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Marriage: Children:
  1. Thomas Dudley: Birth: 1605 in England.

  2. Samuel Dudley: Birth: 30 NOV 1608 in Northampton, England. Death: 10 FEB 1683 in Exeter, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire

  3. ANNE DUDLEY: Birth: ABT 1610 in Northamptonshire, England. Death: 16 SEP 1672 in Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts

  4. Patience Dudley: Birth: 1612 in Northamptonshire, England. Death: 8 FEB 1690 in Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts

  5. Sarah Dudley: Birth: ABT 23 JUL 1620 in Lincolnshire, England.

  6. Mercy Dudley: Birth: 27 SEP 1621. Death: 1 JUL 1691 in Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts

Marriage: Children:
  1. Deborah Dudley: Birth: 27 FEB 1644/5 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.

  2. Joseph Dudley: Birth: 23 SEP 1647 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts. Death: 1720

  3. Paul Dudley: Birth: ABT 8 SEP 1650 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts. Death: 1681

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a. Note:   ew England 1620-1633, Vol. I, NEHGS, Boston: 1995. Pages 581-588. THOMAS DUDLEY ORIGIN: Sempringham, Lincolnshire MIGRATION: 1630 FIRST RESIDENCE: Charlestown REMOVES: Cambridge 1631, Ipswich 1634, Roxbury by 1644 OCCUPATION: Magistrate. CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: "Thomas Dudley deputy governor" was admitted to Boston church as member #2, which would be at its founding in 1630 [BChR 13]. FREEMAN: 25 May 1636 [MBCR 1:372]; Dudley would have been considered a freeman from the time of joining the Massachusetts Bay Company in England, and was at this date (along with other early colony leaders) only confirming a condition of long standing. EDUCATION: "...he was trained up in some Latin school `by the care of Mrs. Purefoy'" and "became a clerk to his kinsman Judge Nicolls, under whose instruction he acquired much skill in the law" [NEHGR 10:133]. An annotated list of the books and pamphlets appearing in his inventory was published in 1858 [NEHGR 12:355]. OFFICES: Governor of Massachusetts Bay, 1634, 1640, 1645, 1650 [MA Civil List 16]. Deputy governor, 1630-1633, 1637-1639, 1646-1649, 1651-1652 [MA Civil List 16]. Assistant, 1635-1636, 1641-1644 [MA Civil List 21-22]. Commissioner of the United Colonies for Massachusetts Bay, 1643, 1647 [MA Civil List 28]. Sergeant Major General, 29 May 1644 [MBCR 3:2]. ESTATE: Granted one rood of land at Cambridge, 2 December 1633 [CaTR 6]. In the 8 February 1635/6 list of those with houses in Cambridge, "Tho[mas] Dudly Esqr." was credited with six [CaTR 18]. In the Cambridge land inventory on 1 May 1635, the land holdings of "Thomas Dudly Esquire" included "one dwelling house with other outhouses in the new town with gardens and backsides containing one half acre of ground"; threescore and three acres in the neck; and one hundred acres common marsh [CaBOP 2]. On 7 March 1643/4 the General Court accepted and recorded Dudley's redemption of a mortgage of his half of the mill at Watertown from Matthew Craddock [MBCR 2:60]. The court ordered that he be paid £60 for his duties as Deputy Governor, 4 November 1646, "we doubt not of his loving acceptance of so slender an acknowledgment" [MBCR 2:165-66]. The two hundred seventy-four acres of land that had been granted to Thomas Dudley between Dedham and Watertown were scheduled to be laid out 4 November 1646 [MBCR 2:184]. Having formerly made two grants of land to "Dept. Governor Thomas Dudley Esqr." the fifteen hundred acres were to be laid out along the river about four miles from Concord, 14 October 1651 [MBCR 3:246-47]. He was to be paid one hundred marks "as a slender manifestation of our due respects unto him" as governor, 22 May 1651 [MBCR 3:226-27]. In his will, dated 26 April 1652 (with codicils of 13 April 1653, 28 May 1653 and 8 July 1653) and proved 15 August 1653, "Thomas Dudley of Roxbury ... in perfect health" requested that "my body ... be buried near my first wife, if my present wife be living at my death" and attempted to divide the estate "as justly and equally as I can contrive it, between the posterity of my children by my first wife, and my children by my last wife, accounting Thomas Dudley & John Dudley my grandchildren (whom I have brought