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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jamime Anderson: Birth: 6 MAR 1786 in Readington Church, Somerset Co., New Jersey.

  2. Anne Anderson: Birth: ABT 26 APR 1789 in Readington Church, Somerset Co., New Jersey.

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a. Note:   f Wills--1796-1800. Vol. 38: 427-428. (F131 / D63 / V.38) (Documents Relating to The Colonial Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary History of the State of New Jersey, 1944) "1792, Dec. 7. Wyckoff, Cornelius, Sr., of Readingtown, Hunterdon Co.; will of. Wife. Elizabeth, 2 cows, use of 2 rooms in house and provisions supplied by son, Cornelius, while widow; also a negro man. Son, George plantation of 182 acres whereon he now lives. Son, Simon, plantation of 250 acres whereon he now lives; he paying to his brother, Dennis, 208 pounds. Son, Cornelius, home plantation of 246 acres and a negro man; he paying his brother, George 50 pounds also to maintain his mother and sister, Cornelia, while single. Son, Dennis, farm of 148 acres whereon he now lives. Daughters, Charity Vanhorn and Elizabeth Wyckoff, each 100 pounds. To 4 grandchildren (unnamed, children of daughter Annoytie Anderson) 25 pounds each. Daughter, Cornelia Wycoff, 100 pounds, a negro wrench and choice of 3 cows, 1 horse, a bed, table, 6 chairs, 3 pewter platters, 6 plates, 6 knives and forks, 6 spoons 1 churn, 3 keelars, 2 pails, shovel and thongs, pair of and-irons, spinning wheel, her mother's cupboard and 3 sheep for an out-set. Daughters, Jacominetye Fleet, Charity Vanhorn, Elizabeth Wyckoff, Cornelia Wyckoff, and 1/5 of residue; and the 4 children of daughter Annoytie Anderson, the remaining 1/5 part to be divided between them. Executors--sons, George, Simon, Cornelius and Dennis. Witnesses--Abraham Vanhorn and Cornelius T. Tunison. Proved May 4, 1796. Lib. 36, p. 303. 1796, Apr. 7. Inventory. 2102.10.5, pounds, including notes and bonds for 1203.2.8 pounds made by John P. Wickoff and John I. Wickoff. 1799, Oct. 22. Account by the Executors; show total of 2159.0.9 pounds. File 1774J"
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