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1. Title:   Riker, Smith Henry, A Record of the Descendants of Joseph Reichert who immigrated from Germany in 1710 (Albany, NY: 1932, repub. by the Lawrence C. Riker Family, 2003)
2. Title:   Jones, Henry Z., Jr., The Palatine Families of New York (A Study of the German Immigrants Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710) (Universal City, CA: 1985)
3. Title:   Kelly, Arthur C. M., Baptismal Record of St. Paul's (Zion's) Lutheran Church, Red Hook (1730-1899) (1971)

a. Note:   mmigrated from Germany in 1710, Albany, NY: 1932, repub. by the Lawrence C. Riker Family, 2003. Page 36: Henry Rikert (b. 1740) Henry Rikert (David, Joseph, Johannes), b. April 20, bap. May 15,1740, d. Dec. 1825; m. Anna Maria, dau. Henrich and Beletje (Neher) Tator, b. Rhinebeck, January 7, bap. Jan 12, 1749. The baptismal calls Jost Henrich. He removed to the town of Clinton, probably about 1778. His four first children were baptised at St. Peter's, Rhinebeck, while Rebecca's baptism is recorded at Wurtemberg church. We miss the records of Eleanor and Catharine. The farm which he is supposed to have occupied, and was later owned by his son Henry, is located one mile north of the present village of Clinton Hollow. The Wurtemberg church is about five miles northwest of this place in the direction of Rhinebeck, which is six miles farther. The 1790 census finds him a resident of Clinton, and the number of members in his family enumerated therein corresponds with the records found elsewhere. The newspaper account of the marriage of his daughter Catherine in 1817, states she is of the town of Stanford. This may or may not mean that Henry then resided in Stanford, Henry and Anna Maria were sponsors at the baptism of their grandson Henry, son of David Rikert, Sep. 12, 1802. The first Burial record appearing in the Wurtemberg church book reads "Mr. Henry Reichert was buried on the 6th of December, 1823". The date of death has not been found, and if he was buried in the Wurtenberg church cemetery his grave is unmarked. The Clinton Hollow post office was established in 1816 by James Thorne, whose daughter Ann Chace Thorne, married Henry's grandson, Henry Lyon Riker. The Tator and Neher Families, like the Rikerts, were among the Palatine emigrants. Henry Tator m. (St. Peter's) Dec. 1, 1747. Beletje (Isabella) dau. Franscisco and Rebecca Neher. Their first child, Anna Maria, m. Henry Rikert. There were no less than four other children. The second child, Rebecca, m. Jacob Rikert. Henry and Beletje were communicants of St. Peter's church. Henry was son of (Jurg) George Tator and Anna Maria Meyer, m. by Page 37: Kocherthal, April 26, 1715. In the record of this marriage George is called son of the late Johann Thater, of Lehnberg, county of Giglingen, Wurtemberg; and Anna Maria, dau. of the late Johann Frederick Mayer, of Rohrbach, near Sintzen, Sovereignty of Baron Vinnig. Kocherthal gives the births of two children of this marriage, Maria Magdalena, 1716, and Johannes, 1718. Since his records then end, due to his death in 1718, and the Rhinebeck Church records are missing from 1715 to 1730, we do not find the birth of either Henry Tator or Beletje Neher. Efforts to trace Francisco Neher and wife Rebecca have been unsuccessful. Francisco could have been a brother, or even a son by a former wife, of Carl Neher, widower, who m. Anna Constantia, dau. of Joseph Rikert at Rhinebeck, Jan. 11, 1715. David, bap. Nov. 26, 1769, d. Apr. 29, 1843; m. Anna Maria Sleight. Henry, bap. Dec. 23, 1771, d. July 3, 1830; m. (1) Susanna Lyon, (2)Lydia Hodge. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 25, 1776, d. ; m. Feb. 23, 1794, Adam P., son Peter and (__) Traver, b. d. August 25, 1828. Burial at Wurtemberg, Resided Pleasant Plains. Mary, b. Clara, b. m. Dec. 20, 1821 (St. Peter's--spelled Clarissa) Joseph Le Roy. Robert, bap. Wurtemburg, April 23, 1804; m. Elizabeth Barnes. Catherine, b. , m. John Bard. William, b. , d. ; unm. Elizabeth, bap. Wurtemburg, June 6, 1813; m. William Sleight (3) children. Anna Maria, b. July 28, 1777, d. ; m. Elihu Sheldon. Hiram, b. Laura, b. Mary, b. Winters, b. Riker, b. Rebecca, b. , d. ; m. Joseph Decker. George, b. , d. ; unm. Sarah Ann, b. , d. ; Res. Michigan. Milton, b. , d. about 1895; m. no issue. Rebecca, b. Nov. 8, 1779, bap. Wurtemburg, Jan 23, 1780, d. 1867. Burial Wurtemburg. m. Abraham Post. Res. Clinton Hollow. no issue. Eleanor, b . d. March, 1878, age 92. Burial Wurtemburg. unm. In her later life she resided for several years with the family of Ruben Rikert, the son of her cousin, George I. Rikert, and later with Mrs. John Mott, Clinton Corners, where she died. She gave birth out of wedlock to two sons who took the name of Riker.
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