up) in some sort as my immediate children," he bequeathed as follows: "what I covenanted at my marriage with my present wife, to give to her, & such children as I should have by her, be made good unto them, with this condition & explanation, that all my lands in Roxbury ... with all my goods, debts, plate, household stuff & books. -my son Joseph Dudley to have a double portion, & Paule Dudley & Deborah Dudley, each a single portion; land to go to Joseph according to my aforementioned covenant, & the goods and debts to Paul and Deborah; if the land amount to more than a double portion, then to take out of the same from Joseph and give it to Paule and Deborah"; "my present wife & my three children to have all my lands, goods & debts (except what I give to others)"; to "the children of my son Samuel Dudley" the sixth part of my mill at Watertown, & of the house & fifteen acres of land in Watertown, together with a sixth part of the debt which Thomas Mayhew his heirs do owe me; to "the children of my daughter Bradstreete" another sixth; to "the children of my daughter Denison" another sixth; to "the children of my daughter Woodbridge" another sixth; to "the aforesaid Thomas Dudley" another sixth; to "the aforesaid John Dudley" the other sixth; if "my son Samuel Dudley or any of my three daughters, Bradstreete, Denison, or Woodbridge," have any more children, they shall have equal shares with the rest; to "my daughter Sarah Pacy" 20s. from each heir yearly; to the deacons of the church at Roxbury 5 marks for the poor; £5 to "worthy & beloved friends" John Eliot, Samuel Danforth, John Johnson and William Parkes "that they will do for me & mine as I would have done for them & theirs in the like case"; having named my sons executors in a former will, considering their remote dwelling, names "my aforesaid friends" executors. Codicil 13 April 1653: to "grandchild Thomas Dudley" £10 a year for two years "besides what I shall owe the college for him at my death"; to "grandchild John Dudley" £15 a year for three years; to "wife" the time & interest I have in John Ranken, also my rent & profits of the mill at Watertown from my death until the 20th of October next following, on condition she give "my daughter Sarah Pacy" her diet etc. at a rate of £6 a year until her share is reached; "whereas my son Samuel Dudley hath been importunate with me to maintain his son Thomas at the college at Cambridge until the month of August, 1654, when he is to take his 2d. degree, I have consented thereto, but so that the case of the education of my younger children doth compel me to ... revoke from my said son Samuel and his other children and their heirs the 6th part of my mill and lands at Watertown and do revoke ... £20 I gave to the said Thomas Dudley his son, & £45 I gave to John Dudley, another of the sons of my said son Samuel Dudley" but it being unfair that John Dudley (who hath been serviceable to me) should lose by my benificence to his brother, I give to John Dudley all the 6th part of my mill & land at Watertown "which I had formerly given to his father, or his younger brothers & sisters, so that I have settled a third part of the said mill upon him the said John Dudley, & a 6th part upon the said Thomas Dudley." Codicil dated 28 May 1653: "my daughter Sarah Pacy" to receive 40s. a year from each 6th part of the mill and household goods. Codicil 8 July 1653: "The charge of my long sickness" having so depleted the estate, in order to protect the education of my youngest children, I withdraw one 6th of the mill from my other children and grandchildren and settle it upon my three younger children. "My three youngest children" rateably charged for "my daughter Sarah Pacy" as the others are [NEHGR 5:295-97, abstracting SPR 1:76-81]. Mr. John Johnson proved the will saying it was "found in the chest of the said Thomas Dudley, presently after his deceased, under lock & key" [NEHGR 5:297]. The original will was delivered to Mr. Thomas Rucke Sr. so he might prove it in England. The inventory of the estate of Thomas Dudley Esqr. was taken 8 August 1653 and totalled £1560 10s. 1d. [SPR 2:131-33]. BIRTH: Yardley Hastings, Northamptonshire, 12 October 1576, son of Roger and Susanna (Thorne) Dudley [NEHGR 65:189]. DEATH: Roxbury 31 July 1653 "& was buried on the 6th day following" [RChR 175]. The general