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Marriage: Children:
  1. HANNAH MOORE: Birth: ABT 1628. Death: 16 FEB 1686 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut

  2. Elizabeth Moore: Birth: ABT 1635. Death: 23 JUL 1728 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut

  3. Thomas Moore: Birth: ABT 1637.

  4. Abigail Moore: Birth: 14 FEB 1639 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Death: 1688

  5. Mindwell Moore: Birth: 10 JUL 1643 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Death: 24 NOV 1682

  6. John Moore: Birth: 5 DEC 1645 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Death: 1718

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a. Note:   land 1620-1633 Vol. II G-O, Boston: NEHGS, 1995 Pages 1276-1278 JOHN MOORE ORIGIN: Unknown MIGRATION: 1630 FIRST RESIDENCE: Dorchester REMOVES: Windsor 1638 CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Deacon at Windsor [Grant 10]. FREEMAN: 18 May 1631 [MBCR 1:366]. EDUCATION: Signed as witness, 3 September 1633 [MBCR 1:153]. OFFICES: Dorchester fenceviewer, 24 May 1634, 16 January 1636/7 [DTR 6, 21]; selectman, 8 November 1637 [DTR 25]. Deputy from Windsor to Connecticut General Court, September 1653, May 1661, October 1661, May 1662, October 1664, May 1665, October 1665, October 1666, May 1667, October 1667, May 1668, October 1668, May 1669, October 1669, May 1670, October 1670, May 1671, October 1671, May 1672, October 1672, May 1673, October 1673, May 1674, October 1674, May 1675, October 1675, May 1676, October 1676, May 1677 [CT Civil List 37]. ESTATE: In the Windsor land inventory on 24 February 1640[/1] John Moore held five parcels by town grant, to which were added two others apparently granted later: "homelot six acres and thirty rods"; "towards Har[t]ford thirty-six acres"; "over the Great River in breadth seven rods, in length three miles"; "in Plimoth meadow three acres and quarter"; "in the Great Meadow two acres"; "also in the woods thirty acres"; and "also west from his dwelling house five acres three-quarters" [WiLR 84]. On 8 April 1656 he had "by purchase of Arther Willyams four acres in the Great Meadow" [WiLR 84]. In his will, dated 14 September 1677 and administration granted cum testamento annexo 6 December 1677, "Deacon John Moore ... under present sickness did declare with his own mouth in the presence of his wife, Robert Hayward & John Moore, Nath. Loomys & John Loomys" that he bequeathed to "his dear wife the product and improvement of his whole estate ... so long as she lives, & £50 to her own dispose to her children or at her discretion at her death"; residue to "my son John a double portion, & my will is my son shall have all my land, he paying what his double portion do not reach to my other children, unto whom, that is, to my four daughters, I do will the remainder of my estate in equal proportion" [Manwaring 1:221]. BIRTH: By about 1603 based on estimated date of marriage. DEATH: Windsor 18 September 1677 [Grant 50]. MARRIAGE: By about 1628 _____ _____ (assuming she was the mother of all his children). She had been a member of the church at Dorchester, and on 22 December 1677 was one of only six women in the Windsor church who could make that claim [Grant 10, 94]. CHILDREN: i HANNAH, b. say 1628; m. Windsor 30 November 1648 JOHN DRAKE [WiLR 1:55; Grant 32 (day and year lost from record)]. ii Elizabeth, b. say 1635 [DChR 149]; m. Windsor 24 or 27 November 165[3] Nathaniel Loomis [CTVR 41, 42; Grant 49]. iii Thomas, b. say 1637 [DChR 149]; no further record. iv Abigail, b. Windsor 14 February 1639[/40] [Grant 50]; m. Windsor 11 October 1655 Thomas Bissell [CTVR 42; Grant 23]. v Mindwell, b. Windsor 10 July 1643 [Grant 50]; m. Windsor 25 September 1662 Nathaniel Bissell [CTVR 9; Grant 24]. vi John, b. Windsor 5 December 1645 [Grant 50]; m. (1) Windsor 21 September 1664 Hannah Goffe [Grant 51]; m. (2) 17 December 1701 Martha Farnsworth [Windsor Hist 501]; m. (3) Mary _____ [Flagg 279]. ASSOCIATIONS: John Moore was probably brother of THOMAS MOORE of Dorchester and Windsor. They appear together as witnesses to the nuncupative will of John Russell on 3 September 1633 [MBCR 1:153]. Most of the parcels of land in Windsor granted to John Moore were adjacent to parcels granted to Thomas Moore. COMMENTS: A John Moore and a Thomas Moore were admitted as freemen on 18 May 1631, and another John Moore on 2 July 1632. The names John Moore and Thomas Moore appear in the 1630s in both Dorchester and Salem. The 1631 freeman admissions are assigned to the Dorchester men because John Moore and Thomas Moore of Dorchester are of record in New England as early as 3 September 1633 when they witnessed the nuncupative will of John Russell [MBCR 1:153], whereas John Moore of Salem first appears in Salem records in 1636 (although his presence in the list of those admitted to Salem church by the end of 1636 means that he could well have been there some years before, and very likely was), and Thomas Moore was admitted as an inhabitant of Salem in 1636, and is not seen earlier. The wife of John Moore is generally given as "Abigail," but in the records maintained by Matthew Grant she is always called "Deacon More's wife." In his listing of the children of Deacon John Moore, Grant at first omitted the daughter Abigail, and then placed her on a line above John Moore's name, which may have led some genealogist in the past to think that this was the name of his wife [Grant 50]. The list of baptisms in the second church at Dorchester opens with the "returns of such children as have been baptized in the church at Dorchester by communion of churches, their parents one or both being members of the church at Windsor, or Hingham"; the first two names in this list are Thomas Moore and Elizabeth Moore [DChR 149]. In his 17 August 1677 list of "what children has been born in Windsor from our beginning hither to so far as I am able to find out," Matthew Grant credited "Deacon Moor" with three children [Grant 92], which would indicate that Elizabeth and Thomas were born in Dorchester, and after the move to Windsor were brought back to Dorchester for baptism. If Hannah, the eldest daughter of John Moore, was twenty when she married, then she would be several years older than her next eldest sibling, which might suggest that she was by an earlier wife. On the other hand she might have been a few years younger than twenty at marriage, which would eliminate the chronological gap in the list of children.
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