went to the USA They settled in Ohio and Michigan. See Charles Cowlam, Annie E Hill and Keziah Kemp on the rootsweb site. that a basic history of me I hope that this information is useful. regards Eric shaw >From: "Barbara Poole" <> >To: "Eric Shaw" <>
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