court ordered the payment for the barrel of powder spent "at the interring of Thomas Dudley, Esqr.," 10 September 1653 [MBCR 4:1:180]. MARRIAGE: (1) Hardingstone, Northamptonshire, 25 April 1603 Dorothy Yorke [NEHGR 56:206]; "Dorothy Dudley the wife of Thomas Dudley" was admitted to Boston church as member #12 [BChR 13] in 1630; she died at Roxbury 27 December 1643 "of the wind colic, a godly Christian woman & left a religious savor behind her" [RChR 171]. (2) Roxbury 4 April 1644 Katherine (Deighton) Hagborne, baptized St. Nicholas, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, 16 January 1614 [TAG 9:221], widow of Samuel Hagburne. She married (3) Dedham 8 November 1653 as his second wife Rev. John Allin of Dedham [TAG 9:221; DeVR 127]. CHILDREN: With first wife i Thomas, b. say 1605; matriculated Emmanuel College, Cambridge Easter 1624, A.B. January 1626/7, A.M. April 1630; sailed to New England with his father [NEHGR 75:236]; no further record. ii Samuel, bp. Northampton 30 November 1608; m. (1) by 1632 Mary Winthrop, daughter of John Winthrop; m. (2) say 1644 Mary Byley, sister of Henry Byley (their son named Byley); m. (3) probably Exeter say 1654 Elizabeth _____, who survived him and was named in his will [WP 6:444]. iii ANNE, b. say 1610; m. before 1630 SIMON BRADSTREET. Anne (Dudley) Bradstreet was the renowned poetess. Two recent studies of Anne Bradstreet and her poetry are Elizabeth Wade White, Anne Bradstreet: The Tenth Muse (New York 1971), and Ann Stanford, Anne Bradstreet: The Worldly Poet (New York 1974). iv Patience, b. say 1612; m. Cambridge 18 October 1632 Daniel Denison, son of William Denison. "On the 18th day of October ... I married your grandmother, who was the second daughter of Mr. Tho[ma]s Dudley" [NEHGR 46:128]. v Sarah, bp. Sempringham, Lincolnshire, 23 July 1620; m. (1) by 9 June 1639 Benjamin Keayne, son of Robert Keayne ("Benjamin Keayne merchant and Sarah his wife" admitted to Boston church on that date [BChR 25]); divorced by 1647; m. (2) by 26 April 1652 Thomas Pacy (called Sarah Pacy in her father's will). vi Mercy, b. 27 September 1621 [NEHGR 10:130, original source not stated]; m. by 1640 Rev. John Woodbridge (child b. Newbury 7 June 1640; called daughter Woodbridge in father's will) [Morison 409-10]. With second wife vii Deborah, b. Roxbury 27 February 1644/5, bp. there 2 March 1644/5 [RChR 116]; m. by 1665 Jonathan Wade, son of JONATHAN WADE (called daughter Wade in her mother's will). viii Joseph, b. Roxbury 23 September 1647, bp. there 26 September 1647 [RChR 117]; m. by 1670 Rebecca Tyng, daughter of Edward Tyng (eldest child bp. Roxbury 27 March 1670 [RChR 129]; Edward Tyng's will of 25 August 1677 names son-in-law Joseph Dudley). ix Paul, bp. Roxbury 8 September 1650 [RChR 119]; m. by 1676 Mary Leverett, daughter of John Leverett. She m. (2) Penn Townsend. ASSOCIATIONS: Many attempts have been made to place Roger Dudley, father of the immigrant, into the large and prominent Dudley family of northern England, but without success. An extensive investigation of the ancestry of Thomas Dudley's maternal grandmother was publishsed by F.N. Craig in 1988 [NEHGR 142:227-44]. COMMENTS: In his autobiographical sketch, written for his grandchildren, Daniel Denison, son of WILLIAM DENISON, and son-in-law of Thomas Dudley, had the following to say of his in-laws: Mr. Thomas Dudley ... was a principal undertaker of this Plantation of the Massachusetts and one of those first comers in the year 1630 that brought over the Patent, and settled the government here. He came over Deputy Governor, and was afterwards diverse times Governor. He then lived at Cambridge, removed to Ipswich, where he stayed but one year, being recalled again to live in the Bay, which then could not but want his help. He settled himself at Roxbury, where he lived until he departed this life about the 30th day of July in the year 1653, having buried your great grandmother about ten years before, about the latter end of December 1643. She was a fine virtuous woman who loved your father [John Denison] in his childhood, and [he] was born in her house. She had by her husband one son, your great uncle Samuel Dudley, who liveth at Exeter, and by three wives hath had many children, cousin germans to your father. And beside your grandmother Denison she had three daughters (viz) your Aunt Bradstret who died in September 1672 who left 4 sons and 3 daughters living, beside her daughter Cotton who died before her and left many children, then your Aunt Woodbridg now living at Newbury who hath five sons and five daughters living, your father's cousin germans, as also were your aunt Bradstreet's children. The last was your Aunt Sarah married to Mr. Keane both dead long since, and left one only daughter Hannah, married to Mr. Paige, and is now living at Boston. Your Great Grandmother being dead, your sweet [great] Grandfather Dudley married a second wife, and by her had a daughter married to Mr. Jonathan Wade, who liveth at Mistick, and two sons Joseph Dudley who now liveth at Roxbury, in his father's house, and Paul Dudley, a merchant who is upon a voyage to Ireland. These were your father's uncles by their father's side [NEHGR 46:128-29]. In his letter of 28 March 1631 to Lady Bridget, Countess of Lincoln, Dudley "...having yet no table, nor other room to write in than by the fireside upon my knee, in this sharp winter" serves as authority for many events of that month and the preceding winter. Not without humor, he told the story of the Watertown man who, having lost a calf, sought to ward away wolves by shooting his musket, and so roused his neighbors, whose shooting roused Roxbury, whose inhabitants took alarm and "beat up their drum" and raised Boston. "So in the morning, the calf being found safe, the wolves affrighted, and our danger past, we went merrily to breakfast" [Dudley 82-83]. Winthrop complained that "our new Governor (my brother Dudly) dwelling out of the way, I am still as full of company and business as before," 21 July 1634 [WP 3:171]. This may be the year of Dudley's removal to Ipswich. Dudley and Winthrop had failed to agree on Cambridge as the site for the Massachusetts Bay government, with Dudley and Bradstreet the only leaders who actually built their residences and lived there, despite an agreement that all would do so. The extended efforts to provide for grandsons Thomas and John Dudley in his will and codicils were to no avail. Both died very young and unmarried. Some considerable pain entered Gov. Dudley's last years as his daughter Sarah and her husband Benjamin Keayne necessitated one of the colony's earliest divorces. Stephen Winthrop says "My she Cosin Keane is growne a great preacher" in a letter from London 27 March 1646 [WP 5:70]. In a letter dated London 18 March 1646/7, Benjamin Keayne writes to Thomas Dudley: Honored Sir, That you and myself are made sorry by your daughter's enormous and continued crimes, is the greatest cause of grief that ever befell me, and the more because her obstinate continuance in them is now to me by her own letter made as certain ... I never gave her the least just cause or occasion to provoke her to them ... she has not left me any room or way of reconciliation. And therefore as you desire, I do plainly declare my resolution never again to live with her as a husband. What maintenance yourself expects I know not. This I know (to my cost and danger) she has unwived herself and how she or you can expect a wife's maintenance is to me a wonder ... [WP 5:144]. Ezekiel Rogers passed some of the gossip on to John Winthrop in a letter dated Rowley 8 November 1647: ...I thought myself bound to acquaint you that there is not a little discourse raised, and by some, offence taken, at the late divorce granted by the Court. How weighty a business that is, as I need not tell you, so I would humbly desire that some course may be taken so as to clear the court's proceeding, as that rumors might be stopped, and letters of mistake into England prevented... [WP 5:189]. The news from England in the words of Brampton Gurdon Sr. put another light on things, as he wrote from Assington 6 June 1649 to John Winthrop: ...Here goes some speech of a N.E. couple that lately came from thence the husband first, and then the wife followed after with what goods she could get together but we hear all her goods miscarried and she escaped only with her life. The man was Cane's son a cloak seller in Birching Lane, whose mother was Mr. Willson's sister. The woman is returned to N.E. and resolves there to take another husband. I hope your laws will not tolerate such wicked actions [WP 5:351]. __________________________ Randy Seaver's line My Line of Descent from Charlemagne - 42 Generations! I wasn't going to write this post...but Drew Smith challenged us over on Facebook to list our line from Charlemagne to I did. The list below from Charlemagne to Thomas Dudley was taken from the book Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists by Frederick L. Weis, published 1979. 1. CHARLEMAGNE, b. 747, d. 814, King of France 768-814, crowned Holy Roman Emperor 25 Dec 800, married ca. 771 HILDEGARDE. 2. PEPIN b. 773 d. 810, King of Italy 781-810. 3. BERNARD b 797, d 818, King of Italy 813-817, m. Cunigunde. 4. PEPIN b 817/8, d after 840, Count of Senlis, Peroune and St. Quentin. 5. HERBERT I DE VERMANDOIS b ca 840, d 902, Count of Vermandois, Seigneur of Senlis, Peroune, and St. Quentin. 6. HERBERT II, b 880-90, d ca 943, Count of Vermandois and Troyes, m. LIEGARDE dau of Robert I, Duke of France. 7. ALBERT I, the Pious, b. ca 920 d 988, Count of Vermandois; m. GERBERGA OF LORRAINE, dau. of Giselbert, Duke of Lorraine. 8. HERBERT III, b. ca. 955, d ca. 1000, Count of Vermandois. 9. OTHO (Eudes or Otto) b. ca 1000, d 1045, Count of Vermandois. 10. HERBERT IV, b. ca. 1032, d. ca 1080, Count of Vermandois. 11. ADELAIDE DE VERMANDOIS, d. ca 1120, Countess of Vermandois, and Valois, m. HUGH MAGNUS, d. 1101, Duke of France and Burgundy, Marquis of Orleans, Count of Vermandois, Leader of the First Crusade. 12. ISABEL DE VERMANDOIS d 1131, Countess of Leicester; m. 1096 Sir Robert de Beaumont, b. ca. 1049, d. 1118, Count of Meulan, companion of William the Conqueror at Hastings 1066, first Earl of Leicester. 13. WALERAN DE BEAUMONT b. 1104, d. 1166, Count de Meulan, Earl of Worcester, m. ca 1141 Agnes d'Evreux. 14. SIR ROBERT DE BEAUMONT d. 1207, Count de Meulan, m. 1165 Maud, dau. of REGINALD FITZ-ROY, Earl of Cornwall, base son of King Henry I. 15. MAUD (Mabel) DE BEAUMONT living 1204, m. William de Vernon, b. 1155, d. 1217, fifth Earl of Devon. 16. MARY DE VERNON, m. 1200 (1) Sir Peter de Proux of Changford, Devon; m.(2) SIR ROBERT DE COURTENAY d. 1242, Baron of Oakhampton. 17. SIR JOHN DE COURTENAY, d. 1274, Baron of Oakhampton, m. Isabel de Vere, grandson of Robert de Vere, 3rd Earl of Oxford, Lord Chamberlain of England, Magna Charta Surety. 18. SIR HUGH DE COURTENAY d. 1291, Baron of Oakhampton, m. Eleanor le Despenser, dau. of Hugh le Despenser, Justiciar of England. 19. ELEANOR DE COURTENAY, m. SIR HENRY DE GREY. 20. SIR RICHARD DE GREY b. 1281, d. 1334/5, m. Joan Fitz Payn. 21. JANE DE GREY, m. SIR WILLIAM DE HARCOURT, Knight, d. 1349. 22. SIR THOMAS DE HARCOURT, Knight of Stanton-Harcourt, Oxford, and two others, d. ca. 1417, m. MAUD DE GREY. 23. SIR THOMAS DE HARCOURT, Knight of Stanton-Harcourt, Oxford, d. 1420, m. Jane Franceys. 24. SIR RICHARD HARCOURT, Knight, d. 1486 of Wytham, Berkshire, m. EDITH ST. CLAIR. 25. ALICE HARCOURT m. William Bessiles, of Bessiles-Leigh, Berkshire. 26. ELIZABETH BESSILES, m. Richard Fettiplace of E. Shelford, Berkshire. 27. ANNE FETTIPLACE b. 1498 d. 1568, m. Edward Purefoy. 28. MARY PUREFOY, m. Thomas Thorne of Yardley-Hastings, Northampton. 29. SUSANNA THORNE, bapt. 1560, m. Capt. Roger Dudley, d. 1585. 30. GOVERNOR THOMAS DUDLEY, bapt. Yardley-Hastings, Northampton, 1576, d. Roxbury MA 1653, m. 1603 Dorothy Yorke. My ancestral line from the immigrant, Thomas Dudley, is: 31. ANNE DUDLEY, born about 1612 in England, married Simon Bradstreet about 1628 in England, and died 16 Sept 1672, age 60. They had children: Samuel, Simon, Dudley, John, Ann, Dorothy, Hannah and MERCY. 32. MERCY BRADSTREET was born 1647 in Andover MA, married Nathaniel Wade 31 Oct 1672 in Andover MA, and died 5 Oct 1715 in Medford MA. They had children: Nathaniel, Simon, Susannah, Mercy, JONATHAN, Samuel, Anne and Dorothy. 33. JONATHAN WADE was born 5 Mar 1681/2 in Medford MA, married Mary _____ before 1702, and died before 1720. Their children were Mercy, Jonathan, Nathan and NATHANIEL. 34. NATHANIEL WADE was born 27 Jan 1708/9 in Charlestown MA, married Ruth Hawkins 26 June 1731 in Scituate RI, and died 13 May 1754 in Scituate RI. Children: SIMON, Dudley, Mary, Ruth, Deborah and John. 35. SIMON WADE was born 11 Dec 1731 in Scituate RI, married Deborah Tracy before 1767. Their children were: Levi, SIMON, Nehemiah, Gideon, Ruth, Molly and Deborah.